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  • Alki Alki (2015)
  • 102 min | Comedy, Drama
Alki Alki (2015)
102 min | Comedy, Drama

Tobias and Flasche are childhood friends. However, their alcoholic friendship is doing more harm than good to Tobias, who realizes he should focus on his family and career. Everything changes when Tobias tells this to Flasche.
Anne Baeker (as Baeker) | Dennis Pauls (as Pauls) | Heiko Pinkowski (as Pinkowski) | Axel Ranisch (as Ranisch)

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Updated Jun 26, 2015

Release date
Jan 23, 2016 (United States)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Christina Große
Anika Zach Anika Zach   See fewer
Heiko Pinkowski
Tobias Zach Tobias Zach   See fewer
Peter Trabner
Flasche Flasche   See fewer
Robert Gwisdek
Troubadour (as Käptn Peng) Troubadour (as Käptn Peng)   See fewer
Paul Pinkowski
Hannes Zach Hannes Zach   See fewer
Delphine Pinkowski
Clara Zach Clara Zach   See fewer
August Pinkowski
Max Zach Max Zach   See fewer
Thorsten Merten
Thomas Bakowski Thomas Bakowski   See fewer
Claudia Jacob
Frau Brandt Frau Brandt   See fewer
Iris Berben
Galina Ivanowna Schnurkinowa Galina Ivanowna Schnurkinowa   See fewer
Ricardo Zamora
Barkeeper Barkeeper   See fewer
Eva Ranisch
Kundin Optiker Kundin Optiker   See fewer
Hardy Schwetter
Hans Jimmy Hans Jimmy   See fewer
Philipp Eichholtz
Polizist #1 Polizist #1   See fewer
Paul Zacher
Polizist #2 Polizist #2   See fewer
Sven Taddicken
Kellner Kellner   See fewer
Stefanie C. Braun
Restaurantgast #1 Restaurantgast #1   See fewer
Christos Acrivulis
Restaurantgast #2 Restaurantgast #2   See fewer
Oliver Sechting
Restaurantgast #3 Restaurantgast #3   See fewer
Regine Baeker
Restaurantgast #4 Restaurantgast #4   See fewer
Kerstin Kutscher-Saal
Restaurantgast #5 Restaurantgast #5   See fewer
Jutta Thieler
Restaurantgast #6 Restaurantgast #6   See fewer
Ulrich Goetz
Restaurantgast #7 Restaurantgast #7   See fewer
Hartmut Brestrich
Arzt (as Dr. Hartmut Brestrich) Arzt (as Dr. Hartmut Brestrich)   See fewer
Talisa Lilly Lemke
Jugendgang #1 (as Talissa Lili Lemke) Jugendgang #1 (as Talissa Lili Lemke)   See fewer
Robert Alexander Baer
Jugendgang #2 Jugendgang #2   See fewer
Sebastian Wiegand
Jugendgang #3 Jugendgang #3   See fewer
Thomas Fränzel
Jörn Sommer Jörn Sommer   See fewer
Teresa Harder
Elke Grunau Elke Grunau   See fewer
Ruth Bickelhaupt
Annelie Knopf Annelie Knopf   See fewer
Oliver Korittke
Siggi Herzog Siggi Herzog   See fewer
Eva Bay
Gläschen Gläschen   See fewer
Aron Lehmann
Jan-Ole Jan-Ole   See fewer
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