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  • Air Strike (2018)
  • R
    120 min | Action, Adventure, Drama
Air Strike (2018)
120 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

During World War II, five different Chinese people fight their way through Japanese Air Force attacks to protect an important military machine in Chongqing, 1940.
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Release date
Oct 26, 2018 (United States)


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73 cast members
Name Known for
Ye Liu
Xue Gangtou Xue Gangtou   See fewer
Song Seung-heon
An Minxun An Minxun   See fewer
William Wai-Ting Chan
Cheng Ting (as William Chan) Cheng Ting (as William Chan)   See fewer
Wei Fan
Uncle Cui Uncle Cui   See fewer
Gang Wu
Zhao Chun Zhao Chun   See fewer
Su Ma
Ding Lian Ding Lian   See fewer
Yongli Che
Yagou Yagou   See fewer
Yuanzheng Feng
Xue Manguan Xue Manguan   See fewer
Janine Chun-Ning Chang
Qian Xue (as Ning Chang) Qian Xue (as Ning Chang)   See fewer
Le Geng
Jin Xiang Jin Xiang   See fewer
Tenma Shibuya
Zero Fighter Pilot Sato Zero Fighter Pilot Sato   See fewer
Fan Zhang
Cui Liu (as Zhang Fan) Cui Liu (as Zhang Fan)   See fewer
Nicholas Tse
Lei Tao Lei Tao   See fewer
Bingbing Fan
Ye Peixuan Ye Peixuan   See fewer
Daoming Chen
Chief of City Defense Chief of City Defense   See fewer
Simon Yam
Air Defense Comander Air Defense Comander   See fewer
Ray Lui
Air Force Colonel Air Force Colonel   See fewer
Lei Jia
Wan Jia Wan Jia   See fewer
Bing Hu
Hospital Dean Hospital Dean   See fewer
Haibing Huang
Adjutant to Jack Adjutant to Jack   See fewer
Xiaoqing Liu
Madam Zheng Madam Zheng   See fewer
Shengyi Huang
Du Mei Du Mei   See fewer
Kenny Bee
Governmental Officer Governmental Officer   See fewer
Jiro Wang
Young Officer Young Officer   See fewer
Kefan Cao
Patriot (as Cao Kefang) Patriot (as Cao Kefang)   See fewer
Liqi Zhou
Junior Patriot Junior Patriot   See fewer
Keith Shillitoe
Ambassador Ambassador   See fewer
Shufeng Yang
Director Director   See fewer
Xinglei Pei
Yuhao Zheng Yuhao Zheng   See fewer
Yi Yang
Liang Zheng Liang Zheng   See fewer
Jie Ma
Tailor Zheng Tailor Zheng   See fewer
Yingqun Han
Elder Jia Elder Jia   See fewer
Baoshan Shi
Elder Qian Elder Qian   See fewer
Wei Huang
Elder Ding Elder Ding   See fewer
Chen Chao
Rei Lin Rei Lin   See fewer
Tongyu Wang
Rei Li Rei Li   See fewer
Qiren Chen
Intelligence Officer Intelligence Officer   See fewer
Qingyu Li
Yi 15 Yi 15   See fewer
Shangen Li
Lotus Lotus   See fewer
Haoran Shao
Da Bin Da Bin   See fewer
Can Cui
Lucky Lucky   See fewer
Fairy Fairy   See fewer
Shaonan Duan
Meng Zi Meng Zi   See fewer
Jin Zi
Orphan 1 Orphan 1   See fewer
Yuhan Wang
Orphan 2 Orphan 2   See fewer
Mingtian Lian
Hammer Hammer   See fewer
Yiwu Zhao
Second Commander Second Commander   See fewer
Keqing Jia
Officer in Headquarters Officer in Headquarters   See fewer
Bassem Khayati
Assistant to Jack Assistant to Jack   See fewer
Mingliang Zen
Colonel Officer Colonel Officer   See fewer
Guo Chao
Nursery Dean Nursery Dean   See fewer
Sijia He
Quartermaster Quartermaster   See fewer
Tong Shangguan
Nursery Teacher Nursery Teacher   See fewer
Hui Dong
Officers wife Officers wife   See fewer
Ping Chen
Rich man wife Rich man wife   See fewer
Xuming Chen
Dr. Cao Dr. Cao   See fewer
Wuzhou Cheng
Driver Driver   See fewer
Yufeng Yiu
Housekeeper Deng Housekeeper Deng   See fewer
Wanzhong Wang
Officers Assistant Officers Assistant   See fewer
Moli Guo
Young Woman Young Woman   See fewer
Anthony Rogers
Ye Peixuan's boyfriend Ye Peixuan's boyfriend   See fewer
Ming Chen
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Lambert Houston
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
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