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  • Slash (I) (2016)
  • Not Rated
    100 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Slash (I) (2016)
Not Rated
100 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Freshman Neil's Vanguard stories are all he cares about...until he meets the older Julia, who pushes him to put his own fan fic online. When the website's moderator takes a special interest in Neil's work, it opens up a whole new universe.
Clay Liford (directed by)
Clay Liford (written by)
Jason Wehling (produced by) | Brock Williams (produced by)
Curtis Heath (original music by) | Lauren Sanders (original music by)
David Fabelo (edited by) | Bryan Poyser (edited by)
Casting Director
J.C. Cantu (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Dec 9, 2016 (United States)


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173 cast members
Name Known for
Tishuan Scott
Vanguard Vanguard   See fewer
Lucas Neff
The Kragon The Kragon   See fewer
Courtney Bandeko
Ullichi Slave Girl Ullichi Slave Girl   See fewer
Dalton Edward Phillips
Jack (as Dalton Phillips) Jack (as Dalton Phillips)   See fewer
Miss Benny
Bill (as a different name) Bill (as a different name)   See fewer
Alexandria DeBerry
Jessie (as Allie DeBerry) Jessie (as Allie DeBerry)   See fewer
Violett Beane
Lindsay Lindsay   See fewer
Jackie Palacios
Drama Girl Drama Girl   See fewer
Matt Peters
Mr. Ford Mr. Ford   See fewer
Sharmita Bhattacharya
Julia's Lab Partner Julia's Lab Partner   See fewer
Burnie Burns
Mr. Snow Mr. Snow   See fewer
Cyndi Williams
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Jessie Ennis
Martine Martine   See fewer
Peter Vack
Mike Holloway Mike Holloway   See fewer
Reece Everett Ryan
Mike's Friend Greg Mike's Friend Greg   See fewer
John Ennis
Deron Zaxa Deron Zaxa   See fewer
Jonathan Lisecki
Senator Silva Senator Silva   See fewer
Angela Kinsey
Anglaxia Supremacy IV Anglaxia Supremacy IV   See fewer
Laura Bailey
Laylanath Inquisitrix VII Laylanath Inquisitrix VII   See fewer
Luciana Faulhaber
Luxalia Contendrax III Luxalia Contendrax III   See fewer
Liza Oppenheimer
Merculliax Pernicious IX Merculliax Pernicious IX   See fewer
Jennifer Prediger
Pan Galactic Council Alien 1 Pan Galactic Council Alien 1   See fewer
Mark Hosack
Pan Galactic Council Alien 2 Pan Galactic Council Alien 2   See fewer
Philip Clement
Tech Director Kid (as Phillip Clement) Tech Director Kid (as Phillip Clement)   See fewer
Susan Burke
Ms. Lewis Ms. Lewis   See fewer
Brandy Burre
Cheryl Cheryl   See fewer
Amy Leigh Edwards
Hotel Receptionist (as Amy Edwards) Hotel Receptionist (as Amy Edwards)   See fewer
Nate Rubin
Freddie Freddie   See fewer
Ryan Cownie
Hot Dog Paul (as Robert Cownie) Hot Dog Paul (as Robert Cownie)   See fewer
Erica Alcocer
Spirit Hood 1 Spirit Hood 1   See fewer
Layne Edwards
Spirit Hood 2 / Extra Spirit Hood 2 / Extra   See fewer
Nikki Loehr
Raver Girl Raver Girl   See fewer
Isaac Ireland
Nintendo DS Kid Nintendo DS Kid   See fewer
Sam Eidson
Sci Fi Author Sci Fi Author   See fewer
Missi Pyle
Ronnie Ronnie   See fewer
Dakota Morrissiey
Proxon Boy Proxon Boy   See fewer
Heath Young
Security Guard 1 Security Guard 1   See fewer
Karen Burke
Security Guard 2 Security Guard 2   See fewer
Coulter Adams
Julia's New Boyfriend Julia's New Boyfriend   See fewer
Adam Busch
Extra Extra   See fewer
Aly Jones
Extra Extra   See fewer
Autumn Nye
Extra Extra   See fewer
Doyle Bramhall II
Extra (as Doyle Bramhall) Extra (as Doyle Bramhall)   See fewer
Emily Schmitt
Extra (as Emily Myers) Extra (as Emily Myers)   See fewer
Jake Berg
Extra Extra   See fewer
Joe Green
Extra Extra   See fewer
John Gholson
Extra (as John Goulson) Extra (as John Goulson)   See fewer
Jonathan Michael Butkovsky
Extra (as Jonathan Butkovsky) Extra (as Jonathan Butkovsky)   See fewer
Joe Nicolosi
Extra (as Joseph Nicolosi) Extra (as Joseph Nicolosi)   See fewer
Katt Page
Extra Extra   See fewer
Kevin Goff
Extra Extra   See fewer
Laura L. Martin
Extra (as Laura Martin) Extra (as Laura Martin)   See fewer
Lindsay Anne Kent
Extra (as Lindsay Kent) Extra (as Lindsay Kent)   See fewer
Luke Doyle
Extra Extra   See fewer
Max Kepple
Extra Extra   See fewer
Mayo Pardo
Extra Extra   See fewer
Miguel Angel Alvidrez
Extra (as Miguel Alvidrez) Extra (as Miguel Alvidrez)   See fewer
Nicole Vasquez
Extra (as Nicole Vazquez) Extra (as Nicole Vazquez)   See fewer
Ralphie Hardesty
Extra (as Ralph Hardesty) Extra (as Ralph Hardesty)   See fewer
Rob Hernandez Jr
Extra (as Rob Hernandez Jr.) Extra (as Rob Hernandez Jr.)   See fewer
Sara Beck
Extra Extra   See fewer
Taylor Fairbarn
Extra (as Talor Fairbarn) Extra (as Talor Fairbarn)   See fewer
Tyler P. Scott
Extra (as Tyler Scott) Extra (as Tyler Scott)   See fewer
Vincent James Prendergast
Extra (as Vincent Prendergast) Extra (as Vincent Prendergast)   See fewer
Zoe Penner
Extra Extra   See fewer
Caitlyn Moore
High School Student (uncredited) High School Student (uncredited)   See fewer
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