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  • The Vote (2015)
  • TV Movie | 87 min | Comedy, Drama
The Vote (2015)
TV Movie | 87 min | Comedy, Drama

In this live recording of a stage comedy, a U.K. polling station during the 2015 general election goes through the last hour of voting.
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Josie Rourke | Tony Grech-Smith (co-director)
James Graham (creator) | Josie Rourke (creator)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated May 7, 2015

Release date
May 7, 2015 (United Kingdom)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Bhasker Patel
Pravin Shah Pravin Shah   See fewer
Llewella Gideon
Grace Botchway Grace Botchway   See fewer
Mark Gatiss
Steven Crosswell Steven Crosswell   See fewer
Catherine Tate
Kirsty Henderson Kirsty Henderson   See fewer
Nina Sosanya
Laura Williams Laura Williams   See fewer
Fisayo Akinade
Jonathan Clarke Jonathan Clarke   See fewer
Timothy West
Fred Norris Fred Norris   See fewer
Andrew Mcdonald
Anthony Lester Anthony Lester   See fewer
Kadiff Kirwan
Jerome Hanikie Jerome Hanikie   See fewer
MyAnna Buring
Tilde Larson (as Myanna Buring) Tilde Larson (as Myanna Buring)   See fewer
Wanda Opalinska
Alexandra Peters Alexandra Peters   See fewer
Pandora Colin
Rochena Peters Rochena Peters   See fewer
Aicha Kossoko
Alia Aminu Alia Aminu   See fewer
Penny Ryder
Emma Watts Emma Watts   See fewer
Sunny Yeo
Voter Voter   See fewer
Hadley Fraser
Alastair Swift Alastair Swift   See fewer
Gerard Horan
Alan Walker Alan Walker   See fewer
Prasanna Puwanarajah
Tom Baird Tom Baird   See fewer
Michael Shaeffer
Gerry Henderson Gerry Henderson   See fewer
Stavros Demetraki
Paul Alleyne Paul Alleyne   See fewer
Rita Balogun
Jasmine Lennon Jasmine Lennon   See fewer
Alice Hewkin
Carla Wu Carla Wu   See fewer
Tommy French
Lucas Henderson Lucas Henderson   See fewer
Nicholas Burns
Kenneth Robson Kenneth Robson   See fewer
Rosalie Craig
Louisa Robson Louisa Robson   See fewer
Madalena Alberto
Maria Ferreira Maria Ferreira   See fewer
Beverly Longhurst
Kate Dahl (as Beverley Longhurst) Kate Dahl (as Beverley Longhurst)   See fewer
Stephen Kennedy
Stuart Coghlan Stuart Coghlan   See fewer
Bill Paterson
Simon Featherstone Simon Featherstone   See fewer
Eddie Arnold
Daniel Moreno Daniel Moreno   See fewer
Joanna Griffin
Sally Dodds Sally Dodds   See fewer
Paul Chahidi
Howard Roberts Howard Roberts   See fewer
Jade Anouka
Chika Devan Chika Devan   See fewer
Chukwudi Iwuji
Adeyami Abudu Adeyami Abudu   See fewer
Jackie Clune
Maggie Tann Maggie Tann   See fewer
Jude Law
Gerry's Brother Gerry's Brother   See fewer
Rachel Denning
Claire Dunn Claire Dunn   See fewer
Judi Dench
Christine Metcalfe Christine Metcalfe   See fewer
Finty Williams
Lola Parkes Lola Parkes   See fewer
Yusra Warsama
Hanni Yonis Hanni Yonis   See fewer
Heather Craney
Terri Fletcher Terri Fletcher   See fewer
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