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Catching Milat

Episode #1.2 (Season 1, Episode 2)
TV Episode | Crime

Justin Monjo (as Dalton Dartmouth)
Nicole La Macchia (as Nicole LaMacchia)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated May 24, 2015

Release date
May 24, 2015 (Australia)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Richard Cawthorne
Detective Paul Gordon Detective Paul Gordon   See fewer
Geoff Morrell
Superintendent Clive Small Superintendent Clive Small   See fewer
Malcolm Kennard
Ivan Milat (as Mal Kennard) Ivan Milat (as Mal Kennard)   See fewer
David Field
Detective Neil Birse Detective Neil Birse   See fewer
Salvatore Coco
Detective Mark Camenzuli Detective Mark Camenzuli   See fewer
Luke Ford
Inspector Bob Godden Inspector Bob Godden   See fewer
Craig Hall
Inspector Rod Lynch Inspector Rod Lynch   See fewer
Alan Lovell
Detective O'Connor Detective O'Connor   See fewer
Richard Sutherland
Detective Royce Gorman Detective Royce Gorman   See fewer
Steve Vella
Sergeant Gerard Dutton Sergeant Gerard Dutton   See fewer
Leigh Scully
Sergeant Trichter Sergeant Trichter   See fewer
Julia Billington
Constable Janet Nicholson Constable Janet Nicholson   See fewer
Coralie Bradbery
Constable Callaghan (as Coralie Bradbury) Constable Callaghan (as Coralie Bradbury)   See fewer
Carole Skinner
Margaret Milat Margaret Milat   See fewer
Alan Flower
Alex Milat Alex Milat   See fewer
Leeanna Walsman
Shirley Soire Shirley Soire   See fewer
Fletcher Humphrys
Richard Milat Richard Milat   See fewer
Daniel Krige
Wally Milat Wally Milat   See fewer
Zoe Houghton
Joan Milat Joan Milat   See fewer
Ben Geurens
David 'Bodge' Milat David 'Bodge' Milat   See fewer
Leah Vandenberg
Chalinda Hughes Chalinda Hughes   See fewer
Lizzie Schebesta
Ruth Kilmarten Ruth Kilmarten   See fewer
Anita Hegh
Alison Small Alison Small   See fewer
Alex Williams
Paul Onions Paul Onions   See fewer
Sacha Horler
Karen Milat Karen Milat   See fewer
Lucy Bell
Jill Walters Jill Walters   See fewer
Mark Kilmurry
Ray Walters Ray Walters   See fewer
Cecelia Peters
Joanne Walters Joanne Walters   See fewer
Mavournee Hazel
Caroline Clarke Caroline Clarke   See fewer
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Deborah Evereist Deborah Evereist   See fewer
Brendan Merdzan
James Gibson James Gibson   See fewer
Natalia Ladyko
Simone Schmidl Simone Schmidl   See fewer
Charlotte Chimes
Anja Habschied Anja Habschied   See fewer
Milan Pulvermacher
Gabor Neugebauer Gabor Neugebauer   See fewer
Julian Pulvermacher
Manfred Neugebauer Manfred Neugebauer   See fewer
Anja Raith
Anke Neugebauer Anke Neugebauer   See fewer
Millie Samuels
Mary (as Milly Samuels) Mary (as Milly Samuels)   See fewer
Linda Ngo
Therese Therese   See fewer
Lucy Green
Margaret Margaret   See fewer
John Brumpton
Artie Bigman Artie Bigman   See fewer
Michael Elbridge
Journo 2 Journo 2   See fewer
Richard Healy
Justice Hart Justice Hart   See fewer
Randall C. Hughson
Car Dealer Car Dealer   See fewer
Anthony Martin
Minister Minister   See fewer
David McLean
London Interviewer London Interviewer   See fewer
Kieran Revell
Jury Foreman Jury Foreman   See fewer
David Ritchie
David Gill David Gill   See fewer
Catherine Ross
Journo 1 Journo 1   See fewer
Will Gabriel
Forensic Officer Forensic Officer   See fewer
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