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  • Cloudy Sunday (2015)
  • 116 min | Drama, Music, War
Cloudy Sunday (2015)
116 min | Drama, Music, War

During the tumultuous 1943, against the backdrop of a German-occupied Thessaloniki, two star-crossed lovers struggle to surmount prejudice and fear, as the brutalities against the town's persecuted Jewish community escalate.
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Ada Gourbali (screenplay) | Manousos Manousakis (screenplay) | Giorgios Skabardonis (book) | Vasilis Spiliopoulos (screenplay)
Lambis Haralambidis (edited by)
Production Designers
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Release date
Nov 12, 2017 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Dimitris Pelekis
Urban Man Urban Man   See fewer
Andreas Konstantinou
Vasilis Tsitsanis Vasilis Tsitsanis   See fewer
Giannis Stankoglou
Jaco Beza Jaco Beza   See fewer
Adrian Frieling
Dieter Wisliceny Dieter Wisliceny   See fewer
Hristina Heila-Fameli
Estrea Beza Estrea Beza   See fewer
Vasiliki Troufakou
Lela (Lambrini) Lela (Lambrini)   See fewer
Abe Cohen
David Revah David Revah   See fewer
Lakis Komninos
Daponte Daponte   See fewer
Yannis Aivazis
Tasos (as Giannis Aivazis) Tasos (as Giannis Aivazis)   See fewer
Vasilis Giakoumaros
Parakratikos Parakratikos   See fewer
Dimitra Mesimerli
Jewish girl Jewish girl   See fewer
Regina Pantelidi
Sara Revah Sara Revah   See fewer
Haris Fragoulis
Yorgos Samaras Yorgos Samaras   See fewer
Xanthi Georgiou
Zoi Samara - Tsitsani Zoi Samara - Tsitsani   See fewer
Maria Kavoukidou
Rachel Beza (as Maria Kavoukidi) Rachel Beza (as Maria Kavoukidi)   See fewer
Alberto Eskenazy
Abraham Revah Abraham Revah   See fewer
Stella Giaboura
Synodos dosilogou (as Stella Yaboura) Synodos dosilogou (as Stella Yaboura)   See fewer
Hristoforos Dikas
Diermineas Diermineas   See fewer
Iris Baglanea
Singer A Singer A   See fewer
Giorgos Floratos
Panagiotis Panagiotis   See fewer
Konstantina Maltezou
Girl in choir Girl in choir   See fewer
Stamatis Tzelepis
Andonis Samaras Andonis Samaras   See fewer
Menelaos Hazarakis
Stelios Sakalis Stelios Sakalis   See fewer
Thodoros Antoniadis
Alberto Beza Alberto Beza   See fewer
Ada Gourbali
Harokameni mana Harokameni mana   See fewer
Panos Zygouros
Serafeim Serafeim   See fewer
Giorgos Haleplis
Thymios Thymios   See fewer
Vicky Ntoulia
Woman (as Vicky Doulia) Woman (as Vicky Doulia)   See fewer
Petros Xekoukis
Stavros Stavros   See fewer
Betty Apostolou
Synodos anapirou Synodos anapirou   See fewer
Sofia Mermiga
Meroula Meroula   See fewer
Thomas Hatzis
Manolis Manolis   See fewer
Kyriakos Tzoulatis
Stratiotis Stratiotis   See fewer
Argyris Sazaklis
Christos Christos   See fewer
Dimitris Paleohoritis
Nikos Mouschoundis Nikos Mouschoundis   See fewer
Nikos Mavroudis
Brunner Brunner   See fewer
Fanis Prassas
Dekaneas Dekaneas   See fewer
Frixos Manasakis
Diermineas Diermineas   See fewer
Gerasimos Pavlou
Mystirios pelatis Mystirios pelatis   See fewer
Thomas Kolovos
Vaggelis Vaggelis   See fewer
Sasa Papalambrou
Margarita Margarita   See fewer
Stavros Haze
Kostas Kostas   See fewer
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