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  • Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher (2022)
  • 107 min | Biography
Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher (2022)
107 min | Biography

At the turn of the 19th century, Pugilism was the sport of kings and a gifted young boxer fought his way to becoming champion of England.
Ben Braham Ziryab (as Ben Ziryab)
Casting Director
Production Designers
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Release date
Jul 22, 2022 (United States)


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Matt Hookings
Jem Belcher Jem Belcher   See fewer
Ray Winstone
Bill Warr Bill Warr   See fewer
Russell Crowe
Jack Slack Jack Slack   See fewer
Marton Csokas
Lord Rushworth Lord Rushworth   See fewer
Jodhi May
Mary Belcher Mary Belcher   See fewer
Julian Glover
Lord Ashford Lord Ashford   See fewer
Glen Fox
Pierce Egan Pierce Egan   See fewer
Ricky Chaplin
Henry Pearce Henry Pearce   See fewer
Lucy Martin
Gilly Belcher Gilly Belcher   See fewer
Stanley Morgan
Tom Belcher Tom Belcher   See fewer
Olivia Chenery
Lady Abigail Lady Abigail   See fewer
Michael McKell
Frank The Bomber Frank The Bomber   See fewer
Joe Egan
Big Joe Big Joe   See fewer
Spike Howells
Young Jem Young Jem   See fewer
Steve Dent
End Fight Referee End Fight Referee   See fewer
Mark Epstein
Andrew 'The Stonemason' Gamble Andrew 'The Stonemason' Gamble   See fewer
James Mackie
Bookie Bookie   See fewer
Habda Malacón
Spanish lover Spanish lover   See fewer
Julius Francis
Bob The Blackbeard Britton Bob The Blackbeard Britton   See fewer
Martin Coe
London Umpire London Umpire   See fewer
Billy Clements
John Firby John Firby   See fewer
Tim Cullingworth-Hudson
Levan The Prison Guard Levan The Prison Guard   See fewer
Simon Nehan
Blacksmith Blacksmith   See fewer
Alywn Belcher
Ex Champion Ex Champion   See fewer
Tony Herbert
Fruit Seller Fruit Seller   See fewer
Will Dent
Ben Brain Ben Brain   See fewer
Aaron Davies
Archer Archer   See fewer
Bailey Howard
Mackie Mackie   See fewer
Saule Valiukaite
Young Gilly Young Gilly   See fewer
Adam Cook
Young Tom Young Tom   See fewer
Julia Calvert
Busty Blonde Busty Blonde   See fewer
Leonid Kotik
Old Tailor Old Tailor   See fewer
Ryan Nickels
Fighter 1 Fighter 1   See fewer
Jamie Camilleri
Fighter 2 Fighter 2   See fewer
Sandro Marley
Fighter 3 Fighter 3   See fewer
Oliver Berry
Bristol Scallywag Bristol Scallywag   See fewer
Stefan Boehm
Dock Seller Dock Seller   See fewer
Michael Breen
Punter Punter   See fewer
Max Brown
London street boy 2 London street boy 2   See fewer
Chris Cordell
Musician and Stallholder Musician and Stallholder   See fewer
Catherine D'Arcy
Busty Brunette Busty Brunette   See fewer
Savannah Davey
London street girl London street girl   See fewer
Chris Hardman
Hipster 1 Hipster 1   See fewer
Aimée Hills
Hippie (as Aimé Hills) Hippie (as Aimé Hills)   See fewer
Keith Jones
Middle Class Gentleman Middle Class Gentleman   See fewer
Trevor Jones
Middle class gentleman Middle class gentleman   See fewer
Volenté Lloyd
Courtesan Courtesan   See fewer
Jessica Looke
Female Punter Female Punter   See fewer
Kwesi Mcleod
Boozer Boozer   See fewer
Marc Micklethwaite
Partygoer Partygoer   See fewer
Adomas Miklys
Classy Dresser Fighter Classy Dresser Fighter   See fewer
Mat Newcomb
Hipster 2 Hipster 2   See fewer
Inga Puriuskyte
Actress Actress   See fewer
Damon Ravenscraft
Merchant Merchant   See fewer
Michael Smoker
Fight enthusiast Fight enthusiast   See fewer
Hugo Stone
London street boy 1 London street boy 1   See fewer
Joe Taglialavore
Cheesewire Cheesewire   See fewer
Steffi Thake
Rowdy Woman Rowdy Woman   See fewer
Ruby Atlanta Boland
Middle Class London Lady (uncredited) Middle Class London Lady (uncredited)   See fewer
Leah Gayer
Rochester Twin Lydia (uncredited) Rochester Twin Lydia (uncredited)   See fewer
Gilbert Kyem Jnr
Tom Molineaux (uncredited) Tom Molineaux (uncredited)   See fewer
Gavin Stewart
Dock Guard (uncredited) Dock Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
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