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  • Aether: Prologue (2015)
  • Short | Short, Sci-Fi
Primary photo for Aether: Prologue
Aether: Prologue (2015)
Short | Short, Sci-Fi

Considered a 2nd class citizen by the Skyborne, Wil Laran embarks on a journey to define his destiny or meet his demise in this steampunk inspired science fiction film.
Drew Hall | Horst Sarubin (co-director)
Drew Hall | Denny Wilkins (original story)
Patrick Kirst (music by)
Production Designer
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Updated Feb 14, 2016

Release date
May 30, 2015 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Tim Fields
Wil Laran Wil Laran   See fewer
Jeremy Sande
Rodael Rodael   See fewer
Sherri Eakin
Madeleine Madeleine   See fewer
Valerie Lyon
Wavelinde Sywren #1 Wavelinde Sywren #1   See fewer
Jaymee Vowell
Aether Addict Aether Addict   See fewer
Shawna Lee
Specter Sywren Judithe Specter Sywren Judithe   See fewer
Lukas Bennett
Young Boy Young Boy   See fewer
Kelsey Outlaw
Wavelinde Sywren Ide Wavelinde Sywren Ide   See fewer
Tori Be
Wavelinde Sywren Pierrette Wavelinde Sywren Pierrette   See fewer
Michael Ford
Cedric Whittaker Cedric Whittaker   See fewer
Lisa Ford
Amelia Whittaker Amelia Whittaker   See fewer
David Dolan
Bruewen Warrior C'Votsk Bruewen Warrior C'Votsk   See fewer
Boogie Dabney
Guard Lieutenant Tadday Guard Lieutenant Tadday   See fewer
Jonathan DePew
Guard Lieutenant Meinard Guard Lieutenant Meinard   See fewer
Torrance Goleman
Specter Guard Family Kid Specter Guard Family Kid   See fewer
Jack Teague
Chancellor Ephes Chancellor Ephes   See fewer
Ben Ladner
Specter Family Guard Kid Specter Family Guard Kid   See fewer
Angelina Alberti
Dauphine Dauphine   See fewer
Isabella Alberti
Alienor Alienor   See fewer
Mark Baggs
Spector / Monk (as Mark Baynard Baggs) Spector / Monk (as Mark Baynard Baggs)   See fewer
Anil Bajaj
Sohnnie Sohnnie   See fewer
Bennett Wayne Dean Sr.
Specter Baker Specter Baker   See fewer
Cuong Alex Do
Apothecary Apothecary   See fewer
Xavier DuPriest
The Ref The Ref   See fewer
Dominique Fleitas
Mehitabel von Otter Mehitabel von Otter   See fewer
Jamie Gliddon
Specter Specter   See fewer
Dollie Hall
Martine Martine   See fewer
Rebecca Harrison
Attica Valora Attica Valora   See fewer
Andrea Izaguirre
Luthiem Hargreaves Luthiem Hargreaves   See fewer
Duane Moseley
Specter / Monk Specter / Monk   See fewer
David Orenday
Rottger Van Hohenheim Rottger Van Hohenheim   See fewer
Kristie Provins
Gillette Gillette   See fewer
Joselyne Ridings
Docking Spector People Docking Spector People   See fewer
Jake Roberts
The Ax Man The Ax Man   See fewer
Michael Santini
Fighter #1 Fighter #1   See fewer
Josh Suit
Gustoph Ga'Roux Gustoph Ga'Roux   See fewer
Victoria Blackmon
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Billy Culbertson
Dinner Guest (uncredited) Dinner Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
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