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  • Fanatic (2015)
  • Short | 24 min | Short, Action, Drama
Fanatic (2015)
Short | 24 min | Short, Action, Drama

When a terrorist organisation suddenly resurfaces in Eastern Europe, former Special Forces officer Douglas Bormann is brought out of retirement to face an old enemy. But, all is not as it first appears.
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Alan C. McLaughlin (as Alan McLaughlin)
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Updated Aug 6, 2015

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Aug 2015 (United Kingdom)


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37 cast members
Name Known for
Duncan Airlie James
Major Doug Bormann Major Doug Bormann   See fewer
Andrew McIntosh
Captain Bill Marshall Captain Bill Marshall   See fewer
Simon McCay
John Costello John Costello   See fewer
Simon Weir
Allister Dunbar Mills Allister Dunbar Mills   See fewer
Perry Costello
Sir Julian Fotheringall Sir Julian Fotheringall   See fewer
Ray Crofter
Minister Douglas Watson Minister Douglas Watson   See fewer
Sharon Osdin
Amanda Borman Amanda Borman   See fewer
Nicola Clark
Eva Markovic Eva Markovic   See fewer
Jemima Spence
Agent Grant Agent Grant   See fewer
Craig Walker
Eddie Franklin Eddie Franklin   See fewer
Mandy Bhari
Fatima Fatima   See fewer
Paul Lapsley
Sergeant Emery Sergeant Emery   See fewer
Chris Doran
Private Dylan Private Dylan   See fewer
Andrew Reith
Sergeant Simpson Sergeant Simpson   See fewer
Paul Carruth
Private McLeod Private McLeod   See fewer
Gavin Reith
Private Wilson Private Wilson   See fewer
Barry Irvine
Agent Cargill Agent Cargill   See fewer
Alexander Martin
Agent Jackson Agent Jackson   See fewer
Amanda Marment
Ms McKenzie Ms McKenzie   See fewer
Chris Capaldi
Ivan Markovic Ivan Markovic   See fewer
Nick Ikunda
Samuel Samuel   See fewer
Alan Cuthbert
The Hammer The Hammer   See fewer
Antony Scott
House Attacker 1 House Attacker 1   See fewer
Alex McDonald
House Attacker 2 House Attacker 2   See fewer
William Clarke
Mercenary 6 Mercenary 6   See fewer
Stevie Douglas
Civilian 2 (as Steven Douglas) Civilian 2 (as Steven Douglas)   See fewer
Derek Kelly
Civilian 1 Civilian 1   See fewer
Doug MacDonald
Mercenary 7 Mercenary 7   See fewer
Jamie S. McCafferty
Civilian 3 Civilian 3   See fewer
David McCallum
Mercenary 4 Mercenary 4   See fewer
Tony Osy
Mercenary 5 Mercenary 5   See fewer
Liam Robertson
Mercenary 3 Mercenary 3   See fewer
Fraser Unett
Mercenary 1 Mercenary 1   See fewer
Richy Walsh
Mercenary 2 Mercenary 2   See fewer
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