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  • Applesauce (2015)
  • Not Rated
    91 min | Comedy, Romance
Applesauce (2015)
Not Rated
91 min | Comedy, Romance

Two married couples become increasingly agitated with each other as they find out things about each other's past, while one of them is receiving disturbing packages from an unknown source.
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Release date
Nov 24, 2015 (United States)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Dylan Baker
Stevie Bricks Stevie Bricks   See fewer
Karl Jacob
Wally Wally   See fewer
Kevin Scanlon
Officer Prince Officer Prince   See fewer
Ariel Kavoussi
Officer Potts Officer Potts   See fewer
Kimber Monroe
Cameron Cameron   See fewer
Jahmani Perry
Principal Clark Principal Clark   See fewer
Lisa Tharps
Rain's Mother Rain's Mother   See fewer
Bill Weeden
Kate's Father Kate's Father   See fewer
Juan Arroyo
High School Student Juan High School Student Juan   See fewer
Ehad Berisha
High School Student Ehad High School Student Ehad   See fewer
Brian Betancourt
Jazz Bassist Jazz Bassist   See fewer
Husani Blaze
Stranger with iPhone Stranger with iPhone   See fewer
Alston Brown
Barista Barista   See fewer
Gioia Casella
Little Sister Little Sister   See fewer
Leona Casella
Mother Mother   See fewer
Mia Casella
Big Sister Big Sister   See fewer
Elka Chowdhury
High School Student Elka High School Student Elka   See fewer
David Christian
Jazz Drummer Jazz Drummer   See fewer
Christopher Gamboa
High School Student Christopher High School Student Christopher   See fewer
Samantha Gore
Life in Orange Prisoner Life in Orange Prisoner   See fewer
Matt Grady
Guy in Car Guy in Car   See fewer
Nekesha Green
High School Student Nekesha High School Student Nekesha   See fewer
Paul Damian Hogan
Jazz Pianist Jazz Pianist   See fewer
Omer Koren
High School Student Omer High School Student Omer   See fewer
Steve Kortyka
Jazz Saxophonist Jazz Saxophonist   See fewer
Priyanka Krishnan
High School Student Priyanka High School Student Priyanka   See fewer
Isaiah Leaks
High School Student Isaiah High School Student Isaiah   See fewer
Ying Ying Li
Felix's daughter Felix's daughter   See fewer
Nicole Lopez-Isa
High School Student Nicole High School Student Nicole   See fewer
Dolores McDougal
Kate's mother Kate's mother   See fewer
Lorna Pérez
High School Student Lorna High School Student Lorna   See fewer
Zuri Reed
Kimberly Kimberly   See fewer
Jennifer Reitmeier
High School Student Jennifer High School Student Jennifer   See fewer
Sandra Sackey
High School Student Sandra High School Student Sandra   See fewer
Callan Shattuck
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Melodie Sisk
Funeral Attendee Funeral Attendee   See fewer
Rachel McKay Steele
Rachel (as Rachel Steele) Rachel (as Rachel Steele)   See fewer
Leandra Vargas
High School Student Leandra High School Student Leandra   See fewer
Sarah Wiesehahn
High School Student Sarah High School Student Sarah   See fewer
Catherine Wilson
High School Student Catherine High School Student Catherine   See fewer
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