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  • C Street (2016)
  • R
    86 min | Comedy
C Street (2016)
86 min | Comedy

A power hungry intern pimps out his apartment to sex-starved politicians, only to find his boss using it to have an affair with the girl of his dreams.
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Brett E. Lewis (story)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Jan 4, 2016

Release date
Jul 12, 2016 (United States)


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33 cast members
Name Known for
Carey Lowell
Magnolia Fallon Magnolia Fallon   See fewer
Michael Gross
Governor Appalachia Governor Appalachia   See fewer
Dylan Walsh
Senator Fallon Senator Fallon   See fewer
Bruce Altman
Governor Empire Governor Empire   See fewer
Don Stark
Super Super   See fewer
Grainger Hines
Reverend Fink Reverend Fink   See fewer
Evan Hall
Guy Poppet Guy Poppet   See fewer
Jessica Blank
Senator Huxter Senator Huxter   See fewer
Jason Griffith
Congressman Wood Congressman Wood   See fewer
Joseph Castillo-Midyett
Man Boy / Henry (as Joseph Midyett) Man Boy / Henry (as Joseph Midyett)   See fewer
Sondra James
Mrs. Plumbcott Mrs. Plumbcott   See fewer
Steven Ciceron
Field Organizer (as Steve Ciceron) Field Organizer (as Steve Ciceron)   See fewer
Christopher Rex Stone
Male Escort Male Escort   See fewer
Shari Desiree Ellis
Cheese Lobbyist (as Shari McCullough) Cheese Lobbyist (as Shari McCullough)   See fewer
Matthew McCurdy
Congressmen Coke Head Congressmen Coke Head   See fewer
Alexander Mulzac
Maurice (as Alexander C. Mulzac) Maurice (as Alexander C. Mulzac)   See fewer
Kiran Rhe Kestenbaum
Soul Mate (as Kiran Rhe) Soul Mate (as Kiran Rhe)   See fewer
Adam Piacente
Oil Lobbyist Oil Lobbyist   See fewer
Rob Cantrell
Talk Show Host Talk Show Host   See fewer
Erin Sanderson
Insurance Lobbyist Insurance Lobbyist   See fewer
Larese King
Police Officer #2 Police Officer #2   See fewer
Maia Nicholson
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Derrick T. Lewis
Male Cross Dresser Male Cross Dresser   See fewer
Laura Rose DePinho
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Aniya Wolfe
Political rally attendee Political rally attendee   See fewer
Annie R. Such
Coat Check Girl Coat Check Girl   See fewer
Gerard Adimando
Aarp Lobbyist Aarp Lobbyist   See fewer
Anthony Vaccarella
Police Man No.1 Police Man No.1   See fewer
Ariane Ryan
Call Girl Call Girl   See fewer
Kayla Kahn
Defense Lobbyist Defense Lobbyist   See fewer
Samantha DeSimone
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Eustace Collens Jr.
Taxi Driver (as Guy Eustace) Taxi Driver (as Guy Eustace)   See fewer
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