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  • Scumbag (2017)
  • TV-MA
    114 min | Comedy, Drama
Scumbag (2017)
114 min | Comedy, Drama

Phil takes on a day job at a telemarketing company, working with crazy people. The time of his life begins to tick as he battles addiction, fights the law and tries to maintain his girlfriend, Christine.
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Updated Jul 24, 2017

Release date
Mar 18, 2017 (United States)


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221 cast members
Name Known for
Debra Haden
Christine Christine   See fewer
Nick Zedd
Brian Brian   See fewer
Tom Silverman
Robert Robert   See fewer
Keith Morris
John Stevens John Stevens   See fewer
Monique Parent
Susan Stevens Susan Stevens   See fewer
Spookey Ruben
Junior Junior   See fewer
Ryan Beard
Cornelius Cornelius   See fewer
Javier Javier   See fewer
En Esch
Self Self   See fewer
DH Peligro
Frustrated Driver 1 Frustrated Driver 1   See fewer
Neon Music
Hot Mess Hot Mess   See fewer
Lauren Parkinson
Porsche Porsche   See fewer
Cindy Lucas
Tiffany Tiffany   See fewer
Michael Wayne Foster
Conan (as Michael Foster) Conan (as Michael Foster)   See fewer
Sydney Viengluang
Stephanie Stephanie   See fewer
Keith Kozar
Biker Club Owner Biker Club Owner   See fewer
Michael Musto
Passenger 1 Passenger 1   See fewer
Annalisa Guidone
Female Goth Dancer 2 Female Goth Dancer 2   See fewer
Jonathan Stanton
Police Officer 1 Police Officer 1   See fewer
Richard Roy
Tyler's Drummer Tyler's Drummer   See fewer
Mark Anthony Petrucelli
Julia's Boyfriend Julia's Boyfriend   See fewer
Greg 'G-Spot' Siebel
Club Bartender Club Bartender   See fewer
Devonric Johnson
Police Officer 2 Police Officer 2   See fewer
Stephen Winders
Hardcore Hardcore   See fewer
Allen L. Smith
Bouncer Bouncer   See fewer
Jennifer Finch
Punk Wife Punk Wife   See fewer
Brett Duggan
Angry Addict Angry Addict   See fewer
Matt Stoner
Travis Travis   See fewer
Tim Truman
Walter Walter   See fewer
Mars Roberge
Club Kid DJ (as Die J! Mars) Club Kid DJ (as Die J! Mars)   See fewer
Patty Powers
Federal Officer 1 Federal Officer 1   See fewer
Ernie Omega
Street Club Kid 1 Street Club Kid 1   See fewer
Plastic Martyr
Runway Queen Runway Queen   See fewer
Jolie Franz
Female Office Worker 1 Female Office Worker 1   See fewer
Tali De Mar
Pretty Bank Girl Pretty Bank Girl   See fewer
Annie Bandez
Leadsbitch 1 Leadsbitch 1   See fewer
Hart Hydin
Jeremy (as Rich Hart Heiden) Jeremy (as Rich Hart Heiden)   See fewer
Joe Santoyo
Toilet Man 2 Toilet Man 2   See fewer
Matthew Spalding
Mr. Davis Mr. Davis   See fewer
Roy Starr
Mediator Mediator   See fewer
Walki Talki
Street Club Kid 2 Street Club Kid 2   See fewer
Bryson Banks
Accountant (as Bryson Uribe) Accountant (as Bryson Uribe)   See fewer
Brian Soigne Deluxe Wilson
Federal Officer 2 Federal Officer 2   See fewer
Tony Acaricio
Hardcore Mosher Hardcore Mosher   See fewer
Tammy Adler
Megan's Friend Megan's Friend   See fewer
Tali Aires
Street Dancer Street Dancer   See fewer
Sean Alexander
Male Goth Dancer 1 Male Goth Dancer 1   See fewer
Izaiah Amarise
Lion Boy Lion Boy   See fewer
James Araque
Evil Telemarketer 1 Evil Telemarketer 1   See fewer
Joseph Asombang
Elevator Guy 1 Elevator Guy 1   See fewer
Laura Avila
Motorcyclist's Girlfriend Motorcyclist's Girlfriend   See fewer
Annessa Baima
After Hours Club Diva After Hours Club Diva   See fewer
Chris Ball
Quarterback Quarterback   See fewer
Chris Barbieux
Male Goth Dancer 2 Male Goth Dancer 2   See fewer
James Barmore Jr.
Male Dance Teacher Male Dance Teacher   See fewer
Monty Bass
Bar Couple Bar Couple   See fewer
Kyle Behrens
Football Blocker Football Blocker   See fewer
Alex Birinyi
Tyler's Guitarist Tyler's Guitarist   See fewer
Rob Blac
Drug Dealer 2 Drug Dealer 2   See fewer
Alexandra Blackbird
Recital Parent Recital Parent   See fewer
Jessica Breiter
Snoop's Girlfriend Snoop's Girlfriend   See fewer
Amelia Burns
Flirty Addict Flirty Addict   See fewer
Crystal Carcamo
Crystal Crystal   See fewer
Denise Carver
Disgusted Parent 1 Disgusted Parent 1   See fewer
Tada Chae
Medical Student Medical Student   See fewer
Edward Chavez
Lounge Guy Lounge Guy   See fewer
Jeffrey Cifuentes
Hardcore Mosher Hardcore Mosher   See fewer
Jonathan Cifuentes
Hardcore Mosher Hardcore Mosher   See fewer
Aaron Coldblood
Angry Fan Angry Fan   See fewer
Zachary Coleman Curtis
Crooked Telemarketer Crooked Telemarketer   See fewer
Luke Dangler
En Esch's Guitarist En Esch's Guitarist   See fewer
Wynne Dawson
Ronnie Ronnie   See fewer
Jael De Pardo
Jessica Jessica   See fewer
Tony Decou
The Fudgeman The Fudgeman   See fewer
Pinaki Devaprakash
Hardcore Guitarist 1 Hardcore Guitarist 1   See fewer
Erica Dilanjian
En Esch's Backup Singer En Esch's Backup Singer   See fewer
Remington D. Donovan
Frustrated Driver 3 Frustrated Driver 3   See fewer
Tess Downs
Female Goth Dancer 3 Female Goth Dancer 3   See fewer
Annabelle Dunbar
Bank Customer's Daughter Bank Customer's Daughter   See fewer
Chris Dunbar
Bank Customer Bank Customer   See fewer
Eric Dziurkowski
After Hours Bar Patron After Hours Bar Patron   See fewer
Elizabeth Ellerman
Leadsbitch 2 Leadsbitch 2   See fewer
Monique Flak
Toilet Woman 2 Toilet Woman 2   See fewer
Yannick Forgwe
Elevator Guy 2 Elevator Guy 2   See fewer
Omar Foss
William's Customer 2 William's Customer 2   See fewer
Amanda Fountain
Hardcore Mosher Hardcore Mosher   See fewer
Brian Fountain
Hardcore Mosher Hardcore Mosher   See fewer
Guya Frazier
Street Dancer Street Dancer   See fewer
Terry Frost
Tuxedo Salesman Tuxedo Salesman   See fewer
Paul Galan
Skateboarder Skateboarder   See fewer
Kyle Giangrande
Hardcore Guitarist 2 Hardcore Guitarist 2   See fewer
Grinell-Skot Gilmore
Subway Beggar Subway Beggar   See fewer
Self Self   See fewer
Angie Grassi
Cat Call Girl 2 Cat Call Girl 2   See fewer
David Scott Greene
Mitch (as David Greene) Mitch (as David Greene)   See fewer
Anne Grimenstein
Toilet Woman 1 Toilet Woman 1   See fewer
Lonnie Haden
Bar Owner Bar Owner   See fewer
Zina Haden
Bar Regular Bar Regular   See fewer
Eddie Harper
Drug Dealer 1 Drug Dealer 1   See fewer
Veronica Harrington
Female Goth Dancer 1 Female Goth Dancer 1   See fewer
Jeffrey Hernandez
Biker Bartender Biker Bartender   See fewer
Marc Edward Heuck
Backroom Greeter Backroom Greeter   See fewer
Phong Ho
Motorcyclist Motorcyclist   See fewer
Matthew Hurtgen
Frustrated Driver 2 Frustrated Driver 2   See fewer
Ryan Jackson-Price
Street Dancer Street Dancer   See fewer
Keoni Johnson
Donald Donald   See fewer
Richard Johnson
Lounge Bouncer Lounge Bouncer   See fewer
Isabella Jones
Child Dancer Child Dancer   See fewer
Sophia Kamm
Child Dancer Child Dancer   See fewer
Jeremy Kovach
Supportive Lounge Guy Supportive Lounge Guy   See fewer
Stephanie Lacerte
Biker Bartender Biker Bartender   See fewer
Luke LaGraff
Drug Addict (as Luke Lagraff) Drug Addict (as Luke Lagraff)   See fewer
Rani Laik
Grover Grover   See fewer
Victoria Lane
Monica Monica   See fewer
Steve Lanthripp
Toilet Man 1 Toilet Man 1   See fewer
David Laventhall
William's Customer 1 William's Customer 1   See fewer
Justin Levy
Hoodlum 1 Hoodlum 1   See fewer
Jeffrey Liang
Street Dancer Street Dancer   See fewer
Self Self   See fewer
Chris Lopez
Interviewee Interviewee   See fewer
Garuda Love
Frustrated Driver's Girlfriend Frustrated Driver's Girlfriend   See fewer
Tim A. Maher
Football Receiver Football Receiver   See fewer
Nuria Mahmood
Rhonda Rhonda   See fewer
Elizabeth Martin
Female DJ Groupie Female DJ Groupie   See fewer
Ryan Martin
Male DJ Groupie Male DJ Groupie   See fewer
Adam Mays
Hardcore Mosher Hardcore Mosher   See fewer
Kelly McQuaid
Street Dancer Street Dancer   See fewer
Ethan Mosely
En Esch's Drummer En Esch's Drummer   See fewer
Shreya Nagwani
Hardcore Mosher Hardcore Mosher   See fewer
Sevan Najarian
Welcoming Addict Welcoming Addict   See fewer
Krista Norkus
Cat Call Girl 1 Cat Call Girl 1   See fewer
Shanda Nunez
Jogger (as Shanda Conners) Jogger (as Shanda Conners)   See fewer
Gilbert Olais
Evil Telemarketer 2 Evil Telemarketer 2   See fewer
Juan Olvera
Lounge DJ (as DJ TRBL) Lounge DJ (as DJ TRBL)   See fewer
Jesse Ontiveros
Sign Guy Sign Guy   See fewer
Mihoko Osada
Female Office Worker 2 Female Office Worker 2   See fewer
Steven Payan
Hoodlum 2 Hoodlum 2   See fewer
Jordana Petaccia
Russ' Female Friend Russ' Female Friend   See fewer
Danielle Pigneri
Disgusted Parent 2 Disgusted Parent 2   See fewer
Greg Presser
Angry Biker Angry Biker   See fewer
Ramy Raafat
Male Goth Dancer 3 Male Goth Dancer 3   See fewer
DJ Rabiola
Punk 2 Punk 2   See fewer
Charles Raef
Flashy Suit Salesman Flashy Suit Salesman   See fewer
Claudia Reza
Concert Attendee Concert Attendee   See fewer
Christina I. Rodriguez
Bank Teller Bank Teller   See fewer
Kattie Roh
Lounge Girl 2 Lounge Girl 2   See fewer
Stuart Ross
Biker Joey Biker Joey   See fewer
Brandon Rouckus
Canadian Soldier Canadian Soldier   See fewer
Patrick Salway
Russ' Male Friend Russ' Male Friend   See fewer
Faviola Sanchez
Lounge Girl 1 Lounge Girl 1   See fewer
Alejandra Santoyo
Joe's Wife Joe's Wife   See fewer
Manuel Santoyo
Joe's Customer Joe's Customer   See fewer
Olivia Schafer
Street Dancer Street Dancer   See fewer
Jack Shaftoe
Federal Officer 3 Federal Officer 3   See fewer
Maxim Kharchenko Shlain
Hardcore Drummer Hardcore Drummer   See fewer
Kevin Short
House Party Patron House Party Patron   See fewer
Ryan Skaggs
Ryan's Buddy Ryan's Buddy   See fewer
Eduardo Solis
Barf Victim Barf Victim   See fewer
Abe Steinberg
Hasidic Jew Hasidic Jew   See fewer
Eugene Taylor
Charles Charles   See fewer
Hollis Taylor
Young Mom Young Mom   See fewer
Collin Taylor-Hill
Little Boy Little Boy   See fewer
Stephanie Thomas
Swedish Girlfriend Swedish Girlfriend   See fewer
Brian Tipton
Pervert Customer Pervert Customer   See fewer
Sarah D. Vigil
Bar Couple (as Sarah Vigil-Bass) Bar Couple (as Sarah Vigil-Bass)   See fewer
Bo Wagner
Child Dancer Child Dancer   See fewer
David Walker
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
Devon Walters
Young Biker Girl Young Biker Girl   See fewer
Ron Watson
Punk 3 Punk 3   See fewer
Chase Weaver
Child Dancer Child Dancer   See fewer
John A. Wendell
Concert Heckler Concert Heckler   See fewer
Jeffrey Wengrofsky
Passenger 2 Passenger 2   See fewer
Jon Whittington
Parrot Man Parrot Man   See fewer
Orlando Young
Wheelchair Wally Wheelchair Wally   See fewer
Kirsten Zastrow
Hipster DJ Hipster DJ   See fewer
Paige Zeitler
Leadsbitch 3 Leadsbitch 3   See fewer
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