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  • Beeba Boys (2015)
  • 103 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Beeba Boys (2015)
103 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

With help from his recent recruit, a gang leader takes on an established crime lord in a battle for control of Vancouver's arms and drug trade.
Casting Directors
Robin D. Cook | Judy Lee (Vancouver Casting)
Production Designers
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Updated Sep 13, 2015

Release date
Mar 9, 2016 (United States)


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68 cast members
Name Known for
Randeep Hooda
Jeet Johar Jeet Johar   See fewer
Sarah Allen
Katya Drobot Katya Drobot   See fewer
Jag Bal
Jazz Jazz   See fewer
Fuad Ahmed
Lovely (as Gabe Grey) Lovely (as Gabe Grey)   See fewer
Dileep Rao
Kash Sood Kash Sood   See fewer
Balinder Johal
Mrs. Johar (Mummyji) Mrs. Johar (Mummyji)   See fewer
Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Mr. Johar (Papaji) Mr. Johar (Papaji)   See fewer
Samir Amarshi
Peter Johar Peter Johar   See fewer
Gia Sandhu
Choti Grewal Choti Grewal   See fewer
Monika Deol
Pinky Grewal Pinky Grewal   See fewer
Gulshan Grover
Robbie Grewal Robbie Grewal   See fewer
Rup Magon
Lucky Sangheria Lucky Sangheria   See fewer
Paul Gross
Jamie Jamie   See fewer
Sunny Babber
Sunny Brown Sunny Brown   See fewer
Gelsea Mae
Laura Ing (as Gelsy Wong) Laura Ing (as Gelsy Wong)   See fewer
Raymond Ablack
Grewal's Gangster 2 Grewal's Gangster 2   See fewer
Kirpa Budwal
Grewal's Gangster 1 Grewal's Gangster 1   See fewer
Atul Babber
DJ Baba Kahn DJ Baba Kahn   See fewer
Corina Bizim
Katya's sister Katya's sister   See fewer
Nathanial Buzzanga-Silveira
Trailer Kid Trailer Kid   See fewer
Jan Caruana
Head Juror Head Juror   See fewer
Jason Cermak
Supreme CT. Reporter Supreme CT. Reporter   See fewer
Monica Deo
Pinky Grewal Pinky Grewal   See fewer
Erica Deutschman
Lucky's Girl Lucky's Girl   See fewer
Meegwun Fairbrother
Aboriginal Inmate Aboriginal Inmate   See fewer
Chris Gillett
Tony Fleck Tony Fleck   See fewer
Agustin Guevara
Callboy Callboy   See fewer
Qaseem Gul
Indo Guy Indo Guy   See fewer
Destinee Handly
Pretty Girl With Nep Pretty Girl With Nep   See fewer
Jane Johanson
Jamie's Receptionist Jamie's Receptionist   See fewer
Elena Juatco
Laura Ing (voice) Laura Ing (voice)   See fewer
Arkie Kandola
Young Priest Young Priest   See fewer
Vieslav Krystyan
Katya's Tatus Katya's Tatus   See fewer
Dan Lett
Blonski Blonski   See fewer
Curtis Lum
Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo   See fewer
Blow Job Queen Blow Job Queen   See fewer
Jai Nagra
Young priest (as Jaipreet Nagra) Young priest (as Jaipreet Nagra)   See fewer
Megan Phillips
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Cindy Piper
Bag Lady Bag Lady   See fewer
Jillian Rees-Brown
Katya's Mother Katya's Mother   See fewer
Martin Roach
Jeet Prosecutor Jeet Prosecutor   See fewer
Weronika Sokalska
Agata Drobot Agata Drobot   See fewer
Goran Stjepanovic
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Nick Stojanovic
Club boy Club boy   See fewer
Lila Yee
Nail Spa Owner Nail Spa Owner   See fewer
Andris Yerkavits
Katya's B-I-L Katya's B-I-L   See fewer
Colleen Bradford
Low Income Person (uncredited) Low Income Person (uncredited)   See fewer
Navi Dhanoa
Customer (uncredited) Customer (uncredited)   See fewer
Marlo Franson
Cameraman (uncredited) Cameraman (uncredited)   See fewer
Shailyn Griffin
Neighbourhood Child (uncredited) Neighbourhood Child (uncredited)   See fewer
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