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  • Bleach (2022)
  • 88 min | Horror, Thriller
Bleach (2022)
88 min | Horror, Thriller

A man goes through extreme measures to attempt to stop the ghosts of the girls he murdered in a snuff film from haunting while trying to keep the authorities off his back as well.
Michael Edmonds (screenplay) | Lenka Fucikova (screenplay)
Casting Directors
Production Designer

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Release date
Dec 15, 2022 (United States)


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76 cast members
Name Known for
Eric Roberts
Matthew Matthew   See fewer
Tara Reid
Maria Maria   See fewer
Noel Gugliemi
Police Chief Lopez Police Chief Lopez   See fewer
Lorenzo Lamas
Elmer Paxton Elmer Paxton   See fewer
Mindy Robinson
Queen Isabella Queen Isabella   See fewer
Robert LaSardo
El Jefe El Jefe   See fewer
Devanny Pinn
Andrea Andrea   See fewer
Bill Oberst Jr.
Gus Marlowe Gus Marlowe   See fewer
Ezra Buzzington
Special Agent Musk Special Agent Musk   See fewer
Tito Ortiz
Officer Murillo Officer Murillo   See fewer
Jay Hieron
Chupa Chupa   See fewer
Vene L. Arcoraci
Susan Hess Susan Hess   See fewer
Corinna Jones
Neferniti (as Corinna Harney) Neferniti (as Corinna Harney)   See fewer
Mark Justice
Jonah Paxton Jonah Paxton   See fewer
Ben Stobber
Orderly Cody Orderly Cody   See fewer
Rusty Meyers
Norman Norman   See fewer
Nicoleta Radu
Housewife Marge Housewife Marge   See fewer
Heather Ashley Chase
Dancer Ariel Dancer Ariel   See fewer
Joe Palubinsky
Detective Hallock Detective Hallock   See fewer
Gus Langley
Melvin Melvin   See fewer
Victoria Viveiros
Dr. Grier (as Victoria Cameron) Dr. Grier (as Victoria Cameron)   See fewer
Nailya Shakirova
Detective Woodbridge Detective Woodbridge   See fewer
Dee Cutrone
Sister Alexia Sister Alexia   See fewer
George D. Miklos
Dr. Cottle Dr. Cottle   See fewer
Chelsea Tighe
Celestina (as Chelsea Mee) Celestina (as Chelsea Mee)   See fewer
Steven B. Mandel
Mansion Waiter Mansion Waiter   See fewer
Stu Chaiken
Polaroid Pete Polaroid Pete   See fewer
Tom Bonello
Roller Skater Bonny Roller Skater Bonny   See fewer
Max Gideon
Nurse Nicholas (as Michael O'Neal) Nurse Nicholas (as Michael O'Neal)   See fewer
Heidi Moore
Valerie Valerie   See fewer
Shaun Gerardo
Agent O'Reilly Agent O'Reilly   See fewer
Selena D.
Demonic queen Elizabeth Demonic queen Elizabeth   See fewer
Barrie Brown
Police Officer Clark Police Officer Clark   See fewer
Jason James
Polygraph Operator Polygraph Operator   See fewer
Lenka Fucikova
Francesca Francesca   See fewer
Viteliya Vita
Orderly Natalie Orderly Natalie   See fewer
Will B. Whitesell
Young Jonah Young Jonah   See fewer
Julie Godbout
Roller Skater 7 Roller Skater 7   See fewer
Megan Marie
Sadist Nurse Megan Sadist Nurse Megan   See fewer
Monica Gold
dancer Monica dancer Monica   See fewer
Tiffany Rose Thomas
Valerie Sheppard Valerie Sheppard   See fewer
Adrian Vasquez
Roller Skater 9 Roller Skater 9   See fewer
Ava Rose Phillips
Baby Joseph Baby Joseph   See fewer
Renee LeeA Marsden
Dancer Arsinoe (as Renee Horton) Dancer Arsinoe (as Renee Horton)   See fewer
Joseph Romo
Roller Skater 2 Roller Skater 2   See fewer
George Bogdan
Dmitry Klokov Dmitry Klokov   See fewer
Raven Rex Franco
Roller Skater 6 Roller Skater 6   See fewer
Nicole Lenora
Pett (as Nicole Lenora Brown) Pett (as Nicole Lenora Brown)   See fewer
Judy Thomas
Sister Gabriella Sister Gabriella   See fewer
Venice Franco
Linda Skate Girl 1 Linda Skate Girl 1   See fewer
Sabrina Bolster
dancer Sabrina dancer Sabrina   See fewer
Kari Yaskoweak
Doctor Romanka Doctor Romanka   See fewer
Andreea Diana Vladoi
Pregnant Pam Pregnant Pam   See fewer
Moorea Wolf
Beatrice Beatrice   See fewer
Kelsey Jay
Dancer AMENIRITIS Dancer AMENIRITIS   See fewer
Erin Jill
Kate Sheppard Kate Sheppard   See fewer
Juan Jose Nevarez
Alejandro Alejandro   See fewer
Mary Lopez
Rollerskater 3 Rollerskater 3   See fewer
Ivy Salazar
Forensics investicator Forensics investicator   See fewer
Petra Stunova
Nurse Petruska Nurse Petruska   See fewer
Kym Cisneros
dancer Kym dancer Kym   See fewer
Veronica Dullea
Suzie Gibbons Suzie Gibbons   See fewer
Gladys Guilbaud
Fighting Slave Lori Fighting Slave Lori   See fewer
Savanna Angi
Roller Skater Angelina Roller Skater Angelina   See fewer
Romeo La'von
Roller Skater Romeo Roller Skater Romeo   See fewer
Julia Mae Davis
Roller Skater 8 Roller Skater 8   See fewer
Jay Kelsey
Dancer Ameniritis Dancer Ameniritis   See fewer
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