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  • Chosen (II) (2016)
  • R
    105 min | Drama, War
Chosen (II) (2016)
105 min | Drama, War

An unassuming young lawyer leads a fight against the Nazis near the end of World War II.
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Release date
Aug 2, 2016 (United States)


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61 cast members
Name Known for
Luke Mably
Sonson Sonson   See fewer
Ana Ularu
Judith Judith   See fewer
Harvey Keitel
Sonson Sonson   See fewer
Luke Jerdy
Efrahim Efrahim   See fewer
Diana Cavallioti
Florence Florence   See fewer
Nabil Massad
Mullah Mullah   See fewer
Radu Bânzaru
SS Officer SS Officer   See fewer
Roxana Guttman
Middle Aged Woman Middle Aged Woman   See fewer
Rufus Graham
Dr. Balthazar Dr. Balthazar   See fewer
Cristina Gavrus
Anabella Anabella   See fewer
Olivia Nita
Isabella Isabella   See fewer
Ionut Grama
Attila Attila   See fewer
Damian Oancea
Csendor Policeman 1 Csendor Policeman 1   See fewer
Florin Kevorkian
Csendor Policeman 2 Csendor Policeman 2   See fewer
Ioan Andrei Ionescu
Captain Havas Captain Havas   See fewer
Serban Gomoi
Deputy Gabor Deputy Gabor   See fewer
Mihai Ionita
Csendor Policeman 4 Csendor Policeman 4   See fewer
Andrei Csolsim
Csendor Policeman 3 Csendor Policeman 3   See fewer
Sinziana Nicola
Jessica Jessica   See fewer
Sorin Dobrin
Albert Albert   See fewer
Cosmin Dolea
SS Solider 3 SS Solider 3   See fewer
Radu Iacoban
Thomas Thomas   See fewer
Aida Economu
Veronika Veronika   See fewer
Charles Delaney
Rosenburg Rosenburg   See fewer
Sara Poslusnic
Hildegard Feinstein Hildegard Feinstein   See fewer
Patricia Poslusnic
Rachel Feinstein Rachel Feinstein   See fewer
Claudiu Bleont
Town Hall Official Town Hall Official   See fewer
Paul Carroll
Officer Spiegel Officer Spiegel   See fewer
Ioachim Ciobanu
German Guard German Guard   See fewer
Ioana Flora
Mrs. Feinstein Mrs. Feinstein   See fewer
Bogdan Florea
Young SS Soldier Young SS Soldier   See fewer
Grahame Fox
Major Nikitchenko Major Nikitchenko   See fewer
Paul Ipate
Aronson Aronson   See fewer
Olivia Lapusneanu
Resistance girl Resistance girl   See fewer
Lewis Mackinnon
Geza (as Lewis MacKinnon) Geza (as Lewis MacKinnon)   See fewer
Maria Diana Man
Slovakian girl Slovakian girl   See fewer
Alan O'Silva
SS Lieutenant Schneider (as Alin Olteanu) SS Lieutenant Schneider (as Alin Olteanu)   See fewer
Paul Preda
Emil Feinstein Emil Feinstein   See fewer
Erich Redman
Colonel Forbach Colonel Forbach   See fewer
Joel Robinson
Andras Andras   See fewer
Alec Secareanu
Schacht Schacht   See fewer
Oliver Toderita
Mr. Feinstein Mr. Feinstein   See fewer
Claudiu Trandafir
Rabbi Goldman Rabbi Goldman   See fewer
Ben Woods
Irwin Irwin   See fewer
Bettina Skye
Aunt (uncredited) Aunt (uncredited)   See fewer
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