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  • Firebird (I) (2021)
  • R
    107 min | Biography, Drama, Romance
Firebird (I) (2021)
107 min | Biography, Drama, Romance

Firebird follows a handsome, soulful young soldier who embarks on a clandestine sexual affair with a charismatic fighter pilot on a Soviet Air Force Base at the height of 1970's Communist rule.
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Peeter Rebane (screenplay) | Tom Prior (screenplay) | Sergey Fetisov (story)
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Release date
Jun 27, 2021 (United States)


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66 cast members
Name Known for
Tom Prior
Sergey Serebrennikov Sergey Serebrennikov   See fewer
Oleg Zagorodnii
Roman Matvejev Roman Matvejev   See fewer
Jake Henderson
Volodja (as Jake Thomas Henderson) Volodja (as Jake Thomas Henderson)   See fewer
Margus Prangel
Major Zverev Major Zverev   See fewer
Nicholas Woodeson
Colonel Kuznetsov Colonel Kuznetsov   See fewer
Kaspar Velberg
Pilot Selenov Pilot Selenov   See fewer
Sergei Lavrentyev
Drama Professor Drama Professor   See fewer
Karl-Andreas Kalmet
Pilot (as Karl Andreas Kalmet) Pilot (as Karl Andreas Kalmet)   See fewer
Vladimir Nadein
Young Conscript Young Conscript   See fewer
Markus Luik
Sergeant Janis Sergeant Janis   See fewer
Anatoli Tafitsuk
Mechanic Ivan Mechanic Ivan   See fewer
Nils Mattias Steinberg
Karamazin Karamazin   See fewer
Sten Karpov
Duty Officer Duty Officer   See fewer
Carmen Mikiver
Army Doctor Army Doctor   See fewer
Mihkel Kabel
Borderguard Popov Borderguard Popov   See fewer
Ilja Toome
Radar Operator Radar Operator   See fewer
Kuldar Kritjan Kurg
Good Looking Conscript Good Looking Conscript   See fewer
Imre Sooäär
Theatre Director Theatre Director   See fewer
Markus Habakukk
Guildenstern Classmate Guildenstern Classmate   See fewer
Jaanika Arum
Bohimian Classmate Girl Bohimian Classmate Girl   See fewer
Jonathan Tupay
Sergey jr. Sergey jr.   See fewer
Eduard Toman
Toastmaster Toastmaster   See fewer
Catherine Charlton
Luisa's Aunt Luisa's Aunt   See fewer
Luule Komissarov
Kvas Lady Kvas Lady   See fewer
Eili Sild
Old Lady (as Elli Sild-Torga) Old Lady (as Elli Sild-Torga)   See fewer
Mari Lill
Old Lady Old Lady   See fewer
Anne Paluver
Train Attendant Train Attendant   See fewer
Gerda Johnson
Neighbour Neighbour   See fewer
Aavo Pekri
KGB Man KGB Man   See fewer
Monika Jallajas
Luisa's Mother Luisa's Mother   See fewer
Vadim Sehvatov
Luisa's Father Luisa's Father   See fewer
Deniss Bogosjan
Mailman (as Deniss Pogosjan) Mailman (as Deniss Pogosjan)   See fewer
Artur Tjulenev
Rough Labourer Rough Labourer   See fewer
Romek Uibopuu
Young Sergey Young Sergey   See fewer
Gregory Kibus
Young Dima Young Dima   See fewer
Marge Sillaste
Sergey's Mother Sergey's Mother   See fewer
Thomas Edur
Choreographer (as Toomas Edur) Choreographer (as Toomas Edur)   See fewer
Alena Shkatula
Firebird Firebird   See fewer
Jevgeni Grib
Prince Prince   See fewer
Inessa Glazõrina
Princess Princess   See fewer
Andrea Fabbri
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Marcus Nilson
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Kersti Kuuse
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Karina Laura Leshkin
Dancer (as Karina Laura Leškin) Dancer (as Karina Laura Leškin)   See fewer
Maia Shutova
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Silver Kaljula
Older Conscript Older Conscript   See fewer
Märt Koik
Older Conscript Older Conscript   See fewer
Claus Mootse
Privat Vasiljev Privat Vasiljev   See fewer
Marek Rosenberg
Pilot (as Rosenberg Marek) Pilot (as Rosenberg Marek)   See fewer
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