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  • Ultimate Justice (2017)
  • Not Rated
    93 min | Action, Thriller
Ultimate Justice (2017)
Not Rated
93 min | Action, Thriller

When a family member of one of their own is attacked, a team of former elite soldiers are called back into action and a ruthless game of kill or be killed is set in motion.
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Marco Theiss | Mike Leeder (version: english)
Production Designer
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Updated Apr 18, 2018

Release date
Oct 3, 2017 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Mark Dacascos
Gustav-Ferdinand 'Gus' von Behren Gustav-Ferdinand 'Gus' von Behren   See fewer
Brandon Rhea
Andreas 'Doc' Clemens Andreas 'Doc' Clemens   See fewer
Matthias Hues
Frank Radowsky Frank Radowsky   See fewer
Mike Möller
Benjamin 'Benny' Scholz Benjamin 'Benny' Scholz   See fewer
Mike Leeder
Joachim 'Joe' Weller Joachim 'Joe' Weller   See fewer
Wolfgang Riehm
Oberstleutnant Hans-Georg 'Commander' Sturm Oberstleutnant Hans-Georg 'Commander' Sturm   See fewer
Martin Baden
Florian 'Flo' Weisshaupt Florian 'Flo' Weisshaupt   See fewer
Henry Muller
Heinrich 'Henry' Stelle Heinrich 'Henry' Stelle   See fewer
Verena Konietschke
Nicole 'Nicki' Schweizer Nicole 'Nicki' Schweizer   See fewer
Bartholomäus Kowalski
VME Mr. König VME Mr. König   See fewer
Yazmeen Baker
Julia Schwertbacher Julia Schwertbacher   See fewer
Gerrit Grass
Andre Laubach Andre Laubach   See fewer
Sandra Bertalanffy
Michaela Sturm Michaela Sturm   See fewer
Mathis Landwehr
Thomas Brenner Thomas Brenner   See fewer
Susen Ermich
Diana Bachman Diana Bachman   See fewer
Fabienne Daumler
Annika Sturm Annika Sturm   See fewer
Linus Fluhr
Paul Steinbach Paul Steinbach   See fewer
Julita Witt
Jacqueline Gaugele Jacqueline Gaugele   See fewer
Wesley Howard
Hooligan Fighter Hooligan Fighter   See fewer
Max Fuhrmann
Martin Lubitsch Martin Lubitsch   See fewer
Steffen Jung
Günther Klopp Günther Klopp   See fewer
Tanay Genco Ulgen
Andrej Radek Andrej Radek   See fewer
Eva Engesser
VME Receptionist VME Receptionist   See fewer
Isabel Grimsel
Dr. Schneider Dr. Schneider   See fewer
Emanuel Bettencourt
Construction Worker Fighter Construction Worker Fighter   See fewer
Lena-Marie Seyfarth
Junge Frau Junge Frau   See fewer
Muhammed Aksoy
Poser Kevin Poser Kevin   See fewer
Harald Kälberer
Inspector Braun Inspector Braun   See fewer
Matthias Schendel
Tattoo Artist Gino Tattoo Artist Gino   See fewer
Marco Theiss
Customer Fast Food Customer Fast Food   See fewer
Hanno Friedrich
Policeman Mr. Diestl Policeman Mr. Diestl   See fewer
André Thaldorf
Kilian Burkhardt Kilian Burkhardt   See fewer
Tanja Keller
Poser Fiona Poser Fiona   See fewer
Raffael Jeschke
Security Temur Security Temur   See fewer
Bernhard Häfner
Security Bernie Security Bernie   See fewer
Lee Huang
Security Tiger Security Tiger   See fewer
Rebecca Hildebrandt
Geburtstagsgast Geburtstagsgast   See fewer
Andy Haug
Security Brahim Security Brahim   See fewer
Roland Hakenberg
Construction Worker Construction Worker   See fewer
Chris Angriss
Security Chris Security Chris   See fewer
Mike Luft
Security Michael Security Michael   See fewer
Alexander Mack
Poser Perry Poser Perry   See fewer
Martin Mann
Construction Worker Construction Worker   See fewer
Bernd Pietsch
VME Biker 1 VME Biker 1   See fewer
Lutz Schleisner
VME Biker 2 VME Biker 2   See fewer
Christian Petersson
VME Biker 3 VME Biker 3   See fewer
Harald Pucher
Security Julius Security Julius   See fewer
Yamil Ray
Security Jin Security Jin   See fewer
Robert Schenker
Security Bobby Security Bobby   See fewer
Konstantin Schmid
Construction Worker Construction Worker   See fewer
Igor Tjumenzev
Security Igor Security Igor   See fewer
Michael Winter
Security Mike Security Mike   See fewer
Siegfried Polap
Tattooed Bodyguard (as Siggi Polap) Tattooed Bodyguard (as Siggi Polap)   See fewer
Norbert Barf
Pitt Breur Pitt Breur   See fewer
Gunter Rau
Gerichtsdiener Schmitz Gerichtsdiener Schmitz   See fewer
Rob Alex
VME Security VME Security   See fewer
Michael Chan
Prince Romeo Bagman (torture scene) Prince Romeo Bagman (torture scene)   See fewer
Joe Fiorello
Deep Throat (torture scene) Deep Throat (torture scene)   See fewer
Christopher Giblin
Chunk (torture scene) Chunk (torture scene)   See fewer
Kate Hawkins
Julia Schwertbacher (voice) Julia Schwertbacher (voice)   See fewer
Cici Zhang
Mermaid (torture scene) Mermaid (torture scene)   See fewer
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