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13 Hours in Islamabad (Season 4, Episode 10)
TV Episode | 46 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The security breach at the Embassy has far reaching consequences.
Daniel Attias (as Dan Attias)
Gideon Raff (based on the original Israeli series "Prisoners of War" by) | Alex Gansa (developed for American television by) | Howard Gordon (developed for American television by)
Production Designer
Edit Released
Updated Dec 7, 2014

Release date
Dec 7, 2014 (United States)


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25 cast members
Name STARmeter Known for
Claire Danes
Carrie Mathison Carrie Mathison   See fewer
Top 5000
Rupert Friend
Peter Quinn Peter Quinn   See fewer
Top 5000
Nazanin Boniadi
Fara Sherazi Fara Sherazi   See fewer
Top 5000
Laila Robins
Martha Boyd Martha Boyd   See fewer
Top 5000
Tracy Letts
Andrew Lockhart Andrew Lockhart   See fewer
Members only
Mandy Patinkin
Saul Berenson Saul Berenson   See fewer
Top 5000
Numan Acar
Haissam Haqqani Haissam Haqqani   See fewer
Members only
Mark Moses
Dennis Boyd Dennis Boyd   See fewer
Members only
Nimrat Kaur
Tasneem Qureishi Tasneem Qureishi   See fewer
Members only
Raza Jaffrey
Aasar Khan Aasar Khan   See fewer
Members only
Maury Sterling
Max Piotrowski Max Piotrowski   See fewer
Members only
Michael O'Keefe
John Redmond John Redmond   See fewer
Members only
Nick Boraine
Alan Hensleigh Alan Hensleigh   See fewer
Members only
Meren Reddy
Parvez Parvez   See fewer
Members only
Tamer Burjaq
Farhad Ghazi Farhad Ghazi   See fewer
Members only
Thabo Rametsi
Private Bryce Private Bryce   See fewer
Members only
Luke Tyler
Young Analyst Young Analyst   See fewer
Members only
Anton David Jeftha
Sergeant Mullen (as Anton Jeftha) Sergeant Mullen (as Anton Jeftha)   See fewer
Members only
Members only
Ernest St.Clair
Taliban Fighter (as Ernest St. Clair) Taliban Fighter (as Ernest St. Clair)   See fewer
Members only
Mzu Ntantiso
Marine Sergeant Marine Sergeant   See fewer
Members only
Zain Mia
Mohsen Mohsen   See fewer
Members only
Candice D'Arcy
Marine Private Marine Private   See fewer
Members only
Nic Rasenti
Marine Marine   See fewer
Members only
Charlie Bouguenon
Captain Fox (as Charlie Bouquenon) Captain Fox (as Charlie Bouquenon)   See fewer
Members only
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Ratings Breakdown

9.4 / 10 | 4,405 votes