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  • Driving While Black (2015)
  • 94 min | Comedy, Drama
Driving While Black (2015)
94 min | Comedy, Drama

A comedy about the extra layer of police hassle a young black man faces while driving. The film explores, with love, the black experience in everyday interactions with police.
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Release date
Feb 1, 2019 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Dominique Purdy
Dimitri Dimitri   See fewer
Sheila Tejada
Officer Borty-Lio Officer Borty-Lio   See fewer
John Mead
Officer Kinnon Officer Kinnon   See fewer
Joseph Ansalvish
Jack Sparrow Jack Sparrow   See fewer
Taz Arnold
Art buyer Art buyer   See fewer
Richard Assad
Machmood Machmood   See fewer
Julian Bane
Police Officer Harrison Police Officer Harrison   See fewer
Cassandra Bautista
Restaurant Patron Restaurant Patron   See fewer
Eli Baxter
Stephan Stephan   See fewer
Elijah Baxter
Stephen Stephen   See fewer
Davion Bell
Young Dimitri Young Dimitri   See fewer
Mayank Bhatter
Rafi Anjum Sharma Rafi Anjum Sharma   See fewer
Joni Bovill
Dimitri's Mom Dimitri's Mom   See fewer
Joe Caffey
Man In Elevator Man In Elevator   See fewer
Mikee Castillo
Sara Borty-Lio's Sister Sara Borty-Lio's Sister   See fewer
Nikki Castillo
Sara Borty-Lio Sara Borty-Lio   See fewer
Chris Chauncey
Bicycle Cop Bicycle Cop   See fewer
Peter Cilella
Officer McVitie Officer McVitie   See fewer
Charlie Corella
Johnny B Good Johnny B Good   See fewer
Elden Cuillard
Young McVite Young McVite   See fewer
Mario Diaz
Officer Suarez Officer Suarez   See fewer
Patrick DiCesare
Drug Buyer Drug Buyer   See fewer
Travis Joe Dixon
Officer Boyd (as Travis Dixon) Officer Boyd (as Travis Dixon)   See fewer
Kyle Erby
Lamar Lamar   See fewer
Tony Evangelista
Garibaldi Garibaldi   See fewer
Jordan Fuller
Tagger kid Tagger kid   See fewer
Edwin R. Habacon
Starline Ticket Guy (as Edwin H. Bravo) Starline Ticket Guy (as Edwin H. Bravo)   See fewer
Bonnie Hellman
Timid White Lady Timid White Lady   See fewer
Jason R. Hughes
Racist Cop Racist Cop   See fewer
Tomoko Karina
Japanese Tourist Japanese Tourist   See fewer
Michele Karpel
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Briana Kennedy
Hot Latina Hot Latina   See fewer
Tony Kim
Bar Customer Bar Customer   See fewer
Dion Lack
Marquis Marquis   See fewer
Corey Landis
Officer Jones Officer Jones   See fewer
Rayan Lawrence
Debricshaw Debricshaw   See fewer
Jose Lizarde Jr.
Tow Yard Worker Tow Yard Worker   See fewer
Jeremy King Mack
Street Thug Street Thug   See fewer
Sam Manual
Mr. Talvin Mr. Talvin   See fewer
Jason McBeth
Sheriff Sheriff   See fewer
Peyton McCormick
Chelsea Chelsea   See fewer
Jay Montalvo
Officer Smith Officer Smith   See fewer
Rigo Obezo
Patrol Man Patrol Man   See fewer
Dave Parke
Sergeant Sergeant   See fewer
Jenn Pinto
Tow Truck Girl Tow Truck Girl   See fewer
Manuel Eduardo Ramirez
Officer Ramirez Officer Ramirez   See fewer
Greg Wendell Reid
Office Betts Office Betts   See fewer
Gabrielle Reyes
Tow Truck Customer Tow Truck Customer   See fewer
Mark Schaefer
Re-enactment Officer 1 Re-enactment Officer 1   See fewer
Jason Sims-Prewitt
Spotlight Cop Spotlight Cop   See fewer
Warren Sweeney
Timid White Man Timid White Man   See fewer
Bechir Sylvain
Black Jack Sparrow Black Jack Sparrow   See fewer
Aija Terauda
Dutch Girl Dutch Girl   See fewer
Jude Thomas
Justin Justin   See fewer
Just N. Time
Cousin (as Justin Hall) Cousin (as Justin Hall)   See fewer
Paul Whetstone
German Tourist German Tourist   See fewer
Barry Wiggins
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Alfred F. Woodley
DEA Agent (as Al Woodley) DEA Agent (as Al Woodley)   See fewer
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