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  • The Tiger Hunter (2016)
  • Not Rated
    94 min | Comedy
The Tiger Hunter (2016)
Not Rated
94 min | Comedy

A young Indian man relocates to 1970s Chicago to become an engineer, but when his job falls through, resorts to an elaborate charade with misfit friends in order to woo his childhood sweetheart.
Sameer Gardezi (as Sameer Asad Gardezi) | Lena Khan | Meera Simhan
Amy Correia (music by) | Paul Masvidal (music by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 22, 2017 (United States)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Danny Pudi
Sami Malik Sami Malik   See fewer
Rizwan Manji
Babu Rahman Babu Rahman   See fewer
Jon Heder
Alex Womack Alex Womack   See fewer
Karen David
Ruby Iqbal Ruby Iqbal   See fewer
Kevin Pollak
Frank Womack Frank Womack   See fewer
Sam Page
Kenneth Porter Kenneth Porter   See fewer
Iqbal Theba
General Iqbal General Iqbal   See fewer
Parvesh Cheena
Abdullah Abdullah   See fewer
Samba Schutte
Kareem Kareem   See fewer
Irene Roseen
Secretary - Mrs. McCutcheon Secretary - Mrs. McCutcheon   See fewer
Robert Craighead
Mr. Baldwin Mr. Baldwin   See fewer
Eve Gordon
Mrs. Womack Mrs. Womack   See fewer
Patricia Belcher
Sandy - HR Officer Sandy - HR Officer   See fewer
Meghan Aruffo
Stewardess Stewardess   See fewer
Asif Ali Beg
MR. Hashmi MR. Hashmi   See fewer
Leith M. Burke
Immigration Officer Immigration Officer   See fewer
Paromita Chatterjee
Mrs. Banjera Mrs. Banjera   See fewer
Manya Chopra
Young Ruby Young Ruby   See fewer
Amanda J. Dobos
Office Worker Office Worker   See fewer
Alex Dobrenko
Samosa Dude Samosa Dude   See fewer
Adam Dorsey
Engineer Terry Engineer Terry   See fewer
Garry Garcia
Bellhop Bellhop   See fewer
Drew Garrett
Derrick Derrick   See fewer
Richard Halpern
Interviewer 2 Interviewer 2   See fewer
Molly Hawkey
Interviewer 3 Interviewer 3   See fewer
Jason Johnson
Engineer Mike Engineer Mike   See fewer
Cristy Joy
Lab tech Lab tech   See fewer
Slim Khezri
Engineer Samir Engineer Samir   See fewer
Vince Lasalvia
Business Man Business Man   See fewer
Cool Afro Guy Cool Afro Guy   See fewer
Jolyne Lowery
Farrah Farrah   See fewer
Kay Kay Menon
Sami's Father - Azeem Malik Sami's Father - Azeem Malik   See fewer
Bodie Newcomb
Tow Yard Manager Tow Yard Manager   See fewer
Selena O'Sullivan
Passerby Passerby   See fewer
Pramod Pathak
Mr. Pandey Mr. Pandey   See fewer
Burton Ritchie
Interviewer #4 Interviewer #4   See fewer
Ella Rodriguez
Farrah (as Laila Rodriguez) Farrah (as Laila Rodriguez)   See fewer
Mike Sakellarides
Bathroom onlooker Bathroom onlooker   See fewer
Mohammad Sami
Young Sami Young Sami   See fewer
Cody Stauber
1st Baseman 1st Baseman   See fewer
Amy Tolsky
Interviewer #1 Interviewer #1   See fewer
David Ulmer
Airport Security Airport Security   See fewer
Shalini Vatsa
Sami's Mother - Huma Malik Sami's Mother - Huma Malik   See fewer
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