The Outpost (2019)
123 min | Action, Drama, History

A small team of U.S. soldiers battle against hundreds of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
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Paul Tamasy (screenplay by) | Eric Johnson (screenplay by) | Jake Tapper (based on the book "The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor" written by)
Marc Frydman (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Jeffrey Greenstein (produced by) | Yariv Lerner (produced by) | Paul Merryman (produced by) (p.g.a.) & 3 more
Michael J. Duthie (as Michael Duthie)
Casting Director
Daniel Hubbard (as Dan Hubbard)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jul 3, 2020 (United States)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Scott Eastwood
SSG Clint Romesha SSG Clint Romesha   See fewer
Caleb Landry Jones
SPC Ty Carter SPC Ty Carter   See fewer
Orlando Bloom
CPT Ben Keating CPT Ben Keating   See fewer
Jack Kesy
SGT Josh Kirk SGT Josh Kirk   See fewer
Cory Hardrict
SGT Vernon Martin SGT Vernon Martin   See fewer
Milo Gibson
CPT Robert Yllescas CPT Robert Yllescas   See fewer
Jacob Scipio
SGT Justin Gallegos SGT Justin Gallegos   See fewer
Taylor John Smith
1LT Andrew Bundermann 1LT Andrew Bundermann   See fewer
Jonathan Yunger
SFC Jonathan Hill SFC Jonathan Hill   See fewer
Alexander Arnold
SPC Chris Griffin SPC Chris Griffin   See fewer
George Arvidson
CPT Chris Cordova CPT Chris Cordova   See fewer
Will Attenborough
PV1 Ed Faulkner PV1 Ed Faulkner   See fewer
Chris Born
SPC Stephan Mace SPC Stephan Mace   See fewer
Ernest Cavazos
SGT Armando Avalos SGT Armando Avalos   See fewer
Scott Alda Coffey
SPC Michael Scusa SPC Michael Scusa   See fewer
Jack DeVos
SGT Josh Hardt SGT Josh Hardt   See fewer
Sharif Dorani
Mohammed Mohammed   See fewer
Henry Hughes
SGT Brad Larson SGT Brad Larson   See fewer
James Jagger
PFC Chris Jones PFC Chris Jones   See fewer
Josiah-Jack Kalian
SSG Shane Courville (as Jack Kalian) SSG Shane Courville (as Jack Kalian)   See fewer
Bobby Lockwood
PFC Kevin Thomson PFC Kevin Thomson   See fewer
Kwame Patterson
CPT Sylvanius Broward CPT Sylvanius Broward   See fewer
Daniel Rodriguez
SPC Daniel Rodriguez SPC Daniel Rodriguez   See fewer
Alfie Stewart
PFC Yunger PFC Yunger   See fewer
Trey Tucker
CPT Stoney Portis CPT Stoney Portis   See fewer
Brandon Wengrzynek
SFC John Breeding SFC John Breeding   See fewer
Peter Petrov
ANA Soldier Malak ANA Soldier Malak   See fewer
Aleksandar Aleksiev
1SG Janis Lakis 1SG Janis Lakis   See fewer
Jeremy Ang Jones
PFC Jordan Wong PFC Jordan Wong   See fewer
Ahmad Sakhi
Commander Zahid Commander Zahid   See fewer
Anton Trendafilov
Chief Haji Yunus Chief Haji Yunus   See fewer
Mobin Asoli
Police Chief Shamsulla Police Chief Shamsulla   See fewer
Vasil Dimitrov
Red Bearded Elder Red Bearded Elder   See fewer
Celina Sinden
CPT Katie Kopp CPT Katie Kopp   See fewer
Marin Rangelov
Nasir (Taliban Spy) Nasir (Taliban Spy)   See fewer
Anna Bankina
Old Lady (Mountain) Old Lady (Mountain)   See fewer
Zhan Iliev
Afghan Elder (Dog) Afghan Elder (Dog)   See fewer
Ali Hosayni
Afghan Contractor Afghan Contractor   See fewer
Yordan Bikov
Older Afghan Elder Older Afghan Elder   See fewer
Nazam Karakurt
Afghan Elder (Dead Daughter) Afghan Elder (Dead Daughter)   See fewer
Rohullah Yosufi
Young Afghan (Eye Shadow) Young Afghan (Eye Shadow)   See fewer
M. Scott Mortensen
SPC Thomas Rasmussen (as Scott Mortensen) SPC Thomas Rasmussen (as Scott Mortensen)   See fewer
Simon Feek
SGT Matthew Miller SGT Matthew Miller   See fewer
Diman Rohlev
SPC Josh Dannelley SPC Josh Dannelley   See fewer
Joseph Macrina
SPC Mark Dulaney SPC Mark Dulaney   See fewer
Anthony Kenmore
SPC Justin Gregory SPC Justin Gregory   See fewer
Mihael Donchev
PFC Nicholas Davidson PFC Nicholas Davidson   See fewer
Todor Berov
SPC Zachary Koppes SPC Zachary Koppes   See fewer
Derek Morse
SPC Damien Grissette SPC Damien Grissette   See fewer
Martin Malchev
SPC Cody Floyd SPC Cody Floyd   See fewer
Nikolay Savov
SFC Jeff Jacobs SFC Jeff Jacobs   See fewer
Ty Carter
SSG Michael Anderson SSG Michael Anderson   See fewer
Fahim Fazli
Taliban Fighter (uncredited) Taliban Fighter (uncredited)   See fewer
Dancho Koleff
US Soldier (uncredited) US Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Todor Parpulov
US Soldier (uncredited) US Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
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