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  • Rhino (2021)
  • 101 min | Action, Crime, Drama
Rhino (2021)
101 min | Action, Crime, Drama

The history of the film unfolds in the 1990s in Ukraine. The protagonist - a bandit nicknamed Rhinoceros - falls into the grip of the Ukrainian criminal world in the 1990s and begins his bloody path, which leads him not where he expected.
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Oleh Sentsov (screenplay)
Bogumil Godfrejów (as Bogumil Godfrejow)
Casting Director
Production Designers
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Release date
Nov 25, 2022 (United States)


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90 cast members
Name Known for
Evhen Chernykov
Man in the Car Man in the Car   See fewer
Mariia Shtofa
Rhino's Sister Rhino's Sister   See fewer
Irina Mak
Rhino's Mother (as Iryna Mak) Rhino's Mother (as Iryna Mak)   See fewer
Serhiy Smiyan
Rhino's Father Rhino's Father   See fewer
Dmytro Lozovskyi
Rhino's Brother Rhino's Brother   See fewer
Ivan Tamashev
Middle Rhino Middle Rhino   See fewer
Dmytro Dima
Little Rhino Little Rhino   See fewer
Yevhen Svitlychnyi
Karas (Pyatyi) Karas (Pyatyi)   See fewer
Vladyslav Derduga
Cherep (as Vladyslav Derduga) Cherep (as Vladyslav Derduga)   See fewer
Volodymyr Shamray
Batya (as Volodymyr 'Adolfych' Shamray) Batya (as Volodymyr 'Adolfych' Shamray)   See fewer
Denys Shatskyi
Spaceman Spaceman   See fewer
Ruslan Koval'
Prosecutor Prosecutor   See fewer
Ihor Logoniuk
Duty Oficcer Duty Oficcer   See fewer
Andriy Klimenkov
First Civilian (as Andriy Klymenkov) First Civilian (as Andriy Klymenkov)   See fewer
Oleh Shevtsov
Second Civilian Second Civilian   See fewer
Mikhail Dosenko
Doctor (as Mykhailo Dosenko) Doctor (as Mykhailo Dosenko)   See fewer
Vladislav Simanko
Solodkyi Solodkyi   See fewer
Yelyzaveta Tsilyk
Brother's Girlfriend Brother's Girlfriend   See fewer
Mykhaylo Melnykov
Drunk Visitor (as Mykhailo Melnykov) Drunk Visitor (as Mykhailo Melnykov)   See fewer
Iryna Rozhkova
Female Visitor Female Visitor   See fewer
Slava Babenkov
Debtor (as Vyacheslav Babenkov) Debtor (as Vyacheslav Babenkov)   See fewer
Lorena Kolibabchuk
Debtor's Wife Debtor's Wife   See fewer
Lyudmyla Melnykova
Girl's Grandmother Girl's Grandmother   See fewer
Yaroslav Bezkorovayny
Girl's Father Girl's Father   See fewer
Luts Hans Kleinert
Herr Gauss Herr Gauss   See fewer
Taras Goh
Foreman Foreman   See fewer
Maria Fishelevich
Secretary (as Mariia Fyshelevych) Secretary (as Mariia Fyshelevych)   See fewer
Volodymyr Bezdomnikov
Old Fisherman Old Fisherman   See fewer
Yevhen Pavlenko
Guitarist Guitarist   See fewer
Oleg Skripka
Wedding Singer (as Oleh Skrypka) Wedding Singer (as Oleh Skrypka)   See fewer
Lyubov Benedyuk
Actress (as Lyubov Benediuk) Actress (as Lyubov Benediuk)   See fewer
Yuliya Gagina
Actress Actress   See fewer
Iryna Gorshkova
Actress Actress   See fewer
Roman Halaimov
Actor (as Roman Khalaimov) Actor (as Roman Khalaimov)   See fewer
Oleh Husyev
Actor (as Oleh Husiev) Actor (as Oleh Husiev)   See fewer
Oleg Karpenko
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Andriy Khrey
Actor (as Andrii Khrei) Actor (as Andrii Khrei)   See fewer
Petr Krilov
Actor (as Peter Krylov) Actor (as Peter Krylov)   See fewer
Yuri Kulinich
Actor (as Yuriy Kulinich) Actor (as Yuriy Kulinich)   See fewer
Kiril Kuzibayev
Actor (as Kiril Kuzibaiev) Actor (as Kiril Kuzibaiev)   See fewer
Anna Levchenko
Actress Actress   See fewer
Mariya Montegiu
Actress Actress   See fewer
Oleksandr Nezhyhay
Actor (as Oleksandr Nezhyhai) Actor (as Oleksandr Nezhyhai)   See fewer
Olha Petrova
Actress Actress   See fewer
Oleg Shevchuk
Actor (as Oleh Shevchuk) Actor (as Oleh Shevchuk)   See fewer
Olena Silkina
Actress Actress   See fewer
Dmytro Sklyar
Actor (as Dmytro Skliar) Actor (as Dmytro Skliar)   See fewer
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