The Day of the Roses

Episode #1.1 (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | Drama

Mini Series Drama of the events surrounding the Granville Rail Disaster in Sydney in January 1977, and the subsequent coronial investigation.
John Misto | Tony Cavanaugh (story editor) | Simone North (story editor)
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 31, 1998

Release date
1998 (Australia)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Cormac Costello
Michael 'Scotty' McInally Michael 'Scotty' McInally   See fewer
Stephen Curry
Rescuer Rescuer   See fewer
Helen Dallimore
Annette Gordon Annette Gordon   See fewer
Gigi Edgley
Erica Watson Erica Watson   See fewer
Rebecca Gibney
Margaret Warby Margaret Warby   See fewer
Paul Mercurio
Bryan Gordon Bryan Gordon   See fewer
Heather Mitchell
Margaret Shuttler Margaret Shuttler   See fewer
Peter O'Brien
Boris Osman Boris Osman   See fewer
Damian Pike
Constable Garry Raymond Constable Garry Raymond   See fewer
Wayne Pygram
Sgt. Joe Beecroft Sgt. Joe Beecroft   See fewer
Jeremy Sims
Gerry Buchtmann Gerry Buchtmann   See fewer
Georgina Symes
Debbie Skow Debbie Skow   See fewer
Steven Vidler
Dick Lamb Dick Lamb   See fewer
Bill Young
Inspector Ray Williams Inspector Ray Williams   See fewer
Eugene Gilfedder
Mr. Ward Mr. Ward   See fewer
Chris Haywood
Informer Informer   See fewer
Andrew McFarlane
Public Servant Public Servant   See fewer
Vince Atkinson
Glen Summerhayes Glen Summerhayes   See fewer
John Bach
Tom Weir Tom Weir   See fewer
Chris Betts
Sgt. Merv Masterson Sgt. Merv Masterson   See fewer
Aaron Blabey
Dr. White Dr. White   See fewer
Andrew Booth
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Tim Campbell
McCrossan (as Timothy Campbell) McCrossan (as Timothy Campbell)   See fewer
John Clayton
Murray Farquhar Murray Farquhar   See fewer
Robert Coleby
Station Officer Station Officer   See fewer
Elaine Cusick
Prof. Raphael Prof. Raphael   See fewer
Paul Denny
Constable Holman Constable Holman   See fewer
Amanda Dettrick
Avrille Osman (as Amanda Mires) Avrille Osman (as Amanda Mires)   See fewer
Ramsey Everingham
Constable Bruce Gane Constable Bruce Gane   See fewer
Michael Futcher
Olencewicz Olencewicz   See fewer
Jack Heywood
Salvation Army Officer Salvation Army Officer   See fewer
Kevin Hides
Chemist Chemist   See fewer
Dirk Hunter
Sgt. McCormack Sgt. McCormack   See fewer
Josh Lawson
Mark Shuttler Mark Shuttler   See fewer
Steve Lovewell
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
Peter Marshall
Railway Worker Railway Worker   See fewer
Colin McEwan
Railway Barrister Railway Barrister   See fewer
Sue McGrath
Mrs. Skow Mrs. Skow   See fewer
Scott McLean
Ambulance Officer Ambulance Officer   See fewer
Catherine Miller
Policewoman Policewoman   See fewer
Scarlett North-Cavanaugh
Helen Ward (as Scarlett North Remati) Helen Ward (as Scarlett North Remati)   See fewer
John Orcsik
Erica's Doctor Erica's Doctor   See fewer
Rebecca Riggs
Cherilyn Skow Cherilyn Skow   See fewer
Brett Selwood
Andrew Osman Andrew Osman   See fewer
Rainee Skinner
Mrs. Watson Mrs. Watson   See fewer
Steve Starr
Fireman Fireman   See fewer
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