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  • Further Instructions (2015)
  • Thriller
Further Instructions (2015)

Jonathan Samuel Brostoff (co-director) (as Jonathan Brostoff) | Dakota Lupo (co-director) | Stacee White (co-director)
Casting Director

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Updated May 3, 2015

Release date
Mar 28, 2015 (United States)


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Declan Michael Laird
Detective Bradley Detective Bradley   See fewer
Selin Cuhadaroglu
Attitude Kid Attitude Kid   See fewer
Maria Calderon
Detention Regular Detention Regular   See fewer
Chase Cortese
Magician Magician   See fewer
Yasmina Alidodova
Commons Girl Commons Girl   See fewer
Amber Romero
Troublemaker Troublemaker   See fewer
Adriana Mrnjavac
Panic Kid Panic Kid   See fewer
Dakota Driscoll
Valley Girl Valley Girl   See fewer
Chase Page
Spike Spike   See fewer
Daniella Manzanera
Colombian Princess (as Daniela Manzanera) Colombian Princess (as Daniela Manzanera)   See fewer
Colin Gasperoni
Cell Phone Kid Cell Phone Kid   See fewer
Justin Chrzanowski
Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards   See fewer
Stephanie Holden
Follower Kid Follower Kid   See fewer
Tiffany Kieu
Jennifer Penta Jennifer Penta   See fewer
David Kharufeh
David Kardashian David Kardashian   See fewer
Natalie Handelsman
Student Council President (as Natalie Hendelsman) Student Council President (as Natalie Hendelsman)   See fewer
Nick Kharufeh
Nick Kardashian Nick Kardashian   See fewer
Kendall Ontiveros
Idealist Idealist   See fewer
Milagros Ilarraza
Moxie Kid Moxie Kid   See fewer
Goddy Akwesi
Peter Potato Peter Potato   See fewer
Jennifer Song
Asthma Kid Asthma Kid   See fewer
Gayri Patterson
Quiet Kid Quiet Kid   See fewer
Caity Oakley
Injured Kid Injured Kid   See fewer
Youssef Badawi
Anxiety Kid Anxiety Kid   See fewer
Marina Diaz
Robotics Club President Robotics Club President   See fewer
Faith Witham
Student Council VP Student Council VP   See fewer
Zara McKenzie Johnson
Intelligent Kid Intelligent Kid   See fewer
Ally Rosen
Helpful Student Helpful Student   See fewer
Nichelle Rodriguez
Superintendent Superintendent   See fewer
Yasmine Badawi
Aggressive Kid Aggressive Kid   See fewer
Parker Kinley
Fearless Kid (as Parker Rabinowitz) Fearless Kid (as Parker Rabinowitz)   See fewer
Amber Krcmar
Miss Margaret Miss Margaret   See fewer
Self Self   See fewer
Brice Burnham
Hungry Kid Hungry Kid   See fewer
Rene Rodriguez
Custodian Custodian   See fewer
Maria Kalinina
Russian Student Russian Student   See fewer
Serafima Lankershin
Scared Kid Scared Kid   See fewer
Annmarie Lupo
Detective Jones Detective Jones   See fewer
Kiana Douglas
Rebecca Dogson Rebecca Dogson   See fewer
Neil Mahfouz
Tired Kid Tired Kid   See fewer
Jayde Mora
Sammy Sammy   See fewer
Andrew Teperdjian
Hero Student Hero Student   See fewer
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