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  • State of Desolation (2023)
  • 120 min | Horror
State of Desolation (2023)
120 min | Horror

The story of an unusual relationship forged between an aging mercenary and a young pampered suburbanite as they both try to survive the Apocalypse.
Alun Richards (original score)
Casting Director
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Updated Jul 14, 2023

Release date
Jul 14, 2023 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
Jamie Bernadette
Claire Davis Claire Davis   See fewer
Craig Stark
Freddie Freddie   See fewer
Kaiwi Lyman
Hayden Hayden   See fewer
Dan Buran
Ciro (as Daniel Buran) Ciro (as Daniel Buran)   See fewer
Sadie Katz
Deirdre Deirdre   See fewer
Stefanie Estes
Breanne Breanne   See fewer
Maria Olsen
Alexis Alexis   See fewer
Bruce Burns
Vincent Vincent   See fewer
Sam Aotaki
Female Victim Female Victim   See fewer
Themba Alleyne
Skinny Zombie Skinny Zombie   See fewer
Patrick Arthur
Military Zombie (as Patrick Hyde) Military Zombie (as Patrick Hyde)   See fewer
Taylor Barry
Schoolgirl Zombie Schoolgirl Zombie   See fewer
Damien Bernicky
Impaled Zombie Impaled Zombie   See fewer
Kaylee Brown
Sandra Sandra   See fewer
George Capacete
Worker Zombie Worker Zombie   See fewer
Joanne Chew
Burmese Woman Burmese Woman   See fewer
Evan Clements
Compound Guard Compound Guard   See fewer
Jeroen De Smet
Belgian Man (voice) Belgian Man (voice)   See fewer
Hal Dion
Fence Zombie Fence Zombie   See fewer
Nea Dune
Platinum-Haired Zombie Platinum-Haired Zombie   See fewer
Jim Falkenstein
Father John Father John   See fewer
Sarah Farooqui
Shakespearean Actress (voice) Shakespearean Actress (voice)   See fewer
Dante Fernandez
Cannibal #1 Cannibal #1   See fewer
Moe Fujimoto
Sandra Sandra   See fewer
Luis Garcia
Pete's Zombie Friend Pete's Zombie Friend   See fewer
Darya Hakimpour
Farsi speaking woman (voice) Farsi speaking woman (voice)   See fewer
Curtis Han
Burmese Man Burmese Man   See fewer
Bryan Hanna
Compound Guard Compound Guard   See fewer
Ben Heyman
Sportcoat Zombie Sportcoat Zombie   See fewer
Nicholas Huff
Cannibal #2 Cannibal #2   See fewer
Chance Hurst
Cloven Head Zombie Cloven Head Zombie   See fewer
David Jankowski
Middle-Aged Zombie Middle-Aged Zombie   See fewer
Nick Jermyn
British Scientist (voice) British Scientist (voice)   See fewer
Adele Jones
Housewife Zombie (as Adele René) Housewife Zombie (as Adele René)   See fewer
Breeanna Judy
Blonde Zombie Blonde Zombie   See fewer
Bill Kelly
Businessman Zombie Businessman Zombie   See fewer
Gareth Koorzen
Stalker Zombie Stalker Zombie   See fewer
Jamie Kristen
Mother Zombie Mother Zombie   See fewer
Jackie Lastra
Stephanie Stephanie   See fewer
Yohan Lee
Yoshi Yoshi   See fewer
Rick Lopez
Mechanic Zombie Mechanic Zombie   See fewer
Nyabel Lual
Vandra Vandra   See fewer
Fritzi Luca
Shari (as Fritzi Marth) Shari (as Fritzi Marth)   See fewer
Joseph Mansur
Broken Leg Zombie Broken Leg Zombie   See fewer
Matt McLeod
Jabbering Zombie Jabbering Zombie   See fewer
Filippa Nilsson
Cute Zombie Cute Zombie   See fewer
Bruce Nunez
Leaping Zombie Leaping Zombie   See fewer
Garrett O'Brien
Military Radio Operator (voice) Military Radio Operator (voice)   See fewer
Molly O'Brien
Economist (voice) Economist (voice)   See fewer
Heather Power
Teacher Zombie Teacher Zombie   See fewer
Jenny Quam
Punky Zombie Punky Zombie   See fewer
Jessica Rose
Interviewer (voice) Interviewer (voice)   See fewer
Jes Selane
Big Zombie Big Zombie   See fewer
Brady Spindel
Chain Zombie Chain Zombie   See fewer
Jamey Srock
Cleaner #2 Cleaner #2   See fewer
Jim Towns
Ham Radio Operator (voice) Ham Radio Operator (voice)   See fewer
Francis Walsh
Toothless Zombie (as Tom Walsh) Toothless Zombie (as Tom Walsh)   See fewer
Ire Wardlaw
Mariah Mariah   See fewer
Christian Watkins
Tall Zombie Tall Zombie   See fewer
DaVohn Williams
Guard #1 Guard #1   See fewer
Chris Zaferes
Villager Villager   See fewer
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