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  • Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs (2014)
  • Not Rated
    TV Movie | 120 min | Biography, Drama
Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs (2014)
Not Rated
TV Movie | 120 min | Biography, Drama

The true story of a Fundamentalist Mormon leader who spent more than a year on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted List" for unlawful flight on charges related to his alleged arrangement of illegal marriages involving underage girls.
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Steve Kornacki (teleplay) | Alyson Evans (teleplay) | Bryce Kass (teleplay) | Stephen Singular (book "When Men Become Gods") | Angeli Macfarlane (screenplay editor)
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Updated Jun 28, 2014

Release date
Jun 28, 2014 (United States)


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71 cast members
Name Known for
Tony Goldwyn
Warren Jeffs Warren Jeffs   See fewer
Molly Parker
Janine Jeffs Janine Jeffs   See fewer
Joey King
Elissa Wall Elissa Wall   See fewer
David Keith
Gary Engels Gary Engels   See fewer
Martin Landau
Rulon Jeffs Rulon Jeffs   See fewer
Sabina Gadecki
Rebecca Musser Rebecca Musser   See fewer
Barbie Robertson
Katie Christensen Katie Christensen   See fewer
Alex Knight
Isaac Jeffs Isaac Jeffs   See fewer
Jacob Dacus
Lamont Barlow Lamont Barlow   See fewer
Jenny Gabrielle
Sharon Wall Sharon Wall   See fewer
Aaron McPherson
Sheriff Bill Brady Sheriff Bill Brady   See fewer
Bryan Chatlien
Nate Carter Nate Carter   See fewer
Thom Hallum
Jesse Brewer Jesse Brewer   See fewer
Victor Talmadge
Fred Jessop Fred Jessop   See fewer
Jason Douglas
Roy Hodges Roy Hodges   See fewer
Eb Lottimer
Ben Randall Ben Randall   See fewer
Jackamoe Buzzell
Brent Ellis Brent Ellis   See fewer
Will Buchanan
Allen Steed Allen Steed   See fewer
Travis Hammer
Jake Mathers Jake Mathers   See fewer
David Grant Wright
Noah Fielding Noah Fielding   See fewer
David Maldonado
Richard Alvey Richard Alvey   See fewer
Mia Stallard
Margaret Hodges Margaret Hodges   See fewer
Sage Bell
Young Girl Young Girl   See fewer
Lillian Presley Leyba
Jenny Hodges Jenny Hodges   See fewer
Jeni Reed
Jennifer Jeffs Jennifer Jeffs   See fewer
Christie Geter
Alma Mackert Alma Mackert   See fewer
Erin O'Shaughnessy
Mrs. Fielding Mrs. Fielding   See fewer
Jessica Record
Vivian Mathers Vivian Mathers   See fewer
Cyd Schulte
Maggie Hodges Maggie Hodges   See fewer
Mike Watkiss
Mike Watkiss Mike Watkiss   See fewer
Dru Mouser
Kim Nuttal Kim Nuttal   See fewer
John Trejo
Deputy FBI Director Deputy FBI Director   See fewer
J.D. Garfield
Sheriff Sheehan Sheriff Sheehan   See fewer
Daniel D. Halleck
Matt Smith, D.A. (as Daniel Halleck) Matt Smith, D.A. (as Daniel Halleck)   See fewer
Jodi Lynn Thomas
Amelia Jeffs Amelia Jeffs   See fewer
Kevin Wiggins
Trooper Eddie Dutchover Trooper Eddie Dutchover   See fewer
Branton Box
Joe Alfson Joe Alfson   See fewer
David Priemazon
SWAT Team Commander (as Dave Priemazon) SWAT Team Commander (as Dave Priemazon)   See fewer
John Christian Love
Mini-Mart Clerk (as Brandon K. Hampton) Mini-Mart Clerk (as Brandon K. Hampton)   See fewer
Lewis Jacobs
Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer   See fewer
Jacob Browne
Prison Guard #1 Prison Guard #1   See fewer
Vincent E. McDaniel
Prisoner #1 (as Vince McDaniel) Prisoner #1 (as Vince McDaniel)   See fewer
Antonio Leyba
Prisoner #2 Prisoner #2   See fewer
Jesus Jr.
Prisoner #3 (as Jesus Payan) Prisoner #3 (as Jesus Payan)   See fewer
Jason E. Hill
Prisoner #4 (as Jason Hill) Prisoner #4 (as Jason Hill)   See fewer
Kevin Christopher Brown
Trooper #2 (as Kevin Brown) Trooper #2 (as Kevin Brown)   See fewer
John Lawlor
Judge Shumate Judge Shumate   See fewer
Dave Colon
Bailiff Bailiff   See fewer
Rosalia De Aragon
Jury Foreman Jury Foreman   See fewer
Mark Sivertsen
Prosecutor Prosecutor   See fewer
Rick Anglada
Swat Officer (uncredited) Swat Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Nathan Brimmer
Son of Helaman (uncredited) Son of Helaman (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Caster
SWAT Member (uncredited) SWAT Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Yvette Fazio-Delaney
Fred Jessops #2 wife (uncredited) Fred Jessops #2 wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Jo Lynne Fenger
Wife (uncredited) Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Madison Fogle
Jesse Brewer's Daughter (uncredited) Jesse Brewer's Daughter (uncredited)   See fewer
Jonathan Hubbarth
SWAT Officer (uncredited) SWAT Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Darlene Kellum
Wife (uncredited) Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Chelsea Arielle Kibbee
Warren's Bed Wife (uncredited) Warren's Bed Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
John F. Kollar
Gun Shop Patron (uncredited) Gun Shop Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Margo May
Sarah Jeffs (uncredited) Sarah Jeffs (uncredited)   See fewer
Justin D. Moore
Church Elder (uncredited) Church Elder (uncredited)   See fewer
Rodney Nagel
Prosecution Lawyer (uncredited) Prosecution Lawyer (uncredited)   See fewer
Fred Padilla
News Photographer (uncredited) News Photographer (uncredited)   See fewer
Rachel Katherine Ross
Roy Hodges' Wife (uncredited) Roy Hodges' Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Frank Sandoval
Police Officer - Mohave (uncredited) Police Officer - Mohave (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryan Schaefer
Son of Helaman (uncredited) Son of Helaman (uncredited)   See fewer
J. Nathan Simmons
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Louise Stange-Wahl
Sister Wife (uncredited) Sister Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
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