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  • Whitney (2015)
  • TV-14
    TV Movie | 88 min | Biography, Drama
Whitney (2015)
TV Movie | 88 min | Biography, Drama

A chronicle of Whitney Houston's rise to fame and turbulent relationship with husband Bobby Brown.
Kyle A. Clark (as Kyle Clark) | Lina Wong
Travon Potts (music by) | RedOne (music by) | Dan Sundquist (music by) (original guitar music composed by) | Wuff (music by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 30, 2014

Release date
Jan 17, 2015 (United States)


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81 cast members
Name Known for
Yaya DaCosta
Whitney Houston Whitney Houston   See fewer
Arlen Escarpeta
Bobby Brown Bobby Brown   See fewer
Yolonda Ross
Robyn Crawford Robyn Crawford   See fewer
Suzzanne Douglas
Cissy Houston Cissy Houston   See fewer
Mark Rolston
Clive Davis Clive Davis   See fewer
Wesley Jonathan
Babyface Babyface   See fewer
Reign Morton
Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy   See fewer
James A. Watson Jr.
John Houston John Houston   See fewer
Kevontay Jackson
Gangbanger Gangbanger   See fewer
Billy 'Sly' Williams
Pastor Marvin Winans Pastor Marvin Winans   See fewer
Saundra McClain
Aunt Bae Aunt Bae   See fewer
Deborah Lacey
Award Presentor Award Presentor   See fewer
James Roch
Reporter (as JR Lemon) Reporter (as JR Lemon)   See fewer
Cornelius Smith Jr.
Michael Houston Michael Houston   See fewer
Tongayi Chirisa
Gary Houston Gary Houston   See fewer
Kj Smith
Girl with Steve (as Khaneshia 'KJ' Smith) Girl with Steve (as Khaneshia 'KJ' Smith)   See fewer
Felisha Cooper
Felicia Felicia   See fewer
Lauren Swickard
Fan #1 (as Lauren York) Fan #1 (as Lauren York)   See fewer
Bree Condon
Secretary / Ruth Secretary / Ruth   See fewer
Sean O'Bryan
Hotel Manager Hotel Manager   See fewer
Patrick Cohen
2nd AD 2nd AD   See fewer
Toni Duclottni
Monique (Gary's Wife) Monique (Gary's Wife)   See fewer
LaNease Adams
Club Girl Club Girl   See fewer
Mary Alice
Effie (archive footage) Effie (archive footage)   See fewer
Jai Blizz
Banquet guest Banquet guest   See fewer
Sean Dupree Buffington
Red Carpet Red Carpet   See fewer
Andrea Calabrese
Soul Train Awards Guest Soul Train Awards Guest   See fewer
Irene Cara
Sparkle (archive footage) Sparkle (archive footage)   See fewer
Karri Davis
VIP Club Girl VIP Club Girl   See fewer
Randall Gray
Director of Security Director of Security   See fewer
India Howard
Party Goer Party Goer   See fewer
Soul Train Awards (guest) (as Jdvonte) Soul Train Awards (guest) (as Jdvonte)   See fewer
Robert Jamison
SoulTrain Adwards (credit only) SoulTrain Adwards (credit only)   See fewer
Kyndra Kennedy
Background Singer Background Singer   See fewer
Curtis Kingsley
Autograph Seeker Autograph Seeker   See fewer
Lonette McKee
Sister (archive footage) Sister (archive footage)   See fewer
Jhai Norris
Soul Train Awards Attendee Soul Train Awards Attendee   See fewer
Paul Mitchell Rosenblum
Nick Nolte (as Paul Rosenblum) Nick Nolte (as Paul Rosenblum)   See fewer
Jai'Lyn Spivey
Party Go-er Party Go-er   See fewer
Aimiomode Anetor
Biarritz Cocktail Waitress (uncredited) Biarritz Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)   See fewer
Miah Blake
Concert Goer (uncredited) Concert Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Cindy Buck
Award Dinner Attendee (uncredited) Award Dinner Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Charity Caldwell
Fan (uncredited) Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Coopwood
UNCF Awards Announcer (uncredited) UNCF Awards Announcer (uncredited)   See fewer
Meg Dumangas
Fan (uncredited) Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Tamara Hill
Red Carpet Celebrity Attendee (uncredited) Red Carpet Celebrity Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Ali Hoffmann
Whitney's Publicist (uncredited) Whitney's Publicist (uncredited)   See fewer
Jahmilla Jackson
Concert Attendee (uncredited) Concert Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Genesis Jenesaisquoi
Supporting (uncredited) Supporting (uncredited)   See fewer
Slim Khezri
Concert Goer (uncredited) Concert Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Silawn Lewis
Red Carpet Attendee (uncredited) Red Carpet Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Tosha Lynette
Soul Train Award Attendee (uncredited) Soul Train Award Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Mota Maria
Supporting / fan (uncredited) Supporting / fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Johnny Martini
Vanilla Ice (uncredited) Vanilla Ice (uncredited)   See fewer
Teebone Mitchell
Keyboards - Band Member (uncredited) Keyboards - Band Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Phillip O'Riley
MC Hammer's Chauffeur (uncredited) MC Hammer's Chauffeur (uncredited)   See fewer
Amy Pawlukiewicz
Bette Sussman (uncredited) Bette Sussman (uncredited)   See fewer
Vitta Quinn
Madonna (uncredited) Madonna (uncredited)   See fewer
Gabrielle Reyes
Wedding Guest (uncredited) Wedding Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Kimberly Ryans
Concert Goer (uncredited) Concert Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Tatyana Saba
News Reporter (uncredited) News Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Jimmy R.O. Smith
Tim Coleman (uncredited) Tim Coleman (uncredited)   See fewer
Nikki Storm
Female Dancer (uncredited) Female Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Derrian Tolden
Madonna's Date (uncredited) Madonna's Date (uncredited)   See fewer
Kristin Valdivia
Club Goer (uncredited) Club Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Abike Washington
Fan (uncredited) Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Rolonda Watts
Alberta (uncredited) Alberta (uncredited)   See fewer
Monay Williams
Supporting (uncredited) Supporting (uncredited)   See fewer
Charles Wilson
Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited) Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited)   See fewer
Joseph Wilson
Soul Train Attendee (uncredited) Soul Train Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Natalie D. Woodard
Biarritz Sexy Bartender (uncredited) Biarritz Sexy Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Russell 'Goofy' Wright
Tony Jordan (uncredited) Tony Jordan (uncredited)   See fewer
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