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Anton Music Television (2014– )
TV Series | Music


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Updated Jan 5, 2014

Release date (First episode)
Mar 15, 2014 (United States)


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87 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Omari Bailey
VeeJay Omari VeeJay Omari   See fewer
Brad Bartlett
VeeJay Brad VeeJay Brad   See fewer
Erika Becker
VeeJay Erika VeeJay Erika   See fewer
Lily Berlina
VeeJay Lily VeeJay Lily   See fewer
Lindsey Butler
Actress Actress   See fewer
Jason Caceres
VeeJay Jason (2014) VeeJay Jason (2014)   See fewer
Vincent Cash
VeeJay Vincent VeeJay Vincent   See fewer
Carolina Chacón
Actress Actress   See fewer
Irene Chambers
Actress Actress   See fewer
Michele Chung
VeeJay Michele (2014) VeeJay Michele (2014)   See fewer
Michael Cohen
VeeJay Michael VeeJay Michael   See fewer
Andreea Coriell
VeeJay Andrea Coriell VeeJay Andrea Coriell   See fewer
Megan Davis
VeeJay Megan VeeJay Megan   See fewer
Amira Ducassi
VeeJay Amira (as Amira Minassian) VeeJay Amira (as Amira Minassian)   See fewer
Hector Edwards
VeeJay Hector VeeJay Hector   See fewer
Joe Filippone
VeeJay Filippone VeeJay Filippone   See fewer
Britt Fiola
VeeJay Brittany (as Brittany Fiola) VeeJay Brittany (as Brittany Fiola)   See fewer
Manana Flores
VeeJay Manana VeeJay Manana   See fewer
Mariana Flores
VeeJay Mariana VeeJay Mariana   See fewer
Marissa Floro
Actress Actress   See fewer
Daniel Forrer
VeeJay Forrer VeeJay Forrer   See fewer
Alanna Forte
VeeJay Alana VeeJay Alana   See fewer
VeeJay Frezno VeeJay Frezno   See fewer
Sal Fusco
Actor Actor   See fewer
Mohiave Marie Galineau
VeeJay Marie G VeeJay Marie G   See fewer
Emmanuelle Girard
VeeJay Emanuelle VeeJay Emanuelle   See fewer
Joyful Gordo
VeeJay Joyful VeeJay Joyful   See fewer
Zoey Grayce
Actress Actress   See fewer
Rebekah Halvar
VeeJay Rebekah VeeJay Rebekah   See fewer
Ismail Hzmeed
Actress Actress   See fewer
LaShada Jackson
VeeJay Lashada VeeJay Lashada   See fewer
Sean James
Actor Actor   See fewer
Tomas Johansson
Veejay Thomas Veejay Thomas   See fewer
Yvonne Senat Jones
Actress (as Yvonne Senat) Actress (as Yvonne Senat)   See fewer
Toryann Kolstedt
VeeJay Toryann VeeJay Toryann   See fewer
Kate Kozyura
VeeJay Kozyura VeeJay Kozyura   See fewer
Trip Langley
VeeJay Trip VeeJay Trip   See fewer
Catlin Leow
VeeJay Catlin VeeJay Catlin   See fewer
Justyne Lewallen
VeeJay Justyne VeeJay Justyne   See fewer
Stacey Lewis
VeeJay Stacey VeeJay Stacey   See fewer
Karen Loriana
Actress (as Karen Sanchez) Actress (as Karen Sanchez)   See fewer
Demetrius Marcelus
VeeJay Demetrius VeeJay Demetrius   See fewer
Ursula Maria
VeeJay Ursula VeeJay Ursula   See fewer
Marlana Marie
VeeJay Marlana VeeJay Marlana   See fewer
Alyssa Martin
VeeJay Alyssa VeeJay Alyssa   See fewer
Donald McAllan
VeeJay Donald VeeJay Donald   See fewer
Amanda McCarthy
VeeJay Amanda VeeJay Amanda   See fewer
Jessica Morimando
VeeJay Jessica VeeJay Jessica   See fewer
Paige Murray
VeeJay Page Murray VeeJay Page Murray   See fewer
Jason Nepomuceno
VeeJay Jason VeeJay Jason   See fewer
Ceasar Neville
VeeJay Caesar Neville (as Caesar Neville) VeeJay Caesar Neville (as Caesar Neville)   See fewer
Elizabeth Nieves
VeeJay Elisabeth VeeJay Elisabeth   See fewer
Derris Nile
VeeJay Derris VeeJay Derris   See fewer
VeeJay Nnebe (as Ashley Nnebe) VeeJay Nnebe (as Ashley Nnebe)   See fewer
Amanda Paddock
VeeJay Amanda P VeeJay Amanda P   See fewer
Jamie Patterson
Actress Actress   See fewer
Matthew Peschio
VeeJay Matthew VeeJay Matthew   See fewer
Bill Quade
VeeJay Bill Q VeeJay Bill Q   See fewer
Summer Roberts
VeeJay Summer VeeJay Summer   See fewer
Eamon J. Roche
VeeJay Eamon (as Eamon Roche) VeeJay Eamon (as Eamon Roche)   See fewer
Andrea Rodgers
VeeJay Andrea R VeeJay Andrea R   See fewer
Amanda Sadia
VeeJay Amanda S VeeJay Amanda S   See fewer
Zach Sans
VeeJay Zach VeeJay Zach   See fewer
Jacqueline Sherrard
VeeJay Jacquline VeeJay Jacquline   See fewer
William Shorthouse
VeeJay William S VeeJay William S   See fewer
Tyson Smith
VeeJay Tyson Smith VeeJay Tyson Smith   See fewer
Amanda Sox
VeeJay Sow VeeJay Sow   See fewer
Austin Spotts
VeeJay Austin VeeJay Austin   See fewer
Liza Stephanian
VeeJay Liza Stephanian (as Lisa Stephanian) VeeJay Liza Stephanian (as Lisa Stephanian)   See fewer
Donn Stewart
VeeJay Donn VeeJay Donn   See fewer
Greg Stone
VeeJay Gregory VeeJay Gregory   See fewer
Vanessa Teemsma
VeeJay Vanessa (as Vanessa Martini) VeeJay Vanessa (as Vanessa Martini)   See fewer
Taylor West
VeeJay Taylor VeeJay Taylor   See fewer
Merry Whitney
VeeJay Merry VeeJay Merry   See fewer
Charlie Woods
VeeJay Charlie VeeJay Charlie   See fewer
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