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  • Pioneers' Palace (2015)
  • 82 min | Comedy
Pioneers' Palace (2015)
82 min | Comedy

Post Ceausescu wild days of Bucharest, teenagers open a disco at their High School - terrified of an Aids scare after their visit to a local brothel.
Bobby Paunescu (concept)
Production Designer
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Updated Jan 30, 2015

Release date
Jan 30, 2015 (United States)


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46 cast members
Name Known for
Alice Halpert
Valeria Calugareanu Valeria Calugareanu   See fewer
Raluca Amerine
Nicoleta (as Raluca Eftimie) Nicoleta (as Raluca Eftimie)   See fewer
Stefan Bostina
Ticket Clerk Ticket Clerk   See fewer
Ioana Rucareanu
Mariana Finti Mariana Finti   See fewer
Bianca Braicu
Roxana Arvinte Roxana Arvinte   See fewer
Bobby Paunescu
Robert Marinescu Robert Marinescu   See fewer
Nicole Anghel
Olivia Marinescu Olivia Marinescu   See fewer
Robert Bumbes
Robert Gaiu Marinescu Robert Gaiu Marinescu   See fewer
Teodora Vasu
Cornelia Spataru Cornelia Spataru   See fewer
Claudiu Oprea
Razvan Razvan   See fewer
Maria Lupu
Steluta Steluta   See fewer
Toto Dumitrescu
Veronel Milenkovici Veronel Milenkovici   See fewer
Costin Cambir
Mihnea Popescu Mihnea Popescu   See fewer
Tatiana Gurin
Form Master Form Master   See fewer
Dragos Savulescu
Pompilian - The Painter Pompilian - The Painter   See fewer
Oana Paun
Ramona Ramona   See fewer
Olivia Nita
Carmen Silisteanu Carmen Silisteanu   See fewer
Maria Bata
Mona Alexe Mona Alexe   See fewer
Adina Stetcu
Anisoara Anisoara   See fewer
Oltin Hurezeanu
Dr. Petrescu Dr. Petrescu   See fewer
Vlad Alecu
Robert Robert   See fewer
Bobby Marinescu
The Scammer The Scammer   See fewer
Ana Maria Pop
Elena Ghika Elena Ghika   See fewer
Anca Prodan
Larisa Badea Larisa Badea   See fewer
Ioachim Ciobanu
Vlase Baciu Vlase Baciu   See fewer
Ioana Pavelescu
Eva Milenkovici Eva Milenkovici   See fewer
Doru Ana
Veronel's Trainer Veronel's Trainer   See fewer
Alice Peneaca
Beatrice Popescu Beatrice Popescu   See fewer
Alexandru Ion
Bogdan Alexa Bogdan Alexa   See fewer
Ana Maria Ivanescu
Classmate 2 Classmate 2   See fewer
Mihai Jianu
Ion's Police Friend Ion's Police Friend   See fewer
Florin Kevorkian
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Andreea Scradeanu
Classmate Classmate   See fewer
Ionut Simionescu
Turcanu Turcanu   See fewer
Silvia Stanciu
Marinescu's Neighbour Marinescu's Neighbour   See fewer
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