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  • The Closer (2015)
  • R
    92 min | Action, Crime, Drama
The Closer (2015)
92 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A tale of friendship and betrayal between 3 friends set against the backdrop of Brooklyn real estate market during the biggest boom and bust of the subprime meltdown
Eli Hershko (written by) | Isaac Broyn (written by) | Victor Baranes (written by)
Erez Koskas (as Erez Kostkas)
Production Designer

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49 cast members
Name Known for
Robert Berlin
Steven Steven   See fewer
Danielle Leaf
Tiffany Tiffany   See fewer
Ryan F Johnson
King (as Ryan F. Johnson) King (as Ryan F. Johnson)   See fewer
Timothy C. Floyd
George Johnson George Johnson   See fewer
Andre Gauthier
Agent Richardson Agent Richardson   See fewer
Isa Frias
Carmen Rosario Carmen Rosario   See fewer
Yury Yakor
Nicholi Nicholi   See fewer
Jacqueline King-Howell
Lakisha Robinson (as Jacqueline King) Lakisha Robinson (as Jacqueline King)   See fewer
Jay Wells L'Ecuyer
Tommy (as Jay Wells) Tommy (as Jay Wells)   See fewer
Ralph Petrarca
Martin Shcultz Martin Shcultz   See fewer
Mike Gomes
Enemy Soldier Enemy Soldier   See fewer
Ellen Karis
Waitress 1 Waitress 1   See fewer
Comfort Katchy
Sales Agent 1 Sales Agent 1   See fewer
Augustus Wilson
Sales Agent 2 Sales Agent 2   See fewer
Christopher Herr
Sales Agent 3 Sales Agent 3   See fewer
Emilio Ramon Gomez
Sales Agent 4 Sales Agent 4   See fewer
Cedric Benjamin
Sales Agent 5 Sales Agent 5   See fewer
Tatyana Rodina
Cocaine Waitress (as Tanya Rodina) Cocaine Waitress (as Tanya Rodina)   See fewer
Bridgette Chantel
Exotic Dancer Exotic Dancer   See fewer
Paul Mann
Sasha Sasha   See fewer
Aiden Meshman
Jerome Jerome   See fewer
Erika Longo
Waitress 2 Waitress 2   See fewer
Brett Roman Williams
Professional Tenant Professional Tenant   See fewer
Christopher Kardos
Brian (as Chris Kardos) Brian (as Chris Kardos)   See fewer
Adam P. Murphy
Jeremy Cone Jeremy Cone   See fewer
Vincent Leong
Referee Referee   See fewer
Kevin Martinez Rivera
Brian Ramirez (as Kevin Martinez) Brian Ramirez (as Kevin Martinez)   See fewer
Patrick Giordano
Jim the Squatter Jim the Squatter   See fewer
James Lee
Rakim Rakim   See fewer
Cedric Darius
Cedric Cedric   See fewer
Dorsea Palmer
Dorsea (as Dorsea Plamer) Dorsea (as Dorsea Plamer)   See fewer
Drama Drama   See fewer
Jermaine Small
Jermaine Jermaine   See fewer
Lee Baptiste
George Smith George Smith   See fewer
Andres Emanuel Pina
Freddie Smith Freddie Smith   See fewer
Sharon Palmer
Georgia Smith Georgia Smith   See fewer
Carson Grant
Dr. Benjamin Dr. Benjamin   See fewer
Sarah Gordon
Snowbunny Snowbunny   See fewer
Elizabeth Dennis
Radio Announcer VO (voice) Radio Announcer VO (voice)   See fewer
Eli Hershko
Assassin Assassin   See fewer
Hila Naus
E.R. Doctor E.R. Doctor   See fewer
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