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  • Vamp Bikers Dos (2015)
  • Not Rated
    80 min | Horror
Vamp Bikers Dos (2015)
Not Rated
80 min | Horror

After AC finds out the truth about how his daughter is lost, the Witches descend into Biker Town and attack the Bikers.
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Eric Spade Rivas (as Eric Rivas)
Casting Director

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Release date
Sep 19, 2015 (United States)


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123 cast members
Name Known for
Ángel Salazar
Arestus Arestus   See fewer
Melle Mel
Thunder Thunder   See fewer
Michael Musto
Hedda Hopper Hedda Hopper   See fewer
Eric Spade Rivas
AC Gwynplaine AC Gwynplaine   See fewer
Michael Alig
God / Alter Ego God / Alter Ego   See fewer
Natasha Komis
Venom Mis Venom Mis   See fewer
Apache Ramos
Sgt Snow Sgt Snow   See fewer
Gerry Visco
Purple Madness Purple Madness   See fewer
Socko Jones
Jake Mulcifer Jake Mulcifer   See fewer
Joseph Nannariello
Maniac Zombie Maniac Zombie   See fewer
Popoff Reyes
Lasoul Lasoul   See fewer
Lara Alcantara
Veronika Veronika   See fewer
Paugh Shadow
Shadow Shadow   See fewer
Tyler Stone
Disc Jockey Disc Jockey   See fewer
Anastasia Zorin-Machado
Zarina (as Anastasia Zorin) Zarina (as Anastasia Zorin)   See fewer
Alexandra Noland
McDowell McDowell   See fewer
Nickole Karpenko
Mildred Mildred   See fewer
Sarah Teed
Kelly Kelly   See fewer
Marta Bagratuni
Christine Christine   See fewer
Nicola Fiore
Loreen Loreen   See fewer
Dorsey Wright
The Priest The Priest   See fewer
Brian Tyler
Appalachian Appalachian   See fewer
Philip Di Maria
Zack (as Phill Di Maria) Zack (as Phill Di Maria)   See fewer
Gwen Albers
Shinobi Shinobi   See fewer
Natalie Faye
Polina Polina   See fewer
Freddy Rosales
Shannon Shannon   See fewer
Danielle Alfredo
Chloe (as Danielle Rose Alfredo) Chloe (as Danielle Rose Alfredo)   See fewer
Celine Alva
Bordeaux Bordeaux   See fewer
Roxane Aurora
Aurora Aurora   See fewer
Regina Avshalumova
Arquette Arquette   See fewer
Sheri Barclay
Hottie Hottie   See fewer
Leonie Bell
Sinister Sinister   See fewer
Leslie Bruce
Temper Temper   See fewer
Ashlie Burgun
Sandra Sandra   See fewer
Jeannine Carter
Damiana Damiana   See fewer
Jason Chaos
Gideon Gideon   See fewer
Ivan Cornejo
Hilario Hilario   See fewer
Lauryn Day
Pandora Pandora   See fewer
Virginia Duda
Red Delicious Red Delicious   See fewer
Pirina Dzhupanova
Wednesday Wednesday   See fewer
Annmarie Fasano
Mercury Mercury   See fewer
Lily Finnessy
Segundo Segundo   See fewer
Diego Francis Garcia
Dynomatic Dynomatic   See fewer
David Guti
Bolomon Bolomon   See fewer
Amanda Jencsik
Twinkle Twinkle   See fewer
Rosie Kilby
Actress Actress   See fewer
Tati Lauritsen
Black Widow (as Tatiana Lauritsen) Black Widow (as Tatiana Lauritsen)   See fewer
Jolene Lower
Kumate Kumate   See fewer
Early Max
Tobin Tobin   See fewer
Despina Mirou
Queen Fellini Queen Fellini   See fewer
Katrina Nosul
Sunrise Sunrise   See fewer
Mark A. Ortiz
Skullz Skullz   See fewer
Asel Otunchieva
Tunisia Tunisia   See fewer
Gina Petronella
Sidewinder (as Gina Sidway) Sidewinder (as Gina Sidway)   See fewer
Dominican Queen
Volcano Volcano   See fewer
Screamin' Rachael
Screamin Vamp Screamin Vamp   See fewer
Christina Ritter
Scarlett Scarlett   See fewer
Anastasia Romanova
Day Night Day Night   See fewer
Rebecca Rose Payne
Deliverance Deliverance   See fewer
Elodie Rose
Geneva (as Elodie Di Palo Burrone) Geneva (as Elodie Di Palo Burrone)   See fewer
Irina Rossy
Lucille Lucille   See fewer
Yael Shavitt
Clementra Clementra   See fewer
Valentina Shep
Blind Lady Blind Lady   See fewer
Marina Tal
Bones (as Marina Bain) Bones (as Marina Bain)   See fewer
Lenore Todaro
Mist (as Lenore Todaro Gallo) Mist (as Lenore Todaro Gallo)   See fewer
Yoanna Wei
Penelope Penelope   See fewer
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