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  • Cry Baby (2014)
  • Horror
Cry Baby (2014)


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Release date
2014 (United States)


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50 cast members
Name Known for
Kenny Apel
Woodsman #1 Woodsman #1   See fewer
Kelsey Barnes
Darlene's Sidekick Darlene's Sidekick   See fewer
Jason Bonell
Young Tony Young Tony   See fewer
Adar Bonen
Young Cynthia Young Cynthia   See fewer
Kevin Caliber
Officer Daniels (as Kevin Thomsen) Officer Daniels (as Kevin Thomsen)   See fewer
Aaron Cavette
Student Student   See fewer
Lucille Cocco
Christine(Johnny's Girlfriend) Christine(Johnny's Girlfriend)   See fewer
Shawna Craig
Cynthia Cynthia   See fewer
Joaquin Paul Davis
Young Ralph Young Ralph   See fewer
America Del Sol
Counselor Counselor   See fewer
Jermell Deshauan
Digger (as Jermell Smith) Digger (as Jermell Smith)   See fewer
Joseph Eberlein
Party Guy Party Guy   See fewer
Larrissa Gayton
David's Mother David's Mother   See fewer
Darryl Spoon Green
David's Father (as Spoon Alexander) David's Father (as Spoon Alexander)   See fewer
Christopher Griffin
Young David Young David   See fewer
Colter Harkins
Office Worker Office Worker   See fewer
Orlena Hart
Old Lady Old Lady   See fewer
John Hernandez
Detective Doing Interview Detective Doing Interview   See fewer
Reejuta Joshi
Girl Being Interviewed Girl Being Interviewed   See fewer
Hayden Lam
FBI Agent Sticks FBI Agent Sticks   See fewer
Kestrel Locke
Young Darlene Young Darlene   See fewer
Tom McLaren
Reverend Stone Reverend Stone   See fewer
Levi Mahlon Miller
Worker (as Levi Miller) Worker (as Levi Miller)   See fewer
Lori Minichiello
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Richie Mora
Young Johnny Young Johnny   See fewer
Paulina Nguyen
Tina (as Paulina Laurant) Tina (as Paulina Laurant)   See fewer
James Nichols II
The Supervisor The Supervisor   See fewer
Trever Noble
Woodsman Woodsman   See fewer
Mark E. Ridley
Detective Detective   See fewer
Sophia Rose
Darlene (as Sophia Rose Lemire) Darlene (as Sophia Rose Lemire)   See fewer
Damon Rutledge
Detective Tiggs Detective Tiggs   See fewer
Kirk Ryde
Detective Hollins Detective Hollins   See fewer
Prince Shah
Undercover Detective Undercover Detective   See fewer
Logan Spencer
Stalker Guy Stalker Guy   See fewer
Marcus D. Spencer
David (as Big Spence) David (as Big Spence)   See fewer
Amber Wegner
Mother's Friend Mother's Friend   See fewer
Boriana Williams
Young Melissa Young Melissa   See fewer
Robert Woodruff
Old Man Old Man   See fewer
Aliah Woodson
Keisha Keisha   See fewer
Valentina Zell
Melissa Melissa   See fewer
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