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  • The Bet (I) (2016)
  • 88 min | Comedy
The Bet (I) (2016)
88 min | Comedy

A down on his luck man gets into an absurd but high stakes bet where he has one summer to find, and hook up with, every girl he had a crush on from 1st to 12th grade.
Aaron Goldberg (written by) | Chris Jay (written by)
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Updated Feb 3, 2016

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Aug 2, 2016 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Alex Klein
Denton Baker Denton Baker   See fewer
Brian Atkinson
Jackson Price (as Brian Allen) Jackson Price (as Brian Allen)   See fewer
Amanda Clayton
Amanda Morrison Amanda Morrison   See fewer
Michael Consiglio
Brandon Lucas Brandon Lucas   See fewer
Yassir Lester
Ed McDoogle Ed McDoogle   See fewer
Jake Roberts
Mr. Lucas Mr. Lucas   See fewer
Dallas Page
Mr. Baker Mr. Baker   See fewer
Jeremiah Watkins
Wiggins Wiggins   See fewer
Mindy Robinson
Kirsten Kelly Lucas Kirsten Kelly Lucas   See fewer
Nicole Binnall Abbott
Restaurant Hostess (as Nicole Binnall) Restaurant Hostess (as Nicole Binnall)   See fewer
Dian Bachar
Angry Video Customer Angry Video Customer   See fewer
Meredith Barnett
Danielle Danielle   See fewer
Kate Bucey
Locker Room Girl Locker Room Girl   See fewer
Chris Burau
Restaurant Bartender Restaurant Bartender   See fewer
Amanda Cerny
Mrs. McDoogle Mrs. McDoogle   See fewer
Julia Cho
Emily Michaels Emily Michaels   See fewer
Chuck D
Charles McD Charles McD   See fewer
Shannon Corbeil
Daycare Mom Daycare Mom   See fewer
Shaun Cozzens
Art Gallery Bartender Art Gallery Bartender   See fewer
Tommy Dreamer
Final Game Umpire (as Tom Laughlin) Final Game Umpire (as Tom Laughlin)   See fewer
Oneil Drury
Daycare Kid #1 Daycare Kid #1   See fewer
Dave England
Coffee Shop Employee Coffee Shop Employee   See fewer
Roan England
Daycare Kid #2 Daycare Kid #2   See fewer
Mike Evans
Spin Class Guy Spin Class Guy   See fewer
Sam Goldberg
Game 1 Umpire Game 1 Umpire   See fewer
Travis Greer
Angry Bartender Angry Bartender   See fewer
Joseph Henle
MMA Fighter MMA Fighter   See fewer
Katie Hilliard
Hailey Matthews Hailey Matthews   See fewer
Erin Marie Hogan
Kayley Listwan Kayley Listwan   See fewer
Tawnie Jaclyn
Ring Card Girl Ring Card Girl   See fewer
Joseph Janik
Fight Club Referee Fight Club Referee   See fewer
Chris Jay
Scott Quaker Scott Quaker   See fewer
Stacy Kaney
Denise Davids Denise Davids   See fewer
Taylor Kasch
Grandpa Quaker Grandpa Quaker   See fewer
Kye Kinder
Stripper #1 Stripper #1   See fewer
Nikki Leigh
Kendra McNulty Kendra McNulty   See fewer
Elisa Lipton
Bowling Alley Customer Bowling Alley Customer   See fewer
Larry Longstreth
Delivery Guy Delivery Guy   See fewer
Skye McDonald
Hot Video Customer Hot Video Customer   See fewer
Erin Rose Morse
Kimberly Pointer Kimberly Pointer   See fewer
Tricia O'Neill
Mrs. Baker Mrs. Baker   See fewer
Roddy Piper
Mr. Jablonski Mr. Jablonski   See fewer
Daniel Ramos
Groundskeeper Groundskeeper   See fewer
Nina Simone Robinson
Stripper #2 Stripper #2   See fewer
Ali Rose
Sarah Dawn Samuels Sarah Dawn Samuels   See fewer
Maureen Shea
Carli Lombardo Carli Lombardo   See fewer
Mariko Van Kampen
Mrs. Foreman Mrs. Foreman   See fewer
Hadley Colleen Wells
Stripper #3 Stripper #3   See fewer
Amber Stevens West
Daycare Employee (as Amber Stevens) Daycare Employee (as Amber Stevens)   See fewer
Ron Yavnieli
Announcer Announcer   See fewer
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