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  • Lux in Tenebris (2017)
  • 92 min | Drama, Thriller
Lux in Tenebris (2017)
92 min | Drama, Thriller

After her man DeShawn ends up in prison, Virginia raises two small girls and pursues a fresh start, guided by God. DeShawn comes back, the "devil" strikes again, and Virginia's daughters must seek an eternal "light in the darkness".
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Release date
Aug 12, 2017 (United States)


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87 cast members
Name Known for
Eric Roberts
Pokerboss Dean Deus Pokerboss Dean Deus   See fewer
Hakeem Sharif
Deshawn Mansfield Deshawn Mansfield   See fewer
Jenna Kramer
Virginia Kelleran Virginia Kelleran   See fewer
Alex Russo
Tedandra Kelleran Tedandra Kelleran   See fewer
Caroline L. George
Annabelina Kelleran (as Caroline George) Annabelina Kelleran (as Caroline George)   See fewer
Courtney Mclaughlin
Child Tedandra Kelleran Child Tedandra Kelleran   See fewer
Hannah Gourdine
Child Annabelina Kelleran Child Annabelina Kelleran   See fewer
Joseph Lee Billups Jr.
Clarance Mansfield (as Joe Billups) Clarance Mansfield (as Joe Billups)   See fewer
Shellie Miller
Margaret 'Auntie Peg' Mansfield Margaret 'Auntie Peg' Mansfield   See fewer
Mary Faktor
Mrs. B Mrs. B   See fewer
Jason Klingensmith
Jesse Jr & Sr McArthur Jesse Jr & Sr McArthur   See fewer
Tom Potoma
Caleb Caleb   See fewer
Peach Martine
Pop Star Peach Pop Star Peach   See fewer
Daniela Simms
Ms. Rockrogen Ms. Rockrogen   See fewer
Denny Castiglione
Preacher Preacher   See fewer
Braz Durso
Brasileiro Brasileiro   See fewer
Evette France
Louisa Mansfield Louisa Mansfield   See fewer
Carmen Gangale
Doctor Columbo Doctor Columbo   See fewer
Robert Graziosi
Pokerman Vinnie Marzano Pokerman Vinnie Marzano   See fewer
Vernard Adams
Pokerman Biggie Black Pokerman Biggie Black   See fewer
Evie Neal
Pokerlady Dee Ringer Pokerlady Dee Ringer   See fewer
Arthur Chu
Pokerman Len Lee Pokerman Len Lee   See fewer
Christopher Mele
Pokerman Wolf White Pokerman Wolf White   See fewer
Greg Steele
Pokerman Tex Wesson Pokerman Tex Wesson   See fewer
Jessica Shay
Dancer Kitty Kat Dancer Kitty Kat   See fewer
Zachary Davis Brown
Child Jesse McArthur Child Jesse McArthur   See fewer
Jason Botsford
Gay Bartender Gay Bartender   See fewer
Danan Robinson II
Child DeShawn Mansfield Child DeShawn Mansfield   See fewer
Amena Choudhury
Hospital staff Hospital staff   See fewer
Danielle Nungesser
Nurse McManus Nurse McManus   See fewer
Mary Corbett
EMT girl EMT girl   See fewer
Richard Deda
Conner Conner   See fewer
Bryce Dials
Joshua Joshua   See fewer
Aaron Green
Young Clarance Mansfield Young Clarance Mansfield   See fewer
Ashley Balas
Akeyra Diamonds Akeyra Diamonds   See fewer
B.J. Halsall
Security Dude Security Dude   See fewer
Hamilton Ray Hodge
EMT guy (as Ray Hodge) EMT guy (as Ray Hodge)   See fewer
Julie Holiday
Kim McArthur Kim McArthur   See fewer
Colleen Hagerty
Dancer Velvette Dancer Velvette   See fewer
Jennifer Lavi
Nurse Smith Nurse Smith   See fewer
Scott T. Morrison
Willie Klymaxxx Willie Klymaxxx   See fewer
James Neyman
Jimmy Klymaxxx Jimmy Klymaxxx   See fewer
Ashley Ramsak
Model Rhea Reamington Model Rhea Reamington   See fewer
Ian Cameron
Barman Barman   See fewer
Steven Farris
Dean Falcon Moscow Dean Falcon Moscow   See fewer
Lily Tamayo
Latina Latina   See fewer
Jose W. Byers
Big Dick Big Dick   See fewer
Dustin Wolfe
Dick Reamington Dick Reamington   See fewer
Brandon Blanchard
Rap Bar Homie 1 Rap Bar Homie 1   See fewer
Alfred D. Griffin
Rap Bar Homie 2 Rap Bar Homie 2   See fewer
Gannon Daniel Brown
Baby Teddy Baby Teddy   See fewer
Erigerta Deda
Bikini Breezy Bikini Breezy   See fewer
Briana Maggio
Young lady / nurse Young lady / nurse   See fewer
Jordan Greytak
Karaoke sound guy Karaoke sound guy   See fewer
Daniel Kozminski
Bakery shopper Bakery shopper   See fewer
Erica Lieber
Church Lady Church Lady   See fewer
Sarah Marie Claire Brooks
Church Patron Church Patron   See fewer
Christina Cacic
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Joe Fishel
Karaoke Bar Patron Karaoke Bar Patron   See fewer
Christopher Kaczmarek
Bar patron Bar patron   See fewer
Kristen Lindsey
Karaoke singer Karaoke singer   See fewer
Kristina Randjelovic
Churchgoer Churchgoer   See fewer
Stefanie Barber
Karaoke Bar Patron (as Stefanie Satchik) Karaoke Bar Patron (as Stefanie Satchik)   See fewer
Kailah Wilson
Young girl Young girl   See fewer
Kim Wilson
Hospital employee Hospital employee   See fewer
Paul Shaia
Pastor Pastor   See fewer
David Gutter
1990s Bar Patron 1990s Bar Patron   See fewer
Amanda Hahn
Bakery employee Bakery employee   See fewer
William M. Johns
Restaurant Patron Restaurant Patron   See fewer
Ashley Renee McLaughlin
School student / Sunday School Student School student / Sunday School Student   See fewer
Sandra Mroczka
Churchgoer / Club patron Churchgoer / Club patron   See fewer
Jeff Pierce
Drag Queen Drag Queen   See fewer
Mitch Randjelovic
School Student / Sunday School Student School Student / Sunday School Student   See fewer
Debbie Scaletta
Church Goer Church Goer   See fewer
Jeff Seich
Church Pianist Church Pianist   See fewer
Derek Talib
1990s Bar Patron 1990s Bar Patron   See fewer
Carisa Tanner
Girl in school Girl in school   See fewer
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