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O Beijo do Escorpião

Episode #1.16 (Season 1, Episode 16)
TV Episode | Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Updated Feb 21, 2014

Release date
Feb 21, 2014 (Portugal)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Dalila Carmo
Rita Macieira Rita Macieira   See fewer
Sara Matos
Alice Vidal Alice Vidal   See fewer
Pedro Lima
Fernando Macieira Fernando Macieira   See fewer
Pedro Teixeira
Rafael Pires Rafael Pires   See fewer
Nuno Homem de Sá
António Furtado António Furtado   See fewer
Ana Brito e Cunha
Alexandra Furtado Alexandra Furtado   See fewer
Marco Delgado
Romão Valente de Albuquerque Romão Valente de Albuquerque   See fewer
Sandra Faleiro
Natália de Albuquerque Natália de Albuquerque   See fewer
Maria José Pascoal
Conceição Pires Conceição Pires   See fewer
Joana Seixas
Teresa Furtado Teresa Furtado   See fewer
Rui Luís Brás
Marco Santos Marco Santos   See fewer
Sofia Nicholson
Ana Santos Ana Santos   See fewer
Paula Neves
Vera Ramos Vera Ramos   See fewer
Rodrigo Menezes
Nuno Ramos Nuno Ramos   See fewer
Dinarte Branco
Hilário Hilário   See fewer
Pedro Carvalho
Paulo Furtado Paulo Furtado   See fewer
Patricia André
Isabel de Albuquerque Isabel de Albuquerque   See fewer
Renato Godinho
Manuel Ventura Manuel Ventura   See fewer
Duarte Gomes
Miguel Macieira Miguel Macieira   See fewer
Madalena Brandão
Marta Ventura Marta Ventura   See fewer
Isaac Alfaiate
Ricardo de Albuquerque Ricardo de Albuquerque   See fewer
Rodrigo Paganelli
André Macieira André Macieira   See fewer
Mikaela Lupu
Maria Santos (as Mikaela Lupo) Maria Santos (as Mikaela Lupo)   See fewer
Gonçalo Sá
Frederico Santos Frederico Santos   See fewer
Mafalda Tavares
Carlota Furtado Carlota Furtado   See fewer
Luís Ganito
Duarte Macieira Duarte Macieira   See fewer
Daniela Marques
Beatriz Ventura Beatriz Ventura   See fewer
Francisco Magalhães
Martim Ramos Martim Ramos   See fewer
Nicolau Breyner
Henrique de Albuquerque Henrique de Albuquerque   See fewer
Lídia Franco
Madalena de Albuquerque Madalena de Albuquerque   See fewer
Margarida Marinho
Rosalinda Rosalinda   See fewer
André Gago
Jacques Jacques   See fewer
Carla Gomes
Actress Actress   See fewer
Fátima Ferreira
Actress Actress   See fewer
Gustavo Vargas
Médico Médico   See fewer
Lucia Garcia
Actress Actress   See fewer
Patricia Resende
Actress Actress   See fewer
Rosa Villa
Arminda Arminda   See fewer
Rute Miranda
Enfermeira Enfermeira   See fewer
Sónia Balacó
Zulmira Dias Zulmira Dias   See fewer
Susana Blazer
Actress Actress   See fewer
Teresa Faria
Actress Actress   See fewer
Nuno Pardal
Gonçalo Neves Gonçalo Neves   See fewer
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