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The Last Days of Belle Starr

It follows the notorious Bandit Queen of the Indian Territory, Maybelle Shirley Starr and her opposition to the Oklahoma Land Rush of April 22,1889.
Jay Casey (lead historian) | Eric Parkinson
Casting Director

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Updated Sep 23, 2022
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53 cast members
Name Known for
Robert Rusler
W. H.H. Clayton W. H.H. Clayton   See fewer
Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas
Equa Saquu (the Great One) Equa Saquu (the Great One)   See fewer
Sean Gestl
Eli Bruner Eli Bruner   See fewer
Eric Parkinson
Marshal Heck Thomas Marshal Heck Thomas   See fewer
Lorin McCraley
Malachi Allen Malachi Allen   See fewer
Paul Sinacore
Jim Wallis Jim Wallis   See fewer
Michael Rowe
Councilman Haggerty Councilman Haggerty   See fewer
Bobbie Grace
Teresa Davis Teresa Davis   See fewer
Victoria Fox
Kate McDougal Kate McDougal   See fewer
Mikaela Seamans
Mikaela Kaminski Mikaela Kaminski   See fewer
Laura Shatkus
Mrs. Pfeifer Mrs. Pfeifer   See fewer
Phoenix Ghost
Standing Bear Standing Bear   See fewer
Mark Landon Smith
Mr. Pfeifer Mr. Pfeifer   See fewer
Harmony Holmquist
Pearl Starr Pearl Starr   See fewer
Thesa Loving
Maggie Lund Maggie Lund   See fewer
Michael Graham
Perkins Perkins   See fewer
Faron Ledbetter
Congressman William Cate Congressman William Cate   See fewer
Harry Botts
Clarence Clarence   See fewer
Katherine Forbes
Jane Phillips Jane Phillips   See fewer
Chase Parker
Mogwai Mogwai   See fewer
Ginny Grace Ledbetter
Rose (as Ginny-Grace Ledbetter) Rose (as Ginny-Grace Ledbetter)   See fewer
Jarred Rogers
Harry Sinclair Harry Sinclair   See fewer
Jon McCallum
Frank Phillips Frank Phillips   See fewer
Lee Pfeifer
Marshal Rhodes Marshal Rhodes   See fewer
Mekko Toretto
Quanah Bravebird Quanah Bravebird   See fewer
Erica Calhoun
Aiyanna (as Erika Calhoun) Aiyanna (as Erika Calhoun)   See fewer
Gary Witcher
Marshal Witcher Marshal Witcher   See fewer
Taylor Pedigo
Marshal Taylor Marshal Taylor   See fewer
Renee Whiteley
Judge Parker's Secretary Judge Parker's Secretary   See fewer
NaTosha DeVon
Nettie-Jennie Reeves Nettie-Jennie Reeves   See fewer
Kelly Prewitt
Willow Bear Willow Bear   See fewer
Matthew Hixenbaugh
Darren LoPicollo Darren LoPicollo   See fewer
Mike Garner
Marshal Paden Tolbert Marshal Paden Tolbert   See fewer
Sally Baker Williams
Produce Lady Produce Lady   See fewer
Zachariah Wildcat
Usdi Bear Usdi Bear   See fewer
Leah Schilling
Louise Dexter Thomas Louise Dexter Thomas   See fewer
Destiny Richelle
Virginia Sinclair Virginia Sinclair   See fewer
Ashleigh Rainey
Peggy Sinclair Peggy Sinclair   See fewer
Amy Herzberg
Miss Williams Miss Williams   See fewer
Peggy Chenault
Law Clerk Law Clerk   See fewer
Jeremy Goodvoice
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye   See fewer
Liz Shuckakosee
Franny Fox Franny Fox   See fewer
Alison Alison
Isabelle Thomas Isabelle Thomas   See fewer
Leeanna Hunkele
Running Deer Running Deer   See fewer
Chay Nicholas
Atsila Atsila   See fewer
Jeremy Nash Miller
Pablo Pokette Pablo Pokette   See fewer
Cliff Wofford
Cherokee Chief Mayes Cherokee Chief Mayes   See fewer
Robert Huston
Deputy Marshal Deputy Marshal   See fewer
Luke Schilling
Aloysius Thomas Aloysius Thomas   See fewer
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