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  • Shooting Clerks (2019)
  • 105 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama
Shooting Clerks (2019)
105 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama

The true story of how convenience store clerk Kevin Smith made his grainy $27,000 film Clerks with maxed-out credit cards and the people who aided him in his indie crusade.
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Updated Jul 20, 2019

Release date
Oct 22, 2016 (United States)


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88 cast members
Name Known for
Kevin Smith
Larkin Eve Larkin Eve   See fewer
Jason Mewes
Partymeister Lars Partymeister Lars   See fewer
Brian O'Halloran
Elis Heimermann Elis Heimermann   See fewer
Marilyn Ghigliotti
Ali Thomlyn Ali Thomlyn   See fewer
Jake Richardson
Party Marty Party Marty   See fewer
Kyle Hebert
Kay Theater Announcer (voice) Kay Theater Announcer (voice)   See fewer
Sanjeev Kohli
Dr. Jared Patel Dr. Jared Patel   See fewer
James Rolfe
Leonard James Nash Leonard James Nash   See fewer
Bryan Johnson
Comic Book Horndog Comic Book Horndog   See fewer
David Klein
Rental Clerk Rental Clerk   See fewer
Walter Flanagan
Comic Book Steve Comic Book Steve   See fewer
Nick Cornwall
Bob Hawk Bob Hawk   See fewer
Scott Schiaffo
Don Smith Don Smith   See fewer
Ming Chen
Comic Book Clerk Comic Book Clerk   See fewer
Stephanie Price
Lisa Spoonauer / Caitlin Bree Lisa Spoonauer / Caitlin Bree   See fewer
Matthew Postlethwaite
Walt Flanagan Walt Flanagan   See fewer
Mike Zapcic
Comic Book Dave Comic Book Dave   See fewer
Frank Powers
Frank Powers (voice) Frank Powers (voice)   See fewer
Grace Smith
Milk Maid Prime Milk Maid Prime   See fewer
Mike Matei
Festival Programmer Festival Programmer   See fewer
Ernest O'Donnell
Sergeant Svenning Sergeant Svenning   See fewer
Ryan James
Cracker Jack / Chairback Cracker Jack / Chairback   See fewer
Harry Partridge
Usher (voice) Usher (voice)   See fewer
Bern Cohen
Thomas Burke Thomas Burke   See fewer
John Henry Westhead
Olaf Dudnik Olaf Dudnik   See fewer
Vincent Pereira
Sundancer Sundancer   See fewer
Donna Jeanne
Indecisive Customer Indecisive Customer   See fewer
Christopher Downie
Alex Sanderson Alex Sanderson   See fewer
Thomas Burke
Geoff Connolly Geoff Connolly   See fewer
Frances Cresci
Smoking Woman Smoking Woman   See fewer
Bronagh Fallon
Miss Costanza Miss Costanza   See fewer
Betsy Broussard
Sister Mary Rufus Sister Mary Rufus   See fewer
Chris Bain
Jason Mewes / Jay Jason Mewes / Jay   See fewer
Robert Hawk
Moose Jaw Network Interviewer Moose Jaw Network Interviewer   See fewer
Beverly Longhurst
Grace Smith Grace Smith   See fewer
Lee Bendick
Man Who Lost His Keys Man Who Lost His Keys   See fewer
Joe Bagnole
Impatient Customer Impatient Customer   See fewer
Felix Kay
Canadian TV Announcer (voice) Canadian TV Announcer (voice)   See fewer
Harry Mitchell
Scott Mosier Scott Mosier   See fewer
Jeff Williams
Sundance Reporter Sundance Reporter   See fewer
Amber Steele
Cracker Jill (as Amber D. Steele) Cracker Jill (as Amber D. Steele)   See fewer
P.R. Brown
Officer Ross (voice) (as Paul R. Brown) Officer Ross (voice) (as Paul R. Brown)   See fewer
Jon Glasgow
Ernie O'Donnell (as Jonny Glasgow) Ernie O'Donnell (as Jonny Glasgow)   See fewer
Mike Belicose
Vice Principal McNeil Vice Principal McNeil   See fewer
Tom Sullivan
Jeff Anderson / Randal Graves Jeff Anderson / Randal Graves   See fewer
Brett Murray
Bryan Johnson Bryan Johnson   See fewer
Kit Alexander
Brian O'Halloran / Dante Hicks Brian O'Halloran / Dante Hicks   See fewer
Kayleigh Ferguson
Young Grace Smith Young Grace Smith   See fewer
Alisdair Gilbert
Joe Bagnole Joe Bagnole   See fewer
Mark Frost
Kevin Smith / Silent Bob Kevin Smith / Silent Bob   See fewer
Thom DeMicco
Tromaville Pledge Tromaville Pledge   See fewer
Dale R. Murray
Vinnie Pereira (as Dale Murray) Vinnie Pereira (as Dale Murray)   See fewer
Kyle Corwin
Tromaville Pledge Tromaville Pledge   See fewer
Claire Elizabeth Laurenson
Betsy Broussard Betsy Broussard   See fewer
Dan Ballester
Richard Linklater Richard Linklater   See fewer
Scott M. Holden
TV Interviewer TV Interviewer   See fewer
Stefen Laurantz
Harry Weizmann Harry Weizmann   See fewer
Bruce Cameron
Bucket Hat Party Guest Bucket Hat Party Guest   See fewer
Kat Habrukowich
The Narrator / Dispatch (voice) The Narrator / Dispatch (voice)   See fewer
Amber Smith
Party Muse Party Muse   See fewer
Andrew McCabe
Boombox Bill Boombox Bill   See fewer
Wren Downie
Lil' Mewes Lil' Mewes   See fewer
Kevin Pender
Young Don Smith Young Don Smith   See fewer
Silvia Brill
Jeff's Mother Jeff's Mother   See fewer
K.C. Murray
Kevin Smith (age 8) Kevin Smith (age 8)   See fewer
Jamie Brown
Mike Belicose Mike Belicose   See fewer
Alida Downie
Kevin's Wife Kevin's Wife   See fewer
Lucas Michael Gilbert
Tween Mewes Tween Mewes   See fewer
Adam Troup
Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez   See fewer
Chris Lowry
Kevin Smith (age 13) Kevin Smith (age 13)   See fewer
Katie O'Donnell
Smoking Girl Smoking Girl   See fewer
Verity Clarke
Miss Mewes Miss Mewes   See fewer
Ashley Graziano
Marilyn Ghigliotti / Veronica Loughran Marilyn Ghigliotti / Veronica Loughran   See fewer
Beth Downie
Milkmaid Milkmaid   See fewer
Kenneth Brill
Olaf Dudnik's Rhythm Guitarist / Man with camcorder Olaf Dudnik's Rhythm Guitarist / Man with camcorder   See fewer
Julia Carstairs
Kasey Lauren Kasey Lauren   See fewer
Russ Murray
Mr. Johnson Mr. Johnson   See fewer
Andy Mac
Mike Zapcic Mike Zapcic   See fewer
Sian Thomas
Jason's Lady Friend Jason's Lady Friend   See fewer
Robin Downie
Kevin's Daughter Kevin's Daughter   See fewer
Jono Highwolf Smith
Vinnie's Cousin (voice) Vinnie's Cousin (voice)   See fewer
Jay Booton
Dave Klein Dave Klein   See fewer
Kit Prakkamakul
Ming Chen Ming Chen   See fewer
Jeanne Holden
Woman in restaurant (uncredited) Woman in restaurant (uncredited)   See fewer
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