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  • Virtuous (2015)
  • 152 min | Drama
Virtuous (2015)
152 min | Drama

This modern-day version of Proverbs 31 features a Hollywood starlet, a soldier on the battlefield, a successful businesswoman, and and the homemaking and cooking skills of dear old Mom.
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Jason Campbell (original story) | Tara Lynn Marcelle (written by)

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Release date
Jun 2, 2015 (United States)


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82 cast members
Name Known for
Erik Estrada
Jack Evans Jack Evans   See fewer
Erin Bethea
Potter's House Graduate Potter's House Graduate   See fewer
Tim Perez-Ross
Agent Connor Griffin (as Tim Ross) Agent Connor Griffin (as Tim Ross)   See fewer
Timothy E. Goodwin
Ellis - Camera Man Ellis - Camera Man   See fewer
Ben Davies
Patrick Walters Patrick Walters   See fewer
Kera O'Bryon
Kayleigh Evans Kayleigh Evans   See fewer
Sandra Elise Williams
Barbara Carter Barbara Carter   See fewer
Todd Maynor
Matt Jenkins Matt Jenkins   See fewer
David Schifter
Ian Fisher Ian Fisher   See fewer
Bonnie Johnson
Donna Ferguson Donna Ferguson   See fewer
Tom Gore
Military 3 Military 3   See fewer
Jessica Lynch
Military Meeting Specialist Military Meeting Specialist   See fewer
Vanessa Ore
Campbell Carter Campbell Carter   See fewer
Rick Canino
Boxer Williams Boxer Williams   See fewer
Angela Brown
Dr. Galazini (as Angela Oberer) Dr. Galazini (as Angela Oberer)   See fewer
Alexander McPherson
Drug Dealer Drug Dealer   See fewer
Cedric Greenway
Rob - Military Team mate Rob - Military Team mate   See fewer
Brandy Allison
Simone Burner Simone Burner   See fewer
Adam Drake
Bryan Avery Bryan Avery   See fewer
Rachel Cox
Juror,Club Patron,Interviewed Witness Juror,Club Patron,Interviewed Witness   See fewer
Rigo Nova
Yelling Taliban Soldier Yelling Taliban Soldier   See fewer
Ted Johnson
Carl Ferguson Carl Ferguson   See fewer
Deven Bromme
Jahmir Malach Jahmir Malach   See fewer
Chuck Clark
Mr. John Welden Mr. John Welden   See fewer
Todd Maynard
Matt - Military Team mate Matt - Military Team mate   See fewer
Jeff Glover
Government agent (as Jeff Matthew Glover) Government agent (as Jeff Matthew Glover)   See fewer
Angelita Nelson
Detective Avery Detective Avery   See fewer
Catherine Trail
Ms. Charlotte Ms. Charlotte   See fewer
Brett David Stelter
Army Private Army Private   See fewer
Don Brooks
Jeremy Daniels Jeremy Daniels   See fewer
Jeff Strickland
Solider Solider   See fewer
James Spicer
Government Official Government Official   See fewer
Shaker Sangam
Iraqi solder Iraqi solder   See fewer
Dean Haskins
Franklin Rossman Franklin Rossman   See fewer
Barbra Prince
Actress Actress   See fewer
Kayli Maree Tolleson
Blair Evans Blair Evans   See fewer
Amber Fish
Emily Emily   See fewer
Eliot Sloan
Detective Thomas Detective Thomas   See fewer
Shalita McFarland
Courtroom Attendee Courtroom Attendee   See fewer
Ryan Hart
Iraqi Guard 2 Iraqi Guard 2   See fewer
Marc Crandlemire
Preston Walters (as Mark Crandlemire) Preston Walters (as Mark Crandlemire)   See fewer
Danny Agha
Ali Mahara Ali Mahara   See fewer
Roger Anthony
Party Guest / AA Meeting attendee Party Guest / AA Meeting attendee   See fewer
Kelly Bowling
Kathy Morris Kathy Morris   See fewer
Benny Tate
Pastor Benny Carter Pastor Benny Carter   See fewer
David Pharr
Hunter Hunter   See fewer
Chris Menard
Charles Charles   See fewer
Missy McGuire
Lucy - Potter's House Lucy - Potter's House   See fewer
Jade Williams
Kid at Party Kid at Party   See fewer
Jordyn Bingham
Brianna Brianna   See fewer
Doyle Brookshire
Bus Driver Bus Driver   See fewer
Libby Newsom
Hospital patient Hospital patient   See fewer
Mishay Bingham
Party Girl Party Girl   See fewer
Rene Barber
News Room Receptionist News Room Receptionist   See fewer
Courtney Buck
Gym Girl Gym Girl   See fewer
Carol Anne Hartman
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Kenneth McKinney
Courtroom Observer Courtroom Observer   See fewer
Gene Barber
Military 2 Military 2   See fewer
Kelsey Brooks
College Girl 1 College Girl 1   See fewer
Charles E. Tucker
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Alley Prechiazzi
Nurse 1 Nurse 1   See fewer
Alex Foley
Iraqi Guard 1 Iraqi Guard 1   See fewer
Ricky Shepherd
Ricky - Minister of Music Ricky - Minister of Music   See fewer
Jan Ivers
Tara Carter Tara Carter   See fewer
April Map
Nurse 2 Nurse 2   See fewer
Jaice Williams
Kid at Party Kid at Party   See fewer
James Higginbotham
Military 1 Military 1   See fewer
A.J. Pulliam
Trevor Trevor   See fewer
Ryan Christopher
Private Detective Private Detective   See fewer
Manuel Rodriguez
Recovering Alcohlic Recovering Alcohlic   See fewer
Obie Sparks
Elvis (rumored) Elvis (rumored)   See fewer
Cory Lyn Bennett
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Deaven Brooks
Church Ceremony (uncredited) Church Ceremony (uncredited)   See fewer
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