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  • Survivor: Philippines Preview (2012)
  • TV Special
Survivor: Philippines Preview (2012)
TV Special

Michael Simon (as Michael A. Simon)
Russ Landau | David Vanacore (music composed by)
Casting Director
Production Designers

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Updated Sep 10, 2012

Release date
Sep 10, 2012 (United States)


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26 cast members
Name Known for
Justice Coleman
Self - Lisa's Brother (as Justice) Self - Lisa's Brother (as Justice)   See fewer
Sarah Dawson
Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Dawson) Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Dawson)   See fewer
Malcolm Freberg
Self - Matsing Tribe (as Malcolm) Self - Matsing Tribe (as Malcolm)   See fewer
Miles Freberg
Self - Malcolm's Brother (as Miles) Self - Malcolm's Brother (as Miles)   See fewer
Abi-Maria Gomes
Self - Tandang Tribe (as Abi-Maria) Self - Tandang Tribe (as Abi-Maria)   See fewer
Vera Gomes
Self - Abi's Mom (as Vera) Self - Abi's Mom (as Vera)   See fewer
Katie Hanson
Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Katie) Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Katie)   See fewer
Jeff Kent
Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Jeff) Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Jeff)   See fewer
Zane Knight
Self - Matsing Tribe (as Zane) Self - Matsing Tribe (as Zane)   See fewer
Dana Lambert
Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Dana) Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Dana)   See fewer
Angie Layton
Self - Matsing Tribe (as Angie) Self - Matsing Tribe (as Angie)   See fewer
Roxanne Morris
Self - Matsing Tribe (as Roxanne) Self - Matsing Tribe (as Roxanne)   See fewer
Jonathan Penner
Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Jonathan) Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Jonathan)   See fewer
Jeff Probst
Self - Host Self - Host   See fewer
Roberta Saint-Amour
Self - Tandang Tribe (as RC) Self - Tandang Tribe (as RC)   See fewer
Artis Silvester
Self - Tandang Tribe (as Artis) Self - Tandang Tribe (as Artis)   See fewer
Michael Skupin
Self - Tandang Tribe (as Michael) Self - Tandang Tribe (as Michael)   See fewer
Michael Leo Skupin
Self - Michael's Son Self - Michael's Son   See fewer
Brad Stapley
Self - Denise's Husband (as Brad) Self - Denise's Husband (as Brad)   See fewer
Denise Stapley
Self - Matsing Tribe (as Denise) Self - Matsing Tribe (as Denise)   See fewer
Russell Swan
Self - Matsing Tribe (as Russell) Self - Matsing Tribe (as Russell)   See fewer
Joseph Turner
Self - Medical Director (as Joe) Self - Medical Director (as Joe)   See fewer
Lisa Whelchel
Self - Tandang Tribe (as Lisa) Self - Tandang Tribe (as Lisa)   See fewer
Bianca Williams
Self - Carter's Mom (as Bianca) Self - Carter's Mom (as Bianca)   See fewer
Carter Williams
Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Carter) Self - Kalabaw Tribe (as Carter)   See fewer
Peter Yurkowski
Self - Tandang Tribe (as Peter) Self - Tandang Tribe (as Peter)   See fewer
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