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  • Sex, Death and Bowling (2015)
  • R
    92 min | Comedy, Drama
Sex, Death and Bowling (2015)
92 min | Comedy, Drama

Eli McAllister, our eleven-year-old hero, is on a quest. He is also setting out to win The Fiesta Cup, a local bowling tournament. Joining him is his famous fashion designer uncle, Sean McAllister.
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Ally Walker (story)
Casting Directors
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Release date
Oct 30, 2015 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Joshua Rush
Eli McAllister Eli McAllister   See fewer
Adrian Grenier
Sean McAllister Sean McAllister   See fewer
Joanna Ranee Wood
Woman in Suit Woman in Suit   See fewer
Betsy Cramer
Woman in Trench Coat Woman in Trench Coat   See fewer
Richard Riehle
Father Joe Father Joe   See fewer
Melora Walters
Evie Flores Evie Flores   See fewer
Daniel Hugh Kelly
Dick McAllister Dick McAllister   See fewer
Adam Hochstetter
Snotty #1 Snotty #1   See fewer
Carsen Warner
Snotty #2 Snotty #2   See fewer
Sean Ryan Fox
Wolf Hollister Wolf Hollister   See fewer
Drew Powell
Tim Hollister Tim Hollister   See fewer
Bailey Chase
Rick McAllister Rick McAllister   See fewer
Selma Blair
Glenn McAllister Glenn McAllister   See fewer
Hudson Thames
Teenage Sean Teenage Sean   See fewer
Justin Prentice
Teenage Rick Teenage Rick   See fewer
Marco James
Teenage John Teenage John   See fewer
Cheyanne Cope
Teenage Glen Teenage Glen   See fewer
Joe Massingill
Teenage Tim Hollister Teenage Tim Hollister   See fewer
Serena Bateman
Teenage Tim's Girlfriend Teenage Tim's Girlfriend   See fewer
Wayne Wilderson
Ben Kingston Ben Kingston   See fewer
Lyle Kanouse
Hal Spencer Hal Spencer   See fewer
Ian Duncan
Devon North Devon North   See fewer
Googy Gress
Dan Cornfelder Dan Cornfelder   See fewer
Max Ermakov
Jock #1 Jock #1   See fewer
Sean Bremner
Jock #2 Jock #2   See fewer
Yetta Gottesman
Chay Caldwell Lara Chay Caldwell Lara   See fewer
Elena Aaron
Nan Allarid Nan Allarid   See fewer
Tim DeKay
Sex Video Teacher Sex Video Teacher   See fewer
Justin Lopez
Teacher / Coach Teacher / Coach   See fewer
Riley Lennon Nice
Tyler (as Riley Nice) Tyler (as Riley Nice)   See fewer
Karyn Quackenbush
Miss Goddard Miss Goddard   See fewer
Jeffrey De Serrano
Coach Frank Coach Frank   See fewer
Eddie Matos
John Garcia John Garcia   See fewer
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Kim Wells Kim Wells   See fewer
Rebecca Benzell
Teenage Kim Teenage Kim   See fewer
Rosie Trujillo
Teenage Mercedes Teenage Mercedes   See fewer
Erica Gimpel
Shanti Shanti   See fewer
Sai Baba Sai Baba   See fewer
Jody Hart
Charlie Cornfelder Charlie Cornfelder   See fewer
Brian J. Carter
Bowling Manager Bowling Manager   See fewer
Valorie Hubbard
Hal's Wife Hal's Wife   See fewer
Dylan Nalbandian
Young Sean Young Sean   See fewer
Weston McClelland
Young Rick Young Rick   See fewer
Andy McDermott
Skydiving Instructor Skydiving Instructor   See fewer
Patrick Arthur
Bowling Captain (uncredited) Bowling Captain (uncredited)   See fewer
Andy M. Goldberg
Andy Bowler (uncredited) Andy Bowler (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Hird
Paramedic (uncredited) Paramedic (uncredited)   See fewer
Phil Pritchard
#1 Bowler - Yellow Team (uncredited) #1 Bowler - Yellow Team (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Rodrick
Honor Guard Leader (uncredited) Honor Guard Leader (uncredited)   See fewer
Greg Simmonds
Bowler - Green Team (uncredited) Bowler - Green Team (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Waters
Pastor (uncredited) Pastor (uncredited)   See fewer
Marc Yellin
Tim Bowler (uncredited) Tim Bowler (uncredited)   See fewer
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