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  • Slow West (2015)
  • R
    84 min | Action, Adventure, Drama
Slow West (2015)
84 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A young Scottish man travels across America in pursuit of the woman he loves, attracting the attention of an outlaw who is willing to serve as a guide.
John Maclean (written by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 16, 2015 (United States)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Jay Cavendish Jay Cavendish   See fewer
Caren Pistorius
Rose Ross Rose Ross   See fewer
Aorere Paki
Young Native Boy Young Native Boy   See fewer
Jeffrey Thomas
Union Officer Union Officer   See fewer
Hayden Frost
Young Soldier 1 Young Soldier 1   See fewer
Kieran Charnock
Young Soldier 2 Young Soldier 2   See fewer
Michael Fassbender
Silas Selleck Silas Selleck   See fewer
Joseph Passi
Congolese Singer 1 Congolese Singer 1   See fewer
Sam Manzanza
Congolese Singer 2 Congolese Singer 2   See fewer
Tawanda Manyimo
Congolese Singer 3 Congolese Singer 3   See fewer
David T. Lim
Tattoo Man (as David Lim) Tattoo Man (as David Lim)   See fewer
Bryan Michael Mills
The Minstrel (as Bryan Mills) The Minstrel (as Bryan Mills)   See fewer
Madeleine Sami
Marimacho Marimacho   See fewer
Michael Whalley
The Kid The Kid   See fewer
Brian Sergent
Payote Joe Payote Joe   See fewer
Edwin Wright
Victor the Hawk Victor the Hawk   See fewer
Ken Blackburn
Josh McKenzie Josh McKenzie   See fewer
Evie Simon
Eva Swedish Girl Eva Swedish Girl   See fewer
George Simon
Jan Swedish Boy Jan Swedish Boy   See fewer
Rory McCann
John Ross John Ross   See fewer
Stuart Martin
Callum Callum   See fewer
James Martin
Willie Leven Willie Leven   See fewer
Tony Croft
Angus the Clergyman Angus the Clergyman   See fewer
Marian Leven
Crofter Woman 1 Crofter Woman 1   See fewer
Margaret Starling
Crofter Woman 2 Crofter Woman 2   See fewer
Ali Beag Macleod
Musician 3 Musician 3   See fewer
Will Maclean
Musician 2 Musician 2   See fewer
Kevin MacLeod
Musician 1 Musician 1   See fewer
Kern Falconer
Donald Donald   See fewer
Stuart Bowman
Gordon Shaw Gordon Shaw   See fewer
Alex Macqueen
Rupert Cavendish Rupert Cavendish   See fewer
Andy McPhee
Burly Man 1 Burly Man 1   See fewer
David Maclean
Burly Man 2 Burly Man 2   See fewer
Aaron McGregor
Bill Allson Bill Allson   See fewer
Kalani Queypo
Kotori Kotori   See fewer
Emily Manuela
Native Woman 1 Native Woman 1   See fewer
Nicci Huston
Native Woman 2 Native Woman 2   See fewer
Mikaela Rüegg
Native Woman 3 (as Mikaela Ruegg) Native Woman 3 (as Mikaela Ruegg)   See fewer
Ariana McMillan
Native Woman 4 Native Woman 4   See fewer
Sam Manuela
Native Child 1 Native Child 1   See fewer
Nafe Manuela
Native Child 2 Native Child 2   See fewer
Jasmine Simon
Native Child 3 Native Child 3   See fewer
Tama Huston
Native Child 4 Native Child 4   See fewer
Epeli Manuela
Native Child 5 Native Child 5   See fewer
Olimpia Manuela
Native Child 6 Native Child 6   See fewer
Erroll Shand
Randy Trapper (uncredited) Randy Trapper (uncredited)   See fewer
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