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  • Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023)
  • R
    129 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023)
129 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther breaks out of prison to hunt down a sadistic serial killer who is terrorising London.
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Jamie Payne (directed by)
Neil Cross (based on the BBC Television series created by) (written by)
Peter Chernin (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Neil Cross (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Idris Elba (produced by) | David Ready (produced by) (p.g.a.) | Jenno Topping (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Lorne Balfe (music by)
Justine Wright (edited by)
Casting Directors
Denise Chamian (casting by) | Priscilla John (casting by) | Orla Maxwell (casting by)
Production Designer
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Updated Feb 24, 2023

Release date
Mar 10, 2023 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
Idris Elba
John Luther John Luther   See fewer
Cynthia Erivo
Odette Raine Odette Raine   See fewer
Andy Serkis
David Robey David Robey   See fewer
Dermot Crowley
Martin Schenk Martin Schenk   See fewer
Thomas Coombes
Archie Woodward Archie Woodward   See fewer
Hattie Morahan
Corinne Aldrich Corinne Aldrich   See fewer
Lauryn Ajufo
Anya Raine Anya Raine   See fewer
Vincent Regan
Dennis McCabe Dennis McCabe   See fewer
Ross Waiton
Newman Newman   See fewer
Dan Li
Wong Wong   See fewer
Edward Hogg
Derek Standish Derek Standish   See fewer
Einar Kuusk
Kachimov Kachimov   See fewer
Tom McCall
Freddie - Assault Squad Freddie - Assault Squad   See fewer
Carl Spencer
Jamal - Assault Squad Jamal - Assault Squad   See fewer
Amy Trigg
Bullpen Tech Bullpen Tech   See fewer
Jess Liaudin
Nilsson Nilsson   See fewer
Alexander Anderson
Ian Moore Ian Moore   See fewer
Ian Streetz
Deacon Deacon   See fewer
Teodor Tzolov
Skinner Skinner   See fewer
Andy Apollo
Barman Barman   See fewer
Samantha Pearl
Uniformed Officer Uniformed Officer   See fewer
Bianca Bardoe
Italian Girlfriend Italian Girlfriend   See fewer
Patrick Marciano
Italian Boyfriend Italian Boyfriend   See fewer
Hugo Nicolau
Brigida's Father Brigida's Father   See fewer
Ash Patel
Middle Aged Asian Man Middle Aged Asian Man   See fewer
Yasmine Maya
Middle Aged Asian Woman Middle Aged Asian Woman   See fewer
Paul Coster
Patrician White Man Patrician White Man   See fewer
Susan Lawson-Reynolds
British African Woman British African Woman   See fewer
Grace Cookey-Gam
Nicole Lewis Nicole Lewis   See fewer
Henry Hereford
Brian Lee Brian Lee   See fewer
Wayne Cater
Trevor Underhill Trevor Underhill   See fewer
Martin Sarreal
Young Tourist Young Tourist   See fewer
Orlando Brooke
Victim Farmer Victim Farmer   See fewer
James Bamford
Callum Aldrich Callum Aldrich   See fewer
Nicola Achilleas
News Reporter 1 News Reporter 1   See fewer
Charlotte Workman
News Reporter 2 News Reporter 2   See fewer
Lawrence Russell
News Reporter 3 News Reporter 3   See fewer
Guy Williams
Tim Cranfield (Civil Servant) Tim Cranfield (Civil Servant)   See fewer
Cain Aiden
Gamer on Live Stream (uncredited) Gamer on Live Stream (uncredited)   See fewer
Shane Askam
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Nikky Athan
Greek Student (uncredited) Greek Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicholas Blatt
Live Stream Dad (uncredited) Live Stream Dad (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Blight
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Naomi Bowman
Prison Guard (uncredited) Prison Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Callum Chiplin
Rescue Worker (uncredited) Rescue Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Boye Cole
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Stuart Cooke
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Eames
Police Sergeant (uncredited) Police Sergeant (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Eghan
Forensic Officer (uncredited) Forensic Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Valerie Ósk Elenudóttir
Victim (uncredited) Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Fairlie
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Bluebell Farey
Tanya (uncredited) Tanya (uncredited)   See fewer
Tara Fitzgerald
Georgette Robey (uncredited) Georgette Robey (uncredited)   See fewer
Amir Hamza
Market Goer (uncredited) Market Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Georgina Frances Hart
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicholas Joy
Old Bailey Crowd (uncredited) Old Bailey Crowd (uncredited)   See fewer
Mikael Kaaber
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Parvinder Kaur
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Tianyi Kiy
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Chelsea Li
Tuber (uncredited) Tuber (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Mason
Armed Police Officer (uncredited) Armed Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Alice Eleanor Matthews
Soco (uncredited) Soco (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony McCarthy
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Amore Psiche
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Edith Quick
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Zoltan Rencsar
Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited)   See fewer
Samuel Spring
Jool (uncredited) Jool (uncredited)   See fewer
Jonathan Staples
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Peter Theobalds
DC Williams (uncredited) DC Williams (uncredited)   See fewer
Antony Thomas
Policeman (uncredited) Policeman (uncredited)   See fewer
James Travis
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Ben Vincent
Bunker Victim (uncredited) Bunker Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Addis Williams
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Samuel Winner
American Teenager (uncredited) American Teenager (uncredited)   See fewer
Sachiko Yokoyama
Protester (uncredited) Protester (uncredited)   See fewer
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