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  • Walt Before Mickey (2015)
  • PG
    107 min | Biography, Drama
Walt Before Mickey (2015)
107 min | Biography, Drama

Based on the book "Walt Before Mickey" covers the early years of Walt Disney's career.
Timothy Susanin (based on the book by: ) | Diane Disney (foreword) (as Diane Disney Miller) | Arthur L. Bernstein | Armando Gutierrez | Frank Licari (additional writing)
Production Designer
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Updated Aug 14, 2015

Release date
Aug 14, 2015 (United States)


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69 cast members
Name Known for
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Walt Disney Walt Disney   See fewer
Jon Heder
Roy Disney Roy Disney   See fewer
Armando Gutierrez
Ub Iwerks Ub Iwerks   See fewer
David Henrie
Rudy Ising Rudy Ising   See fewer
Jodie Sweetin
Charlotte Disney Charlotte Disney   See fewer
Taylor Gray
Friz Freleng Friz Freleng   See fewer
Kate Katzman
Lillian Disney Lillian Disney   See fewer
Conor Dubin
Charles Mintz Charles Mintz   See fewer
Hunter Gomez
Hugh Harman Hugh Harman   See fewer
Timothy Neil Williams
Fred Harman Fred Harman   See fewer
Ayla Kell
Bridget Bridget   See fewer
Arthur L. Bernstein
Frank Newman Frank Newman   See fewer
Frank Licari
George Winkler George Winkler   See fewer
Flora Bonfanti
Margaret Winkler Margaret Winkler   See fewer
Natasha Sherritt
Edna Disney Edna Disney   See fewer
Dessie (as Sheena Colette) Dessie (as Sheena Colette)   See fewer
Owen Teague
Young Walt Young Walt   See fewer
Haley Swindal
Nurse Maggie Nurse Maggie   See fewer
Bucky Dent
Alice #1 Audition Father Alice #1 Audition Father   See fewer
Randy Molnar
Uncle Robert Uncle Robert   See fewer
Nicolas D'Amico
Young Walt Pfeiffer Young Walt Pfeiffer   See fewer
Justin Bowen
Process Server Process Server   See fewer
Tamela D'Amico
Mrs. Doyle Mrs. Doyle   See fewer
Lance Tafelski
Dramatic Performer Dramatic Performer   See fewer
Donn Lamkin
Elias Disney Elias Disney   See fewer
Lee Broda
Pesman Secretary Pesman Secretary   See fewer
Noah Forgione
Young Roy Young Roy   See fewer
Beatrice Taveras
Virginia Davis Virginia Davis   See fewer
Demitri Vardoulias
Younger Walt Younger Walt   See fewer
Maralee Thompson
Dawn Paris Dawn Paris   See fewer
Jordan Werner
Pesman Waiting Guy Pesman Waiting Guy   See fewer
Evan Huit
Boy Alice Boy Alice   See fewer
Briana Colman
Ruth Disney Ruth Disney   See fewer
Charles Harrelson
Projectionist Projectionist   See fewer
Tom Rooney
Horse Farmer Horse Farmer   See fewer
Richard S. Bernstein
Real Estate Agent Real Estate Agent   See fewer
Karla H. Bernstein
Actress (as Karla Hael Bernstein) Actress (as Karla Hael Bernstein)   See fewer
Guy Morgan
Kansas City Landlord Kansas City Landlord   See fewer
J.C. Roy
California Landlord (as Jc Roy) California Landlord (as Jc Roy)   See fewer
Michael Rubino
Thurston (as Michael Rubinol) Thurston (as Michael Rubinol)   See fewer
Annette Gutierrez
Universal Studios Secretary (as Annette Capo Gutierrez) Universal Studios Secretary (as Annette Capo Gutierrez)   See fewer
Ray Negron
Worker Worker   See fewer
Grace Flatscher
Lois Hardwick Lois Hardwick   See fewer
Gus Bilirakis
Job Applicant Job Applicant   See fewer
Alex Morales
Farmer Farmer   See fewer
Samantha Wooley
Alice #2 Alice #2   See fewer
Olivia Moeschet
Alice #3 Alice #3   See fewer
Vicco Von Buelow
Applicant Applicant   See fewer
Daniel Wachs
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Christopher Dosen
Leslie Mace Leslie Mace   See fewer
Bret Jones
Angry Farmer Angry Farmer   See fewer
Jesline Capo
Train Passenger 1 Train Passenger 1   See fewer
Steven Yeung
Train Passenger 2 Train Passenger 2   See fewer
Kate Zaccaro
Train Passenger 3 Train Passenger 3   See fewer
Ryan Finnegan
Train Passenger 4 Train Passenger 4   See fewer
Joe Valente
Coffee Patron Coffee Patron   See fewer
Nancy Barber
Flora Disney (uncredited) Flora Disney (uncredited)   See fewer
Alexander J. Bernstein
Baby in Background (uncredited) Baby in Background (uncredited)   See fewer
Carlos Armando Bernstein
Boy in School (uncredited) Boy in School (uncredited)   See fewer
Tara Dane
Madeline (uncredited) Madeline (uncredited)   See fewer
Harriet Divine
Girl at Fair (uncredited) Girl at Fair (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeremy Palko
Older Walt Pfeiffer (uncredited) Older Walt Pfeiffer (uncredited)   See fewer
John Sanders
Shop Owner (uncredited) Shop Owner (uncredited)   See fewer
Jamie Suraci
Jaqueline (uncredited) Jaqueline (uncredited)   See fewer
Shauna Ward
School Girl (uncredited) School Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Helene Wren
Girl Shooting Barrels (uncredited) Girl Shooting Barrels (uncredited)   See fewer
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