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Updated Apr 17, 1994

Release date (First episode)
Apr 17, 1994 (South Korea)


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74 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Lee Jae-ryong
Kim Do-hun Kim Do-hun   See fewer
Jun Kwang-ryul
Baek Hyeon-il Baek Hyeon-il   See fewer
Hong Ri-na
An Mi-hyeon An Mi-hyeon   See fewer
Lee Jung-jae
Seung-ju Seung-ju   See fewer
Jeon Do-yeon
Kang Sun-yeong Kang Sun-yeong   See fewer
Jeon Mi-seon
Patient Patient   See fewer
Kim Hyun-joo
Yi Yu-ra Yi Yu-ra   See fewer
Choi Ji-woo
Actress Actress   See fewer
Woo Hee-Jin
Patient Patient   See fewer
Kim Ji-Soo
Ju Gyeong-hui Ju Gyeong-hui   See fewer
Shin Eun-kyung
Yi Jeong-hwa Yi Jeong-hwa   See fewer
Shim Eun-ha
Actress Actress   See fewer
Lee Min-Young
Actress Actress   See fewer
Chae Rim
Jeong Yeon-u Jeong Yeon-u   See fewer
Seung-chae Lee
Bang Ji-hyeon Bang Ji-hyeon   See fewer
Lee Ah-hyeon
Actress Actress   See fewer
Yang Jung-ah
O Bang-hui O Bang-hui   See fewer
Yoo Tae-woong
Kang Man-su Kang Man-su   See fewer
Jo Min-ki
Resident Resident   See fewer
Kim So-yi
Ma Sang-mi Ma Sang-mi   See fewer
So-Hee Kim
Yi Yun-ju Yi Yun-ju   See fewer
Lee Hee-do
Jang Du-tae Jang Du-tae   See fewer
Yeo Woon-gye
Seon-hwa's mother Seon-hwa's mother   See fewer
Ran Choi
Park Hye-sun Park Hye-sun   See fewer
Sora Jung
Yi Si-hyeon Yi Si-hyeon   See fewer
Jo Kyeong-hwan
Jeong Do-yeong Jeong Do-yeong   See fewer
Lee Gye-in
Deceased woman's husband Deceased woman's husband   See fewer
Kim Il-woo
Chang-gi Chang-gi   See fewer
Lee Hwi-hyang
Kim Ji-won Kim Ji-won   See fewer
Lee Hoon
Gu In-tae Gu In-tae   See fewer
Lee In-hye
O Yun-su O Yun-su   See fewer
Kim Min-kyeong
Patient Patient   See fewer
Bon-seung Goo
Han Dong-min Han Dong-min   See fewer
Sun-Woo Yong-nyeo
Kim So-yeong's biological mother Kim So-yeong's biological mother   See fewer
Maeng Sang-hun
Ji Hyeon-su Ji Hyeon-su   See fewer
Kim Hyeon-suk
Patient Patient   See fewer
Yi Sang-mi
Patient Patient   See fewer
Choi Ji-na
Actress Actress   See fewer
So-hyeon Park
Kim So-yeong Kim So-yeong   See fewer
Soo-Hyun Kim
Actress Actress   See fewer
Cho Mi-ryeong
Actress Actress   See fewer
Kyeong-mi Na
Actress Actress   See fewer
Kang Nam-kil
Nam Pung-cheon Nam Pung-cheon   See fewer
Kim Ji-nam
Actress Actress   See fewer
Kim Hwan-gyo
Han Man-yong Han Man-yong   See fewer
Park Seong-mi
Yun Jeong-ae Yun Jeong-ae   See fewer
Lee Eun-cheol
Deceased patient family member Deceased patient family member   See fewer
Yong-man Ju
Kang Dae-jong Kang Dae-jong   See fewer
Yun-jeong Heo
Yun Min-ae Yun Min-ae   See fewer
Lee Kyeong-ah
Jeong Mi-yeong Jeong Mi-yeong   See fewer
Park Young-ji
Patient Patient   See fewer
Dae-ro Lee
Kim So-yeong's father Kim So-yeong's father   See fewer
Lee Sang-Sook
Kang Dae-jong's wife Kang Dae-jong's wife   See fewer
Shim Yang-hong
Hwang Ji-man Hwang Ji-man   See fewer
Han Seong-ju
Yu Hye-rin Yu Hye-rin   See fewer
Hong Se-eun
Actress Actress   See fewer
Park Hyung-joon
Choe Yong-hun Choe Yong-hun   See fewer
Son Min-Woo
Kim Sang-uk Kim Sang-uk   See fewer
Yoon-Jung Kim
Actress Actress   See fewer
Oh Wook Chul
Park Jae-hun Park Jae-hun   See fewer
Son Gun Woo
Choe Jin-hyeok Choe Jin-hyeok   See fewer
Eung-Seok Kim
Gang-ho Gang-ho   See fewer
Lee Jeong-hu
An Yeong-won An Yeong-won   See fewer
Do-ryeon Lee
Kim Jin-myeong Kim Jin-myeong   See fewer
Jo Eun-gyeong
Yi Seon-nyeo Yi Seon-nyeo   See fewer
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