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  • The System (III) (2016)
  • 108 min | Drama
The System (III) (2016)
108 min | Drama

How far can a man be pushed?
Production Designer
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Release date
2016 (Australia)


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61 cast members
Name Known for
Jamie Vergan
Martin McMillan Martin McMillan   See fewer
Yasemin Plows
Ellie McMillan Ellie McMillan   See fewer
Nikki Waterhouse
Kristy McMillan Kristy McMillan   See fewer
Nadim Accari
Special tactical member Special tactical member   See fewer
David Anderson
Nathan McMillan Nathan McMillan   See fewer
Sara Armanfar
Police officer 1 Police officer 1   See fewer
Ashley Avci
Office assistant 2 Office assistant 2   See fewer
Johnny Brady
Tod (as Beau Brady) Tod (as Beau Brady)   See fewer
Melissa Brattoni
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Quinten Brown
Detective King Detective King   See fewer
Scarlett Brukmann
Job Candidate Job Candidate   See fewer
Thomas G Burt
Fast Food Worker Fast Food Worker   See fewer
Shaun Phillip Cantwell
David Howell David Howell   See fewer
Stephen Cather
Warehouse Worker 2 Warehouse Worker 2   See fewer
Alejandro Corsino
Security guard Security guard   See fewer
Elisa Cristallo
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
Victoria Ferrara
Office assistant Office assistant   See fewer
Petar Gatsby
Police lineup filler Police lineup filler   See fewer
May Grehan
Office receptionist 1 Office receptionist 1   See fewer
Wassim Hawat
Ned Robber 2 Ned Robber 2   See fewer
Sontaan Hopson
Angela Ross Angela Ross   See fewer
Joy Hopwood
Flower lady Flower lady   See fewer
Radek Jonak
Officer Perri Officer Perri   See fewer
Jay Kallaway
Matt Thompson Matt Thompson   See fewer
Doctor (as Karthik Prabakaran) Doctor (as Karthik Prabakaran)   See fewer
Daniel Keen
Traffic Controller Traffic Controller   See fewer
San Koh
Detective Detective   See fewer
Natalie Korr
Detective Detective   See fewer
Marisa Lamonica
Mrs. Amorosi Mrs. Amorosi   See fewer
David Le
Detective Detective   See fewer
Meg MacIntosh
Constable Cooke Constable Cooke   See fewer
Talia Mano
Bella Feldman Bella Feldman   See fewer
Olga Markovic
Stacey (as Olga Assabgy) Stacey (as Olga Assabgy)   See fewer
Shannon McCauley
Detective Jones Detective Jones   See fewer
Verna Amy McClune
Recruitment agent Recruitment agent   See fewer
Tristan McKinnon
Anthony (as Tristan Mckinnon) Anthony (as Tristan Mckinnon)   See fewer
Margareta Moir
Hospital receptionist Hospital receptionist   See fewer
Samantha Morrison
Protester Protester   See fewer
Scott Murphy
Office assistant 3 Office assistant 3   See fewer
Richard Mutschall
Mike Langford Mike Langford   See fewer
Narelle Nash
Valerie Valerie   See fewer
Robin Royce Queree
Homeless man (as Robin Queree) Homeless man (as Robin Queree)   See fewer
Forensic Investigator 1 Forensic Investigator 1   See fewer
Jerry Retford
Vincent Vincent   See fewer
Mona Rhys
Police officer (as Mona Bagherpour) Police officer (as Mona Bagherpour)   See fewer
Shaun Anthony Robinson
Warehouse Worker 1 (as Shaun A Robinson) Warehouse Worker 1 (as Shaun A Robinson)   See fewer
Marina Rowe
Elise MacKean Elise MacKean   See fewer
Matt Ruscic
Robber 1 (as Martin Ruscic) Robber 1 (as Martin Ruscic)   See fewer
Carma Sharon
Olivia Olivia   See fewer
Paul Stramare
Office assistant 1 Office assistant 1   See fewer
Melissa Thompson
Office Worker / Patient Office Worker / Patient   See fewer
Khanh Trieu
Michael Michael   See fewer
Melanie Ward
Estelle White Estelle White   See fewer
Maha Wilson
detective Gibbs detective Gibbs   See fewer
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