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  • The Soulless (2014)
  • 450 min | Horror, Sci-Fi
The Soulless (2014)
450 min | Horror, Sci-Fi


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Release date
May 14, 2014 (United States)


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108 cast members
Name Known for
Jason Propst
David Peterson David Peterson   See fewer
Kaylin Iannone
Nicole Peterson age 12 Nicole Peterson age 12   See fewer
Jennifer Teska
Nicole Peterson age 24 Nicole Peterson age 24   See fewer
Michael Chartier
Dr. Hans Ryker Dr. Hans Ryker   See fewer
Jeff Caplan
Reverend Troughton Reverend Troughton   See fewer
Alex Gonzalez
Melissa Melissa   See fewer
Angelique Bouffiou
President Matheson President Matheson   See fewer
Laura Herr
Councillor Balaski Councillor Balaski   See fewer
Carlee Iannone
Nicole Peterson (age 8) Nicole Peterson (age 8)   See fewer
Edward X. Young
Dr. Cooper Dr. Cooper   See fewer
Joe Parascand
Sergeant Benton Sergeant Benton   See fewer
Genoveva Rossi
Charlotte Elling / Madame Serling Charlotte Elling / Madame Serling   See fewer
Tracy Anderson
Beach Zombie 6 Beach Zombie 6   See fewer
Dave Arellano
Fence Zombie 2 Fence Zombie 2   See fewer
Mandy Batdorf
Beach Zombie 3 Beach Zombie 3   See fewer
Beth Bernardo
Zombie 14 Zombie 14   See fewer
Cali Box
Z-Day Zombie Z-Day Zombie   See fewer
Savon Box
Zombie 5 Zombie 5   See fewer
Billy J. Brown
Guitar Player Guitar Player   See fewer
Bob Brown
Red Eyed Zombie Red Eyed Zombie   See fewer
Dana Brown
Zombie 23 Zombie 23   See fewer
Missy Heather Brown
Camouflage Zombie Camouflage Zombie   See fewer
Frankie Bruce
Creepy Z-Day Kid Creepy Z-Day Kid   See fewer
Joshua Bruce
Drooling Zombie Drooling Zombie   See fewer
Meghan Buonano
Meghan Peterson Meghan Peterson   See fewer
Dan Caputo
Ravenous Zombie Ravenous Zombie   See fewer
Dennis Carter Jr.
Zombie in Suit Zombie in Suit   See fewer
Laura Casey
Dr. Ripley (as Laura Casey) Dr. Ripley (as Laura Casey)   See fewer
Amanda Caswell
Victim on Porch Victim on Porch   See fewer
Ron Causdy
Zombie by Sign Zombie by Sign   See fewer
Joe Chyb
ACID band member ACID band member   See fewer
Benjamin Clapp
ACID band member ACID band member   See fewer
Bob Cleary
The Host The Host   See fewer
Laura Dardi
Genetitech Computer (voice) Genetitech Computer (voice)   See fewer
Nicolette Davis
Nicolette Troughton Nicolette Troughton   See fewer
Colleen DeFelice
Grace Witney Grace Witney   See fewer
Lisa Egan
Zombie in Black Zombie in Black   See fewer
Erin Eilenstine
Angela's Photo Angela's Photo   See fewer
Brian Fenton
Zombie 18 Zombie 18   See fewer
Kenneth Flemm
Zombie 19 Zombie 19   See fewer
Alana Friedman
Z-Day Video Victim Z-Day Video Victim   See fewer
Dan Griffin
Beach Zombie 7 Beach Zombie 7   See fewer
Andrew Guthlein
Z-Day Fighter 2 Z-Day Fighter 2   See fewer
Noel Haga
Zombie 6 Zombie 6   See fewer
Raven Halliwell
Food Fight Zombie Food Fight Zombie   See fewer
K.J. Hopkins
Zombie 12 Zombie 12   See fewer
Jackie Interdonato
Food Fight Observor Food Fight Observor   See fewer
Yigiter Izgordu
Howling Zombie Howling Zombie   See fewer
Gina Kahn
Cynthia Benton Cynthia Benton   See fewer
Michael Kay
Porch Zombie Porch Zombie   See fewer
Bobby Kennedy
ACID lead singer ACID lead singer   See fewer
Mackenzie Kinnevy
Zombie 2 Zombie 2   See fewer
Keith Kmiotek
Beach Zombie 1 Beach Zombie 1   See fewer
Jason Kolucki
Fence Victim Fence Victim   See fewer
Laurel Kornfeld
Beach Zombie 2 Beach Zombie 2   See fewer
Joann Kramer
Z-Day Zombie Z-Day Zombie   See fewer
James Kwiotkowski
Zombie 7 Zombie 7   See fewer
Dale Lakata
Connie Wallace Connie Wallace   See fewer
John Link
Pathetic Zombie Pathetic Zombie   See fewer
Donna Lloyd
Nurse Weaver Nurse Weaver   See fewer
Brady Lowrey
Zombie with toy Zombie with toy   See fewer
Mak Lowrey
Zombie with mirror Zombie with mirror   See fewer
Erik Lundahl
Zombie 17 Zombie 17   See fewer
Daniel Marelli
Thomas Baker Thomas Baker   See fewer
Nicholas Marelli
Nicholas Baker (Superkid) Nicholas Baker (Superkid)   See fewer
Keith Martire
Z-Day Fighter Z-Day Fighter   See fewer
Gail Lynne Mauriello
Ryker's Personal Assistant Ryker's Personal Assistant   See fewer
John McCormack
Robert Dennis Robert Dennis   See fewer
Randy Memoli
Beach Zombie 8 Beach Zombie 8   See fewer
Janet Mulero
Zombie 4 Zombie 4   See fewer
Patrick Nash
Z-Day Victim Z-Day Victim   See fewer
Joe Obrien
Clumsy Zombie Clumsy Zombie   See fewer
Casse Otten
Beach zombie with white eyes Beach zombie with white eyes   See fewer
Kenneth Paradise
Radio Voice Radio Voice   See fewer
Darryl Petrone
Zombie 9 Zombie 9   See fewer
Dan Quinn
Curious Zombie Curious Zombie   See fewer
Laura Raymond
Zombie in White Zombie in White   See fewer
Josh Recinos
Howling Boy Howling Boy   See fewer
Colleen Rice
Z-Day Zombie Z-Day Zombie   See fewer
Mike Rodgers
Man with Camcorder Man with Camcorder   See fewer
Savannah Rogers
Machette Girl Zombie Machette Girl Zombie   See fewer
Tom Rogers
Disembowled Zombie Disembowled Zombie   See fewer
Keith Roth
ACID band member ACID band member   See fewer
Kyle Saker
Zombie 11 Zombie 11   See fewer
Roy Saker
Zombie Zombie   See fewer
Abigail Schories
Zombie 15 Zombie 15   See fewer
Bill Schories
Zombie 16 Zombie 16   See fewer
Jeffrey J. Scott
Zombie 13 Zombie 13   See fewer
Kenny Segall
Zombie 8 Zombie 8   See fewer
Charles Shultz
Splash Zombie Splash Zombie   See fewer
Gina Shuster
Blonde at bar Blonde at bar   See fewer
Robert Silverman
Survivor with Angel Survivor with Angel   See fewer
Matt Smith
Tortured Zombie Tortured Zombie   See fewer
Julia Snyder
Z-Day Victim 2 Z-Day Victim 2   See fewer
Bob Socci
Crazy Hair Crazy Hair   See fewer
Frank Socci
Survivor Survivor   See fewer
April Thaler
Zombie 3 Zombie 3   See fewer
Tamara Thelander
Emergency Technician Emergency Technician   See fewer
Anastacia Villapiano
Zombie in Pink Sweater (as Anastacia Carroll) Zombie in Pink Sweater (as Anastacia Carroll)   See fewer
Jim Walsh
Kirk Trumball Kirk Trumball   See fewer
Pete Weller
El Diablo Zombie El Diablo Zombie   See fewer
Cassandra Westcott
White eyed beach zombie White eyed beach zombie   See fewer
Russell Woodland
Zombie 10 Zombie 10   See fewer
Michelle Yzaguirre
Zombie 20 Zombie 20   See fewer
Michael Zarella
Mechanic Zombie Mechanic Zombie   See fewer
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