General Xiao Jinguang's primary photo
  • General Xiao Jinguang (2003–2003)
  • TV Mini-series | 47 min | Biography, Drama, History
Primary photo for General Xiao Jinguang
General Xiao Jinguang (2003–2003)
TV Mini-series | 47 min | Biography, Drama, History


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Updated Jan 24, 2003

Release date (First episode)
Jan 24, 2003 (China)


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93 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Rongsheng An
Liu Feng Liu Feng   See fewer
De Bo
Li De Li De   See fewer
Tu Cai
Young Yongding Young Yongding   See fewer
Peng Chen
Xiao Meng Xiao Meng   See fewer
Wanglin Chen
Jie Peiran Jie Peiran   See fewer
Guo-dong Chi
Su Zhenhua Su Zhenhua   See fewer
Shuai Chong
Little fat grandson Little fat grandson   See fewer
Youqing Deng
Special commissioner Special commissioner   See fewer
Ying Fu
Luo Shunchu Luo Shunchu   See fewer
Di Gao
Sun Lianzhong Sun Lianzhong   See fewer
Muyang Ge
Fourth squad commander Fourth squad commander   See fewer
Ping Ge
Qiu Zhao Qiu Zhao   See fewer
Shaozeng Guan
Liu Daosheng Liu Daosheng   See fewer
Weihua Guo
Zhou Enlai Zhou Enlai   See fewer
Yilan Guo
Sister-in-law Sister-in-law   See fewer
Zhengli Guo
10th Division Commander 10th Division Commander   See fewer
Xiaosuo Huang
Training unit commander Training unit commander   See fewer
Jianwei Jiang
Gu Zhutong Gu Zhutong   See fewer
Zhonghua Jiang
Division commander Zhang Division commander Zhang   See fewer
Zhang Jie
Minister Lei Minister Lei   See fewer
Changjiang Li
Zeng Yiding Zeng Yiding   See fewer
Jiang Li
Commander Xu Commander Xu   See fewer
Linghui Li
Wu Ren Wu Ren   See fewer
Shiji Li
Manager Manager   See fewer
Yingqi Li
Xiao Hua Xiao Hua   See fewer
Baiping Liu
Zhang Xuesi Zhang Xuesi   See fewer
Changmin Liu
Commissar Commissar   See fewer
Chao Liu
Li Hong Li Hong   See fewer
Hongkun Liu
Lao Shuibing Lao Shuibing   See fewer
Jie Liu
Pu Daye Pu Daye   See fewer
Jiedong Liu
Second battalion commander Second battalion commander   See fewer
Jingfan Liu
Li Fuchun Li Fuchun   See fewer
Ke Liu
Ling Yunshang Ling Yunshang   See fewer
Xuanyu Liu
Yongding Yongding   See fewer
Zhengang Liu
Ji Zhenguo Ji Zhenguo   See fewer
Baogang Ni
Li Zuopeng Li Zuopeng   See fewer
Yumin Pan
Deng Xiaoping Deng Xiaoping   See fewer
Chaohui Peng
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Heping Qiao
Chen Yun Chen Yun   See fewer
Yuting Qiao
Ye Jianying Ye Jianying   See fewer
Xiaowei Shao
He Zizhen He Zizhen   See fewer
Chen Shaolin
Division political commissar Division political commissar   See fewer
Zhou Shi Yi
Fang Qiang Fang Qiang   See fewer
Jing Shi
Man in glasses Man in glasses   See fewer
Jianghong Su
Ding Sheng Ding Sheng   See fewer
Wanqing Sun
He Shaonan He Shaonan   See fewer
Weiqing Sun
Zhang Erhu Zhang Erhu   See fewer
Jingshan Tian
Bai Chongfu Bai Chongfu   See fewer
Chun Wang
Commander Commander   See fewer
Chunshu Wang
Zhu Zhongzhi Zhu Zhongzhi   See fewer
Hongwu Wang
Chen Cheng Chen Cheng   See fewer
Jun Wang
Fourth squad commissar Fourth squad commissar   See fewer
Ming Wang
Ren Qiangshi Ren Qiangshi   See fewer
Wufu Wang
Zhu De Zhu De   See fewer
Xianfeng Wang
Qudai Luchang Qudai Luchang   See fewer
Ying Wang
Mao Yangdong Mao Yangdong   See fewer
Yuehui Wang
Xiao Wei Xiao Wei   See fewer
Zhang Wei-Guo
Liu Yalou Liu Yalou   See fewer
Gaolin Wu
Counselor Wang Counselor Wang   See fewer
Renbing Wu
Li Ben Li Ben   See fewer
Jun Xia
Zhang Ying Zhang Ying   See fewer
Yinong Xiao
Deng Dazhi Deng Dazhi   See fewer
Daolin Xu
Chiang Kai-Shek Chiang Kai-Shek   See fewer
Fulai Xu
Yang Guoyu Yang Guoyu   See fewer
Maomao Xu
Zhang Hancheng Zhang Hancheng   See fewer
Zhengyun Xu
Du Shiming Du Shiming   See fewer
Teng Xue
Zhou Junyuan Zhou Junyuan   See fewer
Hui Yan
Li Dongmei Li Dongmei   See fewer
Hanbin Yang
Zeng Zesheng Zeng Zesheng   See fewer
Yanlin Yao
Zeng Zeping Zeng Zeping   See fewer
Hen Ye
Wounded soldier Wounded soldier   See fewer
Wang Ying
Mao Zedong Mao Zedong   See fewer
Zhenhua Yu
Commander Gong Commander Gong   See fewer
Yuan Yuan
Gui Meizi Gui Meizi   See fewer
Jianmin Zeng
Zhang Zhizhong Zhang Zhizhong   See fewer
Chunlin Zhang
Liu Xiang Liu Xiang   See fewer
Liming Zhang
Liu Huaqing Liu Huaqing   See fewer
Ling Zhang
Third squad commander Third squad commander   See fewer
Shaobo Zhang
Wang Juxiang Wang Juxiang   See fewer
Yongjun Zhang
Xiao Chen Xiao Chen   See fewer
Zheng Zhang
Secretary Luo Secretary Luo   See fewer
Zhi-zhong Zhang
Xiao Jinguang Xiao Jinguang   See fewer
Chengshun Zhao
Dai Yue Dai Yue   See fewer
Qiaoli Zhong
6th Aunt 6th Aunt   See fewer
Shan Zhong
Lin Biao Lin Biao   See fewer
Yihua Zhou
Luo Ronghuan Luo Ronghuan   See fewer
Liqun Zong
Peng Dehuai Peng Dehuai   See fewer
Fa'er Zu
Miliu Weiqi Miliu Weiqi   See fewer
Jie Zuo
Zhu Jianfan Zhu Jianfan   See fewer
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