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The series follow the stories of people who seek psychological help from Dr. Manov, a psychotherapist with international recognition, and his wife Dr. Yassenova - specialist in child and adolescent counselling and therapy.
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72 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Ana Papadopulu
Magdalena Yasenova Magdalena Yasenova   See fewer
Penko Gospodinov
Radoslav Manov Radoslav Manov   See fewer
Irmena Chichikova
Elena Futekova Elena Futekova   See fewer
Nikola Dodov
Mihail Mihail   See fewer
Stefania Kocheva
Tatyana Mihaylova Tatyana Mihaylova   See fewer
Dancho Koleff
Elena's husband Elena's husband   See fewer
Victoria Koleva
Dr. Lozanova Dr. Lozanova   See fewer
Lora Hristova
Lora Manova Lora Manova   See fewer
Elena Kabasakalova
Eli Kamenova Eli Kamenova   See fewer
Henri Eskelinen
Man in threesome Man in threesome   See fewer
Desislava Stoycheva
Dr. Obretenova Dr. Obretenova   See fewer
Radena Valkanova
Dr. Topazova Dr. Topazova   See fewer
Nikolay Valentinov Lukanov
Stefan Strezov Stefan Strezov   See fewer
Boyan Mladenov
Dimo Ganev Dimo Ganev   See fewer
Dimitar Ralev
Bodyguard 2 Bodyguard 2   See fewer
Grigor Dyankov
Pizza delivery boy Pizza delivery boy   See fewer
Kalina Lipovska
Journalist Journalist   See fewer
Dimitar Georgiev
Elena's father Elena's father   See fewer
Zlatina Nikiforova
Woman getting a massage Woman getting a massage   See fewer
Pavel Petkov
Thug 2 Thug 2   See fewer
Elitsa Kostova
Mrs. Dencheva Mrs. Dencheva   See fewer
Antonia Gyurudi
Kremena Kremena   See fewer
Todor Nedyalkov
Vladimir Vladimir   See fewer
Silvia Bolyarska
Assistant Assistant   See fewer
Lidia Kulekova
Gergana Gergana   See fewer
Ognyan Simeonov
Emiliyan Emiliyan   See fewer
Anitsa Todorova
Ventriloquist's girlfriend Ventriloquist's girlfriend   See fewer
Borislav Terzijski
Moni Radev Moni Radev   See fewer
Ivan Petrov
Man in night club Man in night club   See fewer
Oleg Tochkov
Konstantin Konstantin   See fewer
Kris Mateev
Thug 1 Thug 1   See fewer
Anna Stancheva
Karina Strezova Karina Strezova   See fewer
Julieta Manoylova
Mihail's wife Mihail's wife   See fewer
Katrin Gacheva
Woman in threesome Woman in threesome   See fewer
Nevena Kaludova
Rositsa Rositsa   See fewer
Martin Romeov
Camera operator Camera operator   See fewer
Maria Pelovska
Antigone actress Antigone actress   See fewer
Yoana Georgieva
Radena Valkanova Stunt Double Radena Valkanova Stunt Double   See fewer
Maria Stefanova
Slav Manov's mother Slav Manov's mother   See fewer
Ivan Ivanov
Kubrat Kubrat   See fewer
Alexander Atanasov
Alexander Alexander   See fewer
Yasen Popov
Ava's boyfriend Ava's boyfriend   See fewer
Lazar Tomev
Young Dimo Young Dimo   See fewer
Petar Dochev
Kiril Karadjov Kiril Karadjov   See fewer
Dimitar Dimitrov
Bodyguard 1 Bodyguard 1   See fewer
Cvetan Peychev
Kalin Petrov Kalin Petrov   See fewer
Ivan Nenov
Old man in hospital Old man in hospital   See fewer
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