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  • The Connection (2014)
  • R
    135 min | Action, Crime, Thriller
The Connection (2014)
135 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

A French police magistrate spends years trying to take down one of the country's most powerful drug rings.
Audrey Diwan (screenplay) (adaptation) (dialogue) | Cédric Jimenez (screenplay) (adaptation) (dialogue)
Alain Goldman (as Ilan Goldman)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Release date
May 15, 2015 (United States)


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113 cast members
Name Known for
Jean Dujardin
Pierre Michel Pierre Michel   See fewer
Gilles Lellouche
Gaëtan 'Tany' Zampa Gaëtan 'Tany' Zampa   See fewer
Céline Sallette
Jacqueline Michel Jacqueline Michel   See fewer
Mélanie Doutey
Christiane Zampa Christiane Zampa   See fewer
Guillaume Gouix
José Alvarez José Alvarez   See fewer
Bruno Todeschini
Le Banquier Le Banquier   See fewer
Féodor Atkine
Gaston Deferre Gaston Deferre   See fewer
Moussa Maaskri
Franky Manzoni Franky Manzoni   See fewer
Pierre Lopez
Jean Paci Jean Paci   See fewer
Eric Collado
Robert Robert   See fewer
Cyril Lecomte
Marco Da Costa Marco Da Costa   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Sanchez
Fabrizio Mandonato Fabrizio Mandonato   See fewer
Georges Neri
Charles Peretti Charles Peretti   See fewer
Martial Bezot
Le Gitan Le Gitan   See fewer
Bernard Blancan
Lucien Aymé-Blanc Lucien Aymé-Blanc   See fewer
Gérard Meylan
Ange Mariette Ange Mariette   See fewer
Eric Fraticelli
Bianchi Bianchi   See fewer
Dominic Gould
John Cusack John Cusack   See fewer
Pauline Burlet
Lily Mariani Lily Mariani   See fewer
Myriem Akheddiou
Melle Aissani Melle Aissani   See fewer
Roger Guidone
M. Paul M. Paul   See fewer
Alain Zef
JC Minassian JC Minassian   See fewer
Gerald Papasian
Maro Minassian Maro Minassian   See fewer
Erika Sainte
Olivia Olivia   See fewer
Patrick Descamps
Le procureur Le procureur   See fewer
Christiane Conil
La mère de Lily La mère de Lily   See fewer
Michel Bellier
Gérant casino Gérant casino   See fewer
Marco Panzani
Passeur repenti Passeur repenti   See fewer
Eric Godon
Avocat Zampa Avocat Zampa   See fewer
Philippe Petit
Gardien de prison Gardien de prison   See fewer
Charles Salvy
Architecte Peretti Architecte Peretti   See fewer
Arsène Mosca
Ouvrier Peretti Ouvrier Peretti   See fewer
Trizio Lo
Jacky (l'habitué) Jacky (l'habitué)   See fewer
Bernard Llopis
Gros dur bar Gros dur bar   See fewer
Olivier Cabassut
Homme soirée Michel Homme soirée Michel   See fewer
Coralie Amedeo
Prostituée Prostituée   See fewer
Michel Fragione
Patron bar Marengo Patron bar Marengo   See fewer
Elisabeth Beltram
Fille plage 1 Fille plage 1   See fewer
Sophie Garagnon
Fille plage 2 Fille plage 2   See fewer
Djamel Larbi
Joueur de boules Joueur de boules   See fewer
Alexia Depicker
Urgentiste Urgentiste   See fewer
Serge Hervens
Médecin Timone Médecin Timone   See fewer
Bérangère Mc Neese
Infirmière Timone (as Bérangère McNeese) Infirmière Timone (as Bérangère McNeese)   See fewer
Marius Cavallini
Vieux 1 Goudes Vieux 1 Goudes   See fewer
Francis Ridao
Vieux 2 Goudes Vieux 2 Goudes   See fewer
Cathy Immelen
Speakerine Antenne 2 Speakerine Antenne 2   See fewer
Olivier Benkemoun
Journaliste Antenne 2 Journaliste Antenne 2   See fewer
Paco Boublard
Flic Stéphane Flic Stéphane   See fewer
Frédéric Papa
Flic arrestation Tany 1 Flic arrestation Tany 1   See fewer
Guillaume Bidart
Flic arrestation Tany 2 Flic arrestation Tany 2   See fewer
Séverine Mayeres
La blonde La blonde   See fewer
John Flanders
Capitaine DEA Capitaine DEA   See fewer
Chuck Hargrove
Flic DEA 1 Flic DEA 1   See fewer
Kevin Van Doorslaer
Flic DEA 2 Flic DEA 2   See fewer
Natasha Henry
Secrétaire DEA Secrétaire DEA   See fewer
Benjamin Giuli
Condé corse Condé corse   See fewer
Edmonde Franchi
Patronne bar Sainte-Anne Patronne bar Sainte-Anne   See fewer
Jérome Care-Aulanier
Flic squat (as Jérôme Care Aulanie) Flic squat (as Jérôme Care Aulanie)   See fewer
Olivier Amsellem
Piéton Piéton   See fewer
Guy Hampartzoumian
Patron bistrot Phocéen Patron bistrot Phocéen   See fewer
Rémi Pedevilla
Chef PJ Chef PJ   See fewer
Pascal Farre
Flic PJ Flic PJ   See fewer
Olivier Mellet
Flic PJ Flic PJ   See fewer
Frédéric Mastro
Videur Annabel's Videur Annabel's   See fewer
Emmanuel Obre
Jeune Goudes Jeune Goudes   See fewer
Eric de Montalier
Flic José camionnette / Joggeur Flic José camionnette / Joggeur   See fewer
Christian Philibin
Flic Stups Flic Stups   See fewer
Mourad Tahar Boussatha
Flic Stups peretti Flic Stups peretti   See fewer
Aran Bert
Lieutenant Tany 1 (as Aran Bertetto) Lieutenant Tany 1 (as Aran Bertetto)   See fewer
Erico Salamone
Lieutenant Tany 2 Lieutenant Tany 2   See fewer
Christophe Maratier
Tueur Tany 1 Tueur Tany 1   See fewer
Christian Pellenc
Tueur Tany 2 Tueur Tany 2   See fewer
Florence Ben Sadoun
Secrétaire Ministère Secrétaire Ministère   See fewer
Louise Maugenest
Béatrice 7 ans Béatrice 7 ans   See fewer
Eloïse Buissart
Béatrice 10 ans Béatrice 10 ans   See fewer
Marnie Bernaudeau Sanjuan
Emmanuelle 5 ans Emmanuelle 5 ans   See fewer
Lucie Fruttero
Emmanuelle 7 ans Emmanuelle 7 ans   See fewer
Loucas Leroy
Mathieu 10 ans Mathieu 10 ans   See fewer
Jordan Leroy
Mathieu 14 ans Mathieu 14 ans   See fewer
Eva Nelli
Céline 4 ans Céline 4 ans   See fewer
Jade Thirrée-Mzouri
Céline 7 ans Céline 7 ans   See fewer
Léandro Villemus
Stéphane 7 ans Stéphane 7 ans   See fewer
Thiago Villemus
Stéphane 10 ans Stéphane 10 ans   See fewer
Cléa Moreno
Fille Lino Fille Lino   See fewer
Anne Seften
Animatrice Krypton Animatrice Krypton   See fewer
Lorris Falchero
Jeune loubard Jeune loubard   See fewer
Jean-Luc Bosso
Invité Krypton Invité Krypton   See fewer
Julien Grossi
Homme photo Homme photo   See fewer
Guillaume Labbé
Vendeur Paul Vendeur Paul   See fewer
Lexie Kendrick
Voix americaines (voice) Voix americaines (voice)   See fewer
Philippe Legros
Agent DEA Agent DEA   See fewer
Aloïs Menu
Riche Milliardaire (as Alois Menu Bernadet) Riche Milliardaire (as Alois Menu Bernadet)   See fewer
Jurgen Van Haver
Nightclubber Nightclubber   See fewer
Xavier Alcan
Flic (uncredited) Flic (uncredited)   See fewer
Sebastien Cahn
Flic arrestation Le Fou (uncredited) Flic arrestation Le Fou (uncredited)   See fewer
Laurent Casanova
Policier (uncredited) Policier (uncredited)   See fewer
Kriz Chris Henri Harriz
Cafe Guest (uncredited) Cafe Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Eric Kabongo
Jairzinho (uncredited) Jairzinho (uncredited)   See fewer
Eric Marcel
L'assistant chimiste (uncredited) L'assistant chimiste (uncredited)   See fewer
Dominique Simonin
Brancardier (uncredited) Brancardier (uncredited)   See fewer
Gabriel Soler
Flic (uncredited) Flic (uncredited)   See fewer
Éric Soriano
Le danseur au Krypton (uncredited) Le danseur au Krypton (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Tomneer
Flic (uncredited) Flic (uncredited)   See fewer
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