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  • Auction (2024)
  • 91 min | Drama
Auction (2024)
91 min | Drama

André Masson, specialist in modern art, receives a letter according to which a painting by Egon Schiele had been discovered in Mulhouse. He finds that the work has been missing since 1939. This discovery puts his career in danger.
Pascal Bonitzer (adaptation) (dialogue) (screenplay) | Iliana Lolic (collaboration)
Casting Director
Manon Guichard (casting small roles)
Production Designer
Sébastien Danos (production design)
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Release date
Mar 2024 (United States)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Alex Lutz
André Masson André Masson   See fewer
Léa Drucker
Bertina Bertina   See fewer
Nora Hamzawi
Maître Suzanne Egerman Maître Suzanne Egerman   See fewer
Arcadi Radeff
Martin Keller Martin Keller   See fewer
Laurence Côte
Mme Keller Mme Keller   See fewer
Vincent Nemeth
Francis de Vierville Francis de Vierville   See fewer
Alexandre Steiger
Henri Dambreuse Henri Dambreuse   See fewer
Doug Rand
Bob Wahlberg Bob Wahlberg   See fewer
Peter Bonke
Samson Körner Samson Körner   See fewer
Adrien de Van
Maître Rochebourg Maître Rochebourg   See fewer
Christophe Paou
L'homme au col roulé L'homme au col roulé   See fewer
Taddeo Kufus
Jeune homme Körner Jeune homme Körner   See fewer
Eric Marcel
Laurent Laurent   See fewer
Morgane Lombard
L'experte L'experte   See fewer
Lisa Landro
Silvia Silvia   See fewer
Joël Lefrançois
Patron café des mineurs Patron café des mineurs   See fewer
Philippe Dusseau
Damien Van Hoove Damien Van Hoove   See fewer
Axelle Bossard
Vendeuse à la moue Vendeuse à la moue   See fewer
Valérie Abecassis
Femme de Bob Wahlberg Femme de Bob Wahlberg   See fewer
Delphine Clairice
Aide-soignante Aide-soignante   See fewer
Renan Cholet
Enchérisseur Enchérisseur   See fewer
Pierre Garcier
Enchérisseur Enchérisseur   See fewer
Adriane Grünberg
Enchérisseuse Enchérisseuse   See fewer
Pauline Testud
Enchérisseuse Enchérisseuse   See fewer
Gilles Louzon
Manutentionnaire Manutentionnaire   See fewer
Luc Matard
Garçon d'étage Garçon d'étage   See fewer
Bastien Pujol
Serveur restaurant fin Serveur restaurant fin   See fewer
Yun-Ping He
Dominique Rochebourg Dominique Rochebourg   See fewer
Arthur Toupet
Arthur Kemp Arthur Kemp   See fewer
Marisa Borini
Madame X Madame X   See fewer
Alain Chamfort
Le père d'Aurore Le père d'Aurore   See fewer
Olivier Rabourdin
Hervé Quinn Hervé Quinn   See fewer
Jesse Guttridge
Membre famille Wahlberg (uncredited) Membre famille Wahlberg (uncredited)   See fewer
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